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2.50 8039 TURNER (E.) Collections for the Town and Soke of Grantham, containing Authentic Memoirs of Sir Isaac Newton. Fine portrait, plates and colored map. Royal 4to, half calf.

Large Paper.

2.25 8040 TWAMLEY (LOUISA A.) Our Wild Flowers.

colored plates. Svo, morocco, gilt.

London, 1806

Beautiful London, 1839

1.50 8041 TYLER (J. E.) Oaths: their Origin, Nature, and History. Frontispiece. Crown 8vo, cloth.

London, 1834 2.758 8042 TYTLER (A. F., Lord Woodhouslee). Essay on the Principles of Translation. 8vo, calf extra, by Hayday. Autograph of Bp. Wilberforce on fly-leaf. Edinburgh, 1813

658043 [TYTLER (A. F.)] Essay on the Petrarch, etc. Portraits, etc.

Life and Character of
Post 8vo, calf, gilt.

Edinburgh, 1812

1.12 8044 TYTLER (W.) Inquiry, Historical and Critical, into the Evidence against Mary, Queen of Scots. 2 vols. 8vo, boards, uncut.

London, 1790

30 8045 [UDALL (W.)] Historie of the Life and Death of Mary Stuart, Queene of Scotland. Portrait).

12mo, calf. (Wants London, 1636

10 8046 UPHAM (T. C.) Manual of Peace. 8vo, cloth.

New York, 1836 508047 URQUHART (DAVID). Progress of Russia. Map. 8vo,


London, 1853

25 8048 URQUHART. Mystery of the Danube, showing how, through Secret Diplomacy, the River has been closed. Maps. 8vo, boards.

London, 1851

1.50 8049 URQUHART (SIR THOS.) Tracts. Post 8vo, calf.


Edinburgh, 1774 Edited by David Herd, and not by George Paton as frequently stated.

628050 U[SHER] (JAMES]). Clio; or, a Discourse on Taste. 12mo,


London, 1772

758051 VERRI. Roman Nights at the Tomb of the Scipios. Translated. 2 vols. post 8vo, boards. Edinburgh, 1825

1.50 8052 VICARS (JOHN). England's Worthies under whom all the Civill and Bloody Warres since Anno. 1642 to 1647, are related. Reprinted in the old style, with copies of the 18 rare portraits after Hollar. Crown 8vo, half London, 1845


Copies of the rare original have been sold from £16 to £20.

1.37 8053 VOLNEY (M.) The Ruins; or, a Survey of the Revolutions of Empires. Plates. 8vo, boards.

London, 1822

23.00 8054 VOLTAIRE (M. DE). La Pucelle, Poeme, suivé des Contes et Satires. With Portraits of Voltaire and Joan of Arc, and a most exquisite series of engravings (PROOFS BEFORE LETTES), by Marillier, Monnet, Monsiau, etc. Royal 4to, half morocco, uncut edges.





Société Littéraire-Typographique, Paris, 1789

Very fine copy.

8055 VOLTAIRE. La Pucelle. Another copy, without the plates.
Royal 4to, calf, gilt.
Paris, 1789

62 8056 VOLTAIRE. La Pucelle. Premiere Edition. 16mo, calf.

Paris, 1755 8057 VOLTAIRE. La Pucelle d'Orléans. With an exquisite series of plates by Moreau, after the designs of Simonet, etc. 8vo, paper, uncut. Renouard, Paris, 1819 8058 VOLTAIRE. Maid of Orleans; or, La Pucelle. Translated, with Notes, by W. II. Ireland. 2 vols. 8vo, boards, unent. London, 1822

8059 VOLTAIRE. Anti-Machiavel; or,
Machiavel's Prince, with Notes.

an Examination of

8vo, calf.

London, 1741

8060 VOLTAIRE. The same in French. 8vo, calf. Londres, 1741 175-8061 VOLTAIRE. Letters concerning the English Nation. 12mo, Dublin, 1739


8062 WADE (J.) History of the Middle and Working Classes. Portrait of Franklin. 12mo, calf. London, 1835 8063 WAINEWRIGHT (L.) Vindication of Paley's Theory of Morals. 8vo, boards. London, 1830

26 8064 WAKEFIELD (G.) Correspondence with the Rt. Hon. C. J. Fox. 8vo, calf, gilt.

London, 1813 3.00 8065 WALKER (ALEX.) On Intermarriage; or, the Natural Laws by which Beauty, Health, and Intellect result from certain Unions, and Deformity, Disease, and Insanity from Others. With illustrations. Post 8vo, cloth. New York, 1839 8066 WALKER. Woman physiologically considered as to Mind, Morals, Marriage, Matrimonial Slavery, Infidelity, and Divorce. Crown 8vo, cloth, uncut.


