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licitude, and Care, in the Condućt of our Lives. Holy David, who gives this Testimony of his Faith, There is mot a word in my tongue, but thou, O Lord, knowes; it altogether, does also give this Suitable Testimony of his Piety, I am utterly purposed, that my mouth shall not offend. As the Dočtrine of God's Omniscience is, in it self, a Fundamental Truth, it ought to be a Fundamental Principle of Aëtion. There must be great Necessity of Strićtness in That Behaviour, which is under the Immediate Inspection of our Judge. We had need keep up a Continual Dread of the works of Darkmess, when we are Continually Seen and Observed by the Father of Lights. To run on in Life, without a Con

stant, Moving Sense of God's Presence with us, is, in Effect, to live as without God in the world. This is the Great, Governing Direétion, which God gave to Abraham, I am the Almighty God, walk BEF or E ME, and be thou perfeół. The Perfeótion of our Duty to God depends much upon the Perfeótion of our Regards to his Knowledge of us. Those who always walk, as in His Sight, are always steering the Proper course to Eternal Life. 3 ly, And more Particularly; This Do&trine of God's Omniscience should render us very Strićt, and Careful in the //orship of him. We may possibly Deceive One Another in this Point. A Devout Poffure and a Serious Look may pass Currently and Laudably amongst Us for Devotion and Reverence. Indeed These Things are the Proper Indications, and Tokens of Devotion, and do so. Naturally arise from a Devout Spirit, that they cannot easily be Prevented. If they were not the Proper and Natural Effeóts and Evidences of a Truly Religious Mind, they would not be Affected and Counterfeited, as they are, by Hypocritical and Designing Men. But when these Marks of Piety are without the Substance of it, they are Unprofitable and Vain. The Lord seeth not as Man seeth, but looketh on the HEART and Thoughts, and if there be no Pi— ety, or Devotion There, our Appearance before him is an Abomination unto

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to him. The Affected and False Seriousness and Sanétity of a Pharisee may possibly compass his End and Design, may possibly secure him of the Approbation and Applause of Men; But, for all That, his Affectation and Falseness will turn his very Prayers into Sin. No Sly Artifices and Devices can Escape the Knowledge of God, but will bring down his Vengeance upon us. We must take care, that our Sacrifices be such as He Requires, if we would have them such as . He will Accept.' Attention of Mind, and Sincerity of Heart, and Fervency of Spirit are Necessary to Recommend our Prayers to Him, who Clearly sees, How far our Words are answerable to our Meaning, Whether our Outward Confessions do proceed from true Contrition, Whether our Thanksgivings do flow from a Grateful Soul, and whether our Requests are Earnest enough to deserve his Regard. 4ly, God's Omniscience is a Reason of believing, that we shall be Tried, in the Future Judgment, with much greater Strićtness than we are Apt to Imagine, and - -- under

under many Articles, which we are not wont to consider. His Knowledge Fully Comprehends and Faithfully Retains every moving Convićtion of our own Minds, which we have at any time Stifled . or Rejećted; every Holy Resolution, which we have at any time Violated; every of those Terrors of Conscience, which we have Audaciously Diverted and thrown off; All the Endearing Assistances, Instigations and Restraints of the Holy Spirit, which we have Stubbornly Withstood or Suppressed, and every instance of our Frustrating the Wise Ends of his Providence, whether in Adversity or Prosperity, which we have feldom taken Notice of, or Generally Forgot. ; All our Fixed Purposes of Sinning, though we could not put them in Execution; All the instances of our Irreverence towards God and his Holy Word, whether Publick or Private; Every Attempt or Design, either to Oppose or Dissemble, to Misrepresent or Wrest the Truth, how Plausible soever such Attempts or Designs may be; E

very instance of our Endeavours to please Men, by Complying with them, or giving them Countenance and Encouragement, in their Deviations either from Truth, or Virtue; The Abuse or Neglect even of our Capacities to do Good; The Mischief we have done by our Examples, either in the Commissions of Sin, whereby the Dominion of Sin hath been Propagated and Inlarged, how far by Our means Propagated and Inlarged, we cannot tell, God knoweth; or, even in the Omissions of Duty, as of the Publick Worship, or the Neglečí (much more the Abuse) of the Sabbath, whereby many Other Persons, how many we cannot tell, God knoweth, have been led into the Like Omissions and Negleóts; These and all other Circumstances of our State and Condition and the Consequences of them, are now continually and Particularly Seen and Noted, and will hereafter be Particularly brought to account by God, who is Greater than our heart and knoweth all things. And when all the circumstances of Aggravation against us, are Particularly


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