A Treatise on Canine Madness

J. Newbery, 1760 - 264 páginas

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Página 210 - ... dipt all over, but not ftay in (with his head above " water) longer than half a minute, if the water be " very cold. After this he muft go in three times *' a-week for a formight longer.
Página 210 - ground liver-wort, cleaned, dried, and powdered, *' half an ounce. Of black pepper powdered, two " drachms. Mix thefe well together, and divide " the powder into four dofes ; one of which muft be " taken every morning, fafting, for four mornings " fucceffively, in half a pint of cow's milk warm.
Página 103 - ... of its performing a cure after the madnefs was begun : from fix or feven grains to a fcruple may be given every day, or every fécond day, for a little time, and repeated at the two or three fucceeding fulls and changes of the moon. Some few trials have likewife been made on human...
Página 211 - ... in half a pint of cow's milk warm. After thefe four dofes are taken, the patient muft go into the cold bath or a cold fpring, or river every morning failing for a month.
Página 234 - ... follow from the bite, and the cure of the difeafe by mufic, with a variety of hiftories of cures thus wrought, many of them communicated by perfons who were...
Página 211 - I afterwards made this alteration only, of putting two parts of Lichen to. one of pepper, inftead of equal parts, becaufe I thought it too hot : and whereas but two or three ,dofes of it were formerly given, I Tepeated it four days.
Página 210 - Let the patient be blooded at the arm nine or " ten ounces. Take of the herb, called in Latin, " lichen cinereits terreftris, in Englifh, afh-coloured " ground liver-wort, cleaned, dried, and powdered, *
Página 69 - ... and the more advantage to the patient ; at the latter end of which cafe the matter has a bloody tincture, and a bilious fmell, exactly like what comes from ulcers in the liver ; and both thefe cafes are attended with fweet urine as in a diabetes.
Página 104 - ON fourteen years old. The calf of her leg was fo torn by a mad dog, that the furgeon was obliged to ufe means to prevent a mortification from the wound.
Página 106 - After this he went into the cold bath, and continued perfectly welL » BUT what is remarkable in this cafe is, that the wound ran a thick digeftcd matter after this method, and threw ofF the fcab, after which it healed of itfelf.

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