London, 1839

1.62780 1.62 8067 WALKER. Woman Physiologically Considered. Post 8vo, cloth.

New York, 1840 British Manly Exercises. With 50 engravings. Post Svo, half morocco, gilt edges.

80 8068 WALKER (D.)

London, 1834

20 8069 WALKER. Manly Exercises. Post 8vo, cloth.

80 8070 WALKER. Games and Sports.

Post 8vo, cloth, gilt edges.

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Philadelphia, 1837

Over 30 illustrations.

London, 1837

8071 WALKER (J.) Selection of Curious Articles from the Gentleman's Magazine, historical, antiquarian, literary, etc. 4 vols. 8vo, half calf, gilt.

London, 1814

3.50 8072 [WALKER (PATRICK).]. Documents relative to the reception at Edinburgh of the Kings and Queens of Scotland, 1561-1650. 4to, half morocco, nneut.

Privately Printed.


Edinburgh, 1822 1.25 8073 WALLACE (R.) Dissertation on the Numbers of Mankind, in Ancient and Modern Times. 8vo, half moEdinburgh, 1809 175-8074 WALLBRIDGE (A.) Bizarre Fables. Wood-cuts by "Crowquill," etc. 12mo, cloth. London, 1843 8075 [WALPOLE (HORACE).] Castle of Otranto: a Gothic Story. Translated, by Wm. Marshall, from the Italian of Onuphrio Muralto. Frontispiece. Royal Svo, calf, Bodoni, Parma, 1791




Roxburghe, £2 12s. 6d.; Hibbert, £2 78. 8076 WALPOLE. Castle of Otranto.


1.50 8077 WALPOLE. Castle of Otranto.

half calf.

Another copy. Boards, Bodoni, Parma, 1791 FIRST EDITION. Post Svo, London, 1765

A very limited number of this edition printed.

78078 WALPOLE. Letters to Sir Horace Mann. Edited by

Lord Dover, with Memoir. Portrait. 3 vols, crown 8vo, cloth.

London, 1834

50 8079 WALPOLE. An Essay on Modern Gardening, with a Translation in French by the Duke of Nivernois. 4to, half morocco. Strawberry Hill, by Kirgate, 1785 50 8080 WALPOLE. Walpoliana. Anecdotes. Beautifully printed by Whittingham. Vignette. 12mo, cloth.

Chiswick, 1830

25 8031 WARBURTON (E.) Darien; or, the Merchant Prince. 3 vols. crown 8vo, boards.

London, 1852

3.50 8082 WARD (FERD.) History of the Rebellion and Civil-War in Ireland (1641-60). Royal 4to, calf. London, 1768 2.25 8083 WARD (JOHN). Lives of the Professors of Gresham College to which is prefixed the Life of Sir Thomas Gresham, etc. Portraits (2) and plates (3) by Vertue. Folio, calf. London, 1740 25 8084 WARD (REV. J.) Diary from 1648 to 1679. Edited by C. Severn. 8vo, cloth. London, 1839 30 8085 WARD (R. P.) Essay on the Revolution of 1688. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth. London, 1833

3.50 8086 WARNER (REV. RICHD.) Antiquitates Culinariæ; or, Curious Tracts relating to the Culinary Affairs of the old English, etc. Vignette. Royal 4to, boards, uncut. London, 1791

1.50 8087 WARWICK (EDEN). Nasology; or, Hints towards a Classification of Noses. Numerous wood-cuts. Post 8vo, cloth.

London, 1848

A work both ingenious and witty, showing that the nasal organ is an important index to character.

7.50 8088 WEBER (H.) Illustrations of Northern Antiquities, from the Earlier Teutonic and Scandinavian Romances, with Translations (by Dr. Jamieson) of Metrical Tales from the Old German, Danish, Swedish, and Icelandic Languages. Royal 4to, half calf. Edinburgh, 1814

Subjoined are an Abstract of the Eyrbiggia-Saga, by Sir Walter Scott, and a Glossary by Dr. Jamieson.

50 8089 WEBSTER (D.) Dissertation on the Numbers of Mankind in Ancient and Modern Times.

8vo, calf. Edinburgh, 1753 40 8090 WELLS (D. A.) Things not Generally Known. Crown

Svo, cloth.

New York, 1857

So 8091 WELLS (S.) True State of the National Finances. Crown

Svo, cloth.

