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and Interpretations, which stand in Opposition to it, be at once Rejećted and

Despised. But, 2ly, and to Conclude; Since the Sole Belief of the Scriptures, notwithstanding the Necessity of it, is not of it Self Effectual to the Attainment of the Blessings proposed to us, let our Faith be fruitful of Fervent Charity, that the Fruits of our Charity may lead us to a Lively Hope. Though we had all Faith, so that we could remove Mountains, yet, without Charity, we should in vain call to the Mountains, to fall on us, and cover us from the //rath of God; Or, though we should be, in our Hopes, Exalted as high as Heaven, yet, without Charity, we can never be Admitted There. And 'tis obvious, that as no Branch of Charity is more frequently and Earnestly inculcated in the Scriptures, than the Relief of the Indigent; so there cannot easily be found more proper Obječís of it, than Those which now call for your Tender Concern; Nor can they hope that their Cries will ever be heard by Men, if not by Us, who are under Pe- culiar culiar and most engaging Obligations to hear them. Indeed the Arguments, which have been offer'd in favour of This Charity, are so Proper and so Enlarged, that they do not easily Admit of any Addition, and have been so Effectual, that they do not Want it. Therefore it may be

expečted, that I should rather Acknow

ledge, than Excite Your Liberality. For justice may seem to require the One, as

well as Charity the Other. And yet e

ven juslice, as well as Charity, seems to plead for your Perseverance in your work

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words be Applicable to the supply of our Neighbour's Wants, it must be in that of Those, who now Implore your Assistance; Withhold not Good from them, to whom it is Due, when it is in the power of thime hand to do it. Their Wants are very Affecting, and so are their Defervings too; Wants and Deservings, which may in a special manner, claim a 1 vourable and Affectionate Regard at yo, r hands. For if every man, who hath a Just sense of. God and Divine

- Worship, Worship, hath ever thought himself obliged to Minister unto the Necessities of Those who give Attendance at the Altar, what Kind Offices may not Their Distress'd Widows and Orphans expect from You, who are under the Additional obligation, of standing in the same common Relation to the Altar with Them. Let your Bowels of Mercies therefore still yern towards Your Brethren, and let the Influence of the Holy Spirit, Graciously moving You to Charity and Compassion, be Faithfully Obey'd by you; That he which hath begun a good work in you, may perform it until the day of Jesus CHRIST; To Whom, with the Father and the Holy Ghost, Three Persons and One God, be ascribed all Honour and Glory, now, Henceforth and for ever, Amen.


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TITUS II. Part of the 14th Verse.
Zealous of good Works.

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