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1. The highest Bidder to be the Buyer, and if any dispute arise between two or more Bidders, the Lot so in dispute shall be immediately put up again and re-sold.

2. The Purchasers to give their names and addresses, and to pay down twenty-five per cent on the dollar in part payment, or the whole of the Purchase-money if required, in default of which the Lot or Lots so purchased to be immediately put up again and re-sold.

3. The Lots to be taken away and paid for, with all faults and errors of description, at the Buyer's expense and risk within three days from the Sale.

4. To prevent inaccuracy in delivery and inconvenience in the settlement of the Purchases, no Lot can, on any account, be removed during the sale; and the remainder of the Purchase money must absolutely be paid on the delivery.

5. Upon failure of complying with the above conditions, the money deposited in part payment shall be forfeited. al Lots uncleared within the time aforesaid shall be re-sold by public or private Sale, and the deficiency, (if any,) attending such re-sale shall be made good by the Defaulter at this Sale.



THE arrangement of this Catalogue has so far rendered a Preface

unnecessary that but few words are needed to introduce one of the most valuable and extensive libraries ever sold on this continent.

MR. PETER HASTIE, the gentleman who commenced making this collection, will be remembered as one of the principal engineers engaged in the building of the Croton Aqueduct.

MR. EDWARD H. TRACY, well known among American civil engineers, and long Chief Engineer of the Croton Aqueduct, New York, enhanced the value of the collection by large additions to its scientific department.

It will be seen on a perusal of this Catalogue that Mr. HASTIE had some hobby in every department of Literature. In the division "THEOLOGY" this is especially noticeable. No less than 192 different editions and versions of the BIBLE being enumerated, besides a number of works connected with its proposed revision in every age. In "POETRY AND DRAMA" will be found 56 editions of the POETICAL WORKS OF ROBERT BURNS, 82 titles of MILTON AND MILTONIANA, and 91 of SHAKESPEARE AND SHAKESPEARIANA. If there is a palpable penchant displayed in the selection of any one part of this collection, it is for the POEMS of Mr. HASTIE'S Countrymen of Scotland

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To those who will look for the usual hypocritical and apologetic remarks, so frequent in prefaces, it may be as well to say that, in this case, there is nothing to apologize for, no elaboration having been attempted.

The expressions rare, very scarce, etc., etc., have been avoided as much as possible, as meaning either too much or too little; but it is safe to say that one or the other of these advisory remarks might be applied with strict justice to at least half the items herein contained.

With these few remarks, and with the hope that the Catalogue will more than repay the perusal of the book-buyer, and reader, it is respectfully submitted to the public.


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2.25 1 ABERCROMBIE (P.) Martial Achievements of the Scots Nation, being Lives of Distinguished Scotsmen. 2 vols. folio, old calť. Edinburgh, 1711

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A complete history of Scotland from 1329 to 1514.

1.60 2 ADAMS (JOHN QUINCY), Life and Public Services of, by W. H. Seward. Portrait. Crown 8vo, cloth. Auburn, 1849 373 ADDISON (JOSEph), Life of, by Lucy Aikin. Portrait. 2 vols. crown Svo, cloth. London, 1843 1.00 4 AGNEW (SIR A.), Memoirs of, by Thos. McCrie. Portrait, etc. 8vo, cloth. London, 1851 125 AGRIPPINA, Life of, by Eliz. Hamilton. 2 vols. 8vo, half calf. (Title to Vol. I. missing.) London, 1811 Archbishop Usher. London, 1812

40 6 AIKEN (J.) Lives of John Selden and Portrait. 8vo, calf. 407 AKENSIDE (MARK), Life, Writings, and Genius of, by Chas. Bucke. Portrait. 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1832 1.12 8 AMORY (THOS.) Life of John Buncle. 3 vols. crown 8vo. boards, uncut. London, 1825


Best edition.

