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7975 THOMSON (WM.) Laws of Thought. Post 8vo, cloth. London, 1854 1.00 7976 THORESBY (RALPH). Diary and Correspondence, including Letters of John Evelyn, and much matter pertaining


to Yorkshire, edited by the Rev. J. Hunter. Portrait. 4 vols. 8vo, cloth. London, 1830

Ralph Thoresby was one of the most distinguished of early English antiquaries, a great collector of books, manuscripts, and coins, and much esteemed by all the most eminent scholars of the day.

507976* THORNDIKE (HERBERT). Just Weights and Measures, according to the Standard of the Sanctuary. 4to, bound. London, 1680 7977 THORNTON (W. T.) Over-population and its Remedy. London, 1846

8vo, cloth.

577978 THOUGHTS in the Cloister and the Crowd. 12mo, boards. Scarce.

London, 1835 2.75 7979 TILLIOT (M. DU). Memoires pour servir a l'Historie de la Fete des Foux. 12 curious plates. 4to, half calf.

Lausanne, 1741

2.75 7980 TIM BOBBIN. Works in Verse and Prose, in the Lancashire Dialect. Many humorous engravings. 8vo, boards, Manchester, 1818


Best Edition, with Glossary.

1577981 TIM BOBBIN. Another edition. Portrait. 8vo, boards,


J./2 7982 TIM BOBBIN.

ary, etc.

Rochdale, 1819 Lancashire Dialect and Poems, with GlossHumorous illustrations by George Cruik London, 1828

shank. Post 8vo, cloth, uncut.

3.50 7983 TIM BOBBIN. Lancashire Dialect and Poems, with a literal Interpretation and Glossary, etc. Humorous

Engravings by George Cruikshank. Post Svo,

boards, uncut.

London, 1833

50 7984 TIME'S TELESCOPE for 1832. Numerous plates. Crown

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8vo, morocco. London, 1832 TODD (HENRY J.) Illustrations of the Lives and Writings of Gower and Chaucer, collected from authentic Documents, with a Glossary. Plates. 8vo, half morocco, London, 1810



50 7986 TODD. The same, on LARGE PAPER. 4to, boards, uncut. London, 1810 1.12779 1/2 7987 TOOKE (HORNE). Diversions of Purley. Revised and enlarged by R. Taylor. Frontispiece. Frontispiece. 2 vols. 8vo, London, 1829 -162 7988 [TOPHAM (E.)] Letters from Edinburgh, 1774-5, containing some Observations on the Diversions, Customs, and Laws of the Scotch Nation. 2 vols. 12mo, calf. Dublin, (1776)

10 7989 TOPIC (THE). For April and June, 1846 (all published). 4to, cloth. London, 1847

10 7990 TORRENS (R.) Essay on the External Corn Trade. 8vo,


London, 1826

507991 TORRIANO (GIO.) Italian Tutor: or, a New and most Compleat Italian Grammar. 4to, old morocco, gilt edges, (red-lined throughout). London, 1640

507992 TORRIANO (N.) Letter to his Son, on his having Married a Roman Catholic. Portrait. Post 8vo, calf.

London, 1753

507993 TOWER (JOSEPH). Tracts on Political and other Subjects. 3 vols. 8vo, calf, gilt.

1.00 7994 TRACTS (10). 8vo, half calf, gilt.

London, 1796 London, 1823, etc.

The Crisis, 1833; Varieties of Architecture, 1812; Letter on the Automaton Chess-Player of De Kempelen, 1819; Will of Sir Hans Sloan, 1753; History of New South Wales, 1803; etc., etc.

1. 7995 TRACTS (45). American, etc. 9 vols. 8vo, half calf. v. d. City Biography, 1799; Speech of the Hon. J. Randolph on the nonimportant Resolution of Mr. Gregg; Antiquities and Curiosities in Wilton-House, 1788; Five Aerial Voyages in Scotland, 1786; Boxing Reviewed by T. Fewtrell, 1790; Paine's Common Sense, 1791; Wilberforce's Speech on the Slave Trade, 1789; Publicola on Paine's Rights of Man, 1791; Considerations on the Establishment of a Regency, 1788; Remarks on the British Fisheries, 1784; etc., etc., etc.



7996 TRACTS (9). 8vo, half calf.

v. d. Contents: Summary of the History, Doctrine, and Discipline of Friends, 1794; Seasonable Address to the Disciplinarians of the People called Quakers, relating to Tithes and Taxes, by Catholicus, 1798; Address to the People called Quakers, 1728; Account of the Proceedings of the Committee, in 1795, the yearly meeting of Friends of Pennsylvania, N. J., etc., for Promoting the Civilization of the Indian Natives, 1806; Some Thoughts concerning Happiness, by Irenæus Krantzovius, 1738; Reasons for the Necessity of Silent Waiting, in order to the Solemn Worship of God, by Mary Brook, 1775; A Refutation of some Misrepsentations of the Society of Friends, with a Life of James Nayler, by J. G. Bevan, 1800; Peoples' Ancient and Just Liberties asserted, in the Trial of Wm. Penn and Wm. Mead, at the Old Bailey, September, 1670, against the most Arbitrary Procedure of that Court, with an Appendix written by Wm. Penn, Harlow, 1810.

7997 TRACTS (17). 8vo, calf.

London, 1709-10

Contents: Memoirs of what Passed in Christendom, from 1672 to 1679, by Sir W. Temple, and his Miscellanea; Garth's Dispensary, a Poem; Sacheverell's Sermon, June 10, 1702, and his Nature and Mischief of Prejudice and Parliament; and several other Tracts by, and relative to, Sacheverell, concluding with Faults on Both Sides, 1710. 1.50 7998 TRACTS (9). Crown 8vo, half calf antique.

London, 1715-46

Occasional Paper (3 parts); Essay on Bigotry, etc., 1716; Letter to Walpole, 1716; Last Will and Testament of Archbp. Tenison, 1716; Burnett on Government, 1716; Fatal Harmony between the Jesuits and High-Church, 1716; Earl of Mar Marr'd; Account of the Proceedings against the Rebels in the West for taking Arms under the Duke of Monmouth; etc., etc.

150 7999 TRACTS (9). 8vo, half calf.

London, 107-42

Over-Shoes, Over-Boots, 1742; The Moderator, 1725; Sacheverell's
Speech on his Impeachment, 1710, and Sermon, 1713; Conduct of the
Allies, 1712; Account of the Death of the late Queen Dowager, and of
her Disowning the Pretender to be her Son, 1718; etc., etc.

1.50 8000 TRACTS. Boileau's Lutrin, a Poem; The Cherry and the Slae, and other Poems, by Capt. A. Montgomery; Bp. Berkeley's Querist, and two others. 12mo, half Foulis, Edinburgh, 1752, etc. London, 1765, etc. North Briton Extraordinary, 1765; Dr. Clarke's Notions of Space, 1733; etc., etc.


1.50 8002 TRACTS. 2 vols. 8vo, half calf.

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8003 TRACTS. A Collection of Tracts by John Trenchard, and Thomas Gordon. 2 vols. small 8vo, calf. Lond., 1751 8004 TRACTS (9). 12mo, calf.

v. d.

Contents: Remarkable Passages in the Life and Death of Alex. Peden,
Minister of Glenluce, Galway, Edinb. 1728; Milton's Considerations on
the means to remove Hirelings out of the Church, 1736; A Plea for the
Church of Scotland against Patronages, Edinb. 1735; A Vindication
of the People's Right to Choose their own Ministers, Edinb. 1739;
Antichrist's Armour-bearer Disarmed, or a short Vindication of the
Sacred Grounds of their Right, etc., Edinb. 1733; A Winding-Sheet
for the Service Book, and four others.
Curious, and very scarce.

1.50 8005 TRACTS (5). 8vo, half calf.

v. d.

Contents: Continuation of the Inquiry concerning the Right and Power of Electing Ministers, by Geo. Logan, 2 parts, Edinb. 1733; Right of Patronages reconsider'd, by Lumsden, 1731; Right of Patronage, by And. Crosby, Edinb. 1766; etc., etc.