London, 1842 8092 WELSTED (L.) Epistles, Odes, etc.; with a Translation of Longinus on the Sublime. 8vo, calf, gilt.

London, 1724 25 8093 WELWOOD (JAMES). Memoirs of the Material Transactions in England for the last Hundred Years preceding the Revolution in 1688. 8vo, calf. London, 1702 26-8094 WEST (MRS.) Letters to a Young Man on his first Entrance into Life. 3 vols. 12mo, calf. London, 1503 1.60 8095 WESTON (W.) Dissertations on some of the most Remarkable Wonders of Antiquity. 8vo, calf. Camb., 1748 1.50 8096 WEYLAND (J.) Principles of Population and Production. London, 1816

8vo, boards.

8097 WHAT HAVE THE WHIGS DONE? An Answer to Bulwer's "Present Crisis." 8vo, cloth.

London, 1834

8098 WHATELY (ARCHBP.) Remarks on Transportation. 8vo,



vols. 8vo, boards.

London, 1834

25 8099 WHATELY (RICH.) Elements of Rhetoric and Logic. 2

Oxford, 1830-1 25 8100 WHATELY. Rhetoric and Logic. 2 vols. post Svo, cloth.

Boston, 1832

8101 WHATELY. Political Economy. 8vo, half calf.

London, 1831

8102 WHEATON (H.) Enquiry into the Validity of the British
Claim to a Right of Visitation and Search of American
Vessels suspected to be Engaged in the African Slave
Trade. 8vo, cloth.

London, 1842

15 8103 WHEWELL (W.) Elements of Morality, including Polity.

2 vols. 8vo, boards.

London, 1845


1/2 8104 WHITE (G.) Natural History of Selborne.


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Post Svo, boards.

Wood-cuts. London, 1835 8105 WHITELOCKE (LORD). Journal of the Swedish Ambassy in the Years 1653 and 1654, from the Commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland, with Appendix of Original Papers. 2 vols. 4to, boards, uncut. Lond., 1772

See MS. note on fly-leaf, by Sir Philip Francis, one of the reputed authors of Junius Letters.

8106 WHITELOCKE (SIR B.) Notes upon the King's Writt for

Choosing Members of Parlement.

Morton. 2 vols. 4to, half calf.

Heath's copy sold for £3 4 0.

258107 WHITELOCKE. Essays. 8vo, calf.

1. 00 8108 WIGHT (ALEX.) Inquiry into the

Published by C.

London, 1766

London, 1706

Rise and Progress of Parliament, chiefly in Scotland. 4to calf. "A useful and elaborate work."-LOWNDES. Edinburgh, 1784 50.8109 WIENHOLT (A.) Lectures on Sonambulism. Post 8vo,

/58110 WILBRAHAM (R.)
used in Cheshire.



Edinburgh, 1845 Attempt at a Glossary of some Words London, 1836

12mo, cloth.

Essay Towards a Real Character and a

Philosophical Language. Folio, calf.


London, 1668

"A masterpiece of invention."-LOWNDES 8112 WILKINS. Life and Adventures of Peter Wilkins by R. S. [Robert Poltock]. Plates. 2 vols. post 8vo, boards, Allman, London, 1816 8113 WILKINSON (SIR G.) Ancient Egyptians, the Manners and Customs of. FIRST SERIES, with numerous engravings, many of which are colored. 3 vols. 8vo, cloth,

3.75 811


Best Edition.

London, 1837

3.25 8114 WILKINSON (I. G.) Topography of Thebes and General View of Egypt. Numerous large plates. 8vo, calf


62 81
8115 WILKS (W.)

Svo, cloth.

London, 1835 The Half Century: its History, etc. Crown


London, 1853 Chronicle of the Kings of

England. Notes, etc., by Giles. Frontispiece. Post
London, 1847

8vo, cloth.

11.00 8117 WILLIAM III. Memorial for the Prince of Orange in Relation to the Affairs of Scotland, and others, as under. Thick 4to, calf. London, 1689 Account of the Persecution of the Church of Scotland, 1690; Case of the Afflicted Clergy in Scotland, 1690; Historical Relation of the General Assembly, held at Edinburgh, 1690, with Continuation; Vindication of the Government in Scotland, during the Reign of Charles II., by Mackenzie, 1691; Presbyterian Inquisition, 1691; History of the Scotch Presbytery, 1692; Scotch Presbyterian Eloquence, 1694; Apology for the Clergy of Scotland, 1693; Spirit of Calumny and Slander Examined, etc., 1693; and five others.

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