"The soul of Rabelais passed into Thomas Amory."-HAZLITT. 609 AMORY (THOS.) Another Edition. 2 vols. 8vo, calf. London, 1763 0510 ANDERSON (REV. J. S. M.) Memoir of the Chisholm, late M. P. for Inverness-shire. Frontispiece and Vignette. 12mo, cloth. London, 1842 4011 APOLLONIUS TYANEUS, Account of the Life of, by M. le Nain de Tillemont. 8vo, paneled calf. London, 1702 1.00 12 ARAGO (M.) Life of James Watt. Wood-cuts. Post 8vo, boards. Edinburgh, 1839

5013 ARETIN (PIERRE). La Vie de, par M. de Boispreaux. 12mo, calf, scarce. LaHaye, 1750 6014 ASHMOLE AND LILLY. Lives of those Eminent Antiquaries, Elias Ashmole and William Lilly, with Lilly's Life and Death of Charles I. Edited by C. Burman. Portraits. 8vo, calf. London, 1774 1./515 AUDIN (M.) Life of Henry VIII. and History of the Schism of England. 8vo, cloth. London, 1852 1016 AUTOBIOGRAPHY of an English Soldier in the American Army. Frontispiece, etc. Crown 8vo, cloth. N. Y., 1854

1/3. 17 BALLARD (GEO.) Memoirs of Several Ladies of Great Britain who have been celebrated for their Writings or Learning. 4to, half morocco.

Oxford, 1852

An entertaining work, comprising notices of over 62 ladies.
Williams, £1 14 0.

30 18 BAMPFYDLE-Moore Carew. King of the Beggars. Life and Adventures of, with a Dictionary of the Cant Tongue. Portrait. Post 8vo, boards, uncut. London, n. d. 7519 BARHAM (F.) Life and Times of John Reuchlin or Capnion, Father of the German Reformation. Portrait. 12mo, cloth. London, n. d. 10 20 BARNWELL (GEORGE), Memoirs of. Frontispiece. Post 8vo, boards, uncut. London, 1817 1.12 21 BAXTER (RICHARD), Life and Times of, with a Critical Examination of his Writings, by the Rev. W. Orme. Portrait. 2 vols. 8vo, calf, gilt. London, 1830 1.10 22 BAXTER (RICHARD). Reliquiæ Baxterianæ, a Narrative of his Life and Times, by Matthew Sylvester. Portrait by R. White. Folio, old calf. London, 1696

A few leaves damaged in the margin.

5.00 22* BAYLE (PETER). Historical and Critical Dictionary. Trans-
lated, with Life, by Des Maizeaux. Portrait. 5 vols.
folio, calf, uncut.
London, 1734-8

Best Edition.

0523 BEAVER (CAPT. P.), Life and Services of, by Capt. W. H. Smyth. 8vo, boards, uncut. London, 1829 1.00 24 BECKFORD (WILLIAM), Memoirs of. Portrait. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. London, 1859 2.37 25

25 BELOE. Sexagenarian; or, The Recollections of a Literary
Life. 2 vols. 8vo, calf.
London, 1817

Best edition with the suppressed and virulent passages.
BELOE. See Bibliography.

1526 BENGER (MISS). Memoirs of the late Mrs. Elizabeth Hamilton. Portrait. 2 vols. 8vo, calf, gilt. London, 1818 0527 BENSON (R.) Memoirs of the Life and Writings of the Rev. A. Collier. Frontispiece. 8vo, boards, uncut. London, 1837 5028 BERKELEY (BP.), Memoirs of. Portrait. 8vo, sewed. London, 1784

10 29 BERWICK (REV. E.) Lives of Caius Asinius Pollio, Marcus
Terentius Varro, Cneius Cornelius Gallus, Marcus
Valerius Messala Corvinus, and Titus Pomponius
Atticus. 2 vols. 8vo, boards, uncut.

Edinburgh and London, 1813-'14 10 30 BERWICK (REV. E.) Memoirs of the Life of the Elder Scipio Africanus. Crown Svo, boards, uncut. London, 1817 31 BETHUNE (Alex.) Memoirs; by Wm. Combie. 12mo, cloth. Aberdeen, 1845

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