1.75 8006 TRACTS (8). 8vo, half calf.


London, v. d.

Contents: Sure Guide to Hell, by Belzebub, n. d.; Fielding's Charge to the Grand Jury, 1749; Project for the Preservation of sunday, n. d.; Scheme to Prevent Street Robberies, 1729; Lady's Preceptor, 1743; Hales on Earthquakes, 1750; Stukeley's Philosophy of Earthquakes, 1750; etc.

8007 TRACTS (20). 4 vols. 12mo, half calf. London, etc., v. d. Contents: Life of Sir Wm. Dugdale, 1713; Trip from St. James's to the Royal Exchange, 1744; Public Disputant, 1722; Conjugal Duty, 1732; New Ministry, both parts, 1742; Burnet's Life and Death of the Earl of Rochester, 1752; Temple of Taste, by Voltaire, 1751; Temple of Virtue, 1757; etc.

1.62 8008 TRANSACTIONS of the Literary and Antiquarian Society of Perth. Vol. I. Frontispiece, etc. Royal 4to, boards.

Perth, 1827 8009 TRANSACTIONS of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. Maps and curious plates. 3.vols. royal 4to, boards, uncut. Edinburgh, 1788-94

62 8010 TRAVIS (GEO.) Letters to Gibbon (the Historian). 8vo,

half morocco.

London, 1794

25 8011 TREATISES ON POETRY, Modern Romance, and Rhetoric. Svo, cloth.

From the "Encyclopædia Britannica."

Edinburgh, 1839

10 8012 TRENCH (R. C.) Works. Synonyms of the New Testament; Bible Revision; English, Past and Present; and the Study of Words. 4 vols. crown 8vo, cloth. New York, 1854-8. 15 8013 TRESSAN (COMTE DE). Euvres Choisies. 10 vols. 8vo,

boards, uncut.

Paris, 1787


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3.06 8014 ARNOT (H). Collection and Abridgment of celebrated Criminal Trials in Scotland, from 1536 to 1784, with Historical and Critical Remarks. 4to, half calf, uncut.

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Edinburgh, 1785

8015 QUEEN CAROLINE. Parliamentary Report. 2 vols. folio, half calf.

London, 1820

This copy belonged to William, Earl of Harcourt, and contains MS. notes and book-plates.

SO 8016 LoVAT (SIMON, LORD). Impeachment Proceedings for High Treason. Folio, half calf. London, 1747 30 8017 HARDY (THOMAS). High Treason. 4 vols. 8vo, boards.

London, 1794

8018 COCHRANE (LORD) and others for Conspiracy. Royal Svo, cloth, uncut.

London, 1814



etc. 8vo, half calf.

London, 1753

The above collection comprises no less than 17 Tracts on this celebrated Trial, by Fielding, Hill, Cox, Dodd, etc., etc.

8020 THE TRYAL of Dr. Henry Sacheverell for High Crimes and Misdemeanors. Folio, calf.

London, 1710 8021 PROCEEDINGS in the House of Peers upon the Indictments against William, Earl of Kilmarnock, George, Earl of Cromertie, and Arthur, Lord Balmerino, for High Treason. Folio, half calf. London, 1746

3.26-8022 CRIMINAL TRIALS IN SCOTLAND, from 1488 to 1624, compiled from the Original Records and MSS., with Historical Notes, Illustrations, and General Index, by R. Pitcairn. Frontispiece. 4 vols. 4to, Edinburgh, 1833


Embraces the entire Reigns of James IV. and V., Mary, Queen of
Scots, and James VI.


Trials in Scotland.

Narratives from Criminal 2 vols. crown 8vo, cloth. London, 1852

4. SO 8024 HASTINGS (WARREN). Impeachment for High Crimes and Misdemeanours. 6 parts. Portrait. 8vo, half russia. London, 1796

50 8025 ONDERDONCK (BP.) Proceedings of the Court, Dec. 10th, 1844. 8vo, half morocco. New York, 1845 738026 SEVEN Bishops of St. Asaph, Ely, Bath and Wells, Peterborough, Bristol, Chