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passionate Regard to him in all his Sufferings, and Studious endeavours to Remove them; Fidelity and Amity, in Reroving him for his Vices and in Exj him to Virtue, in Correóting his Mistakes, and Supplying the Defečts of his Knowledge; Earnest Desires and Constant Labours, to Secure his Right and Redress his Wrongs, to Guard him from the Mischiefs of Calumny and to Advance his Just Charaćter, to Support him in his Difficulties and to Relieve his Wants; and, A Readiness and Delight in Contributing, by all possible methods, to his Happiness in This and a Future State. Thus may we Testify, that we are Adorned with Charity; A Grace Superiour even unto Faith and Hope; And, in what Respešís it is so,

I shall proceed in the II. Second place Briefly to represent, It hath been observed, that in some Texts of Scripture, Faith denotes and implies the Intire Condition of Salvation; And there can be no Comparison, but that of Equals, betwixt True Charity and Faith, in This acceptation of it. But when - N 2. Faith Faith is taken Strićtly, in either of the other Two Significations of it, the Reasons of giving Charity the Preference to

it are very Plain. Though a firm Assent to the Truths Revealed in the Scripture be Necessary, yet it is not Sufficient to the Attainment of Life. Those Qualifications which are Necessarily required in a Believer, do not Necessarily flow from his Belief. Faith affects a man's Understanding alone; Charity Correóts and Governs his //ill and Affections: He may Possibly yield the most stedfast Assent to the Scriptures, without Conforming his Life unto them; But Charity renders him Conformable to the Will of God, and Useful to Mem, and fills up the Measure of his Duty to Both. Faith is the Ground of all his Acceptable Obedience; Charity is the Completion of it. The Immediate advantages of a man's Assent to the Scriptures do Terminate in Himself; The Benefits of his Charity do extend to all Other men, who are within the reach of his Beneficial Influence. Faith may be found without Any GoodWorks at all; But Every Good

Work is the Immediate Effeót of Charity. ' And if we measure the Different Excellen- . cies of these Virtues by the Duration * of them, the Pre-eminence of Charity is very Clear. Extraordinary Faith, or, the Faith of Miracles, besides that even in the times + when it was vouchsafed, it was Necessary only to a Few persons, and Sufficient to the Salvation of None; those Times of its vouchsafement were very short, and it ceased in the first Ages of the Church. And 7%at Faith, (an Assent to the Scriptures) which is a Duty of Universal Obligation, will cease together with our Liyes; when the Obligation of Duties will Cease, and be succeeded by the Reward of them. But Charity never faileth: The Extent of it is Equal to the Duration, not only of the Earth but of Heaven. "Tis our Euty in This, and will be our Eternal Em– ployment in a Future State. And how Excellent must That virtue be which is of Everlasting Continuance, and the

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Charity unto Faith, are likewise Reasons of its Preference unto Hope, and

are so easily Applicable, that they need not be Repeated. This Difference indeed is observable, that whereas Charity is not the Source of Faith, but the

Consequence of it; Hope is the Immedi

ate Consequence of Charity, and directly derived from it. Our Assurance that there is a Future state of Happiness pre

pared forgood men, is purely owing toour

Faith; But the Hope of being our Selves Admitted into that State, ariseth Immediately from our being Conscious to our selves, that our Faith is Followed and

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ing, cannot, as to its proper Aéts and Exercise in the Understanding, be either

Caused or Improved by Charity; but Cha

rity gives both Rise and Improvement unto Hope. And, on This account, Charity is, in a greater Degree, Prefera

ble to Hope, than to Faith. For though Faith without Charity be Imperfect, yet we may have Faith, from which Charity is to arise, before that Happy Effect be Aétually drawn from it; whereas Hope can neither be Increas'd nor Begun without Charity. A man cannot but Love Happiness so as to Desire it, and a good opinion of Himself may lead him on to some Expediation of it; but, if he hath not Charity, That Expediation must prove Vain, and That Desire sink into Everlasting Despair. True Faith and Hope are Necessary and Divine Endowments; But, without Charity, there is no colour of Consolation in the One, nor of Justification by the Other. It remains, that we should proceed to some Application of this Discourse. And First, Since a Stedfast Faith is no less Necessary to Salvation, than a Holy Life; It highly concerns us, to hold fas the profession of our faith without wavering. If it Must be, and that Moving occasion of our Sorrow and Pity cannot be avoided, that * Evil men and Seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived: Nevertheless, Continue thou in the

* 2 Tim, iii. 13, 14, 15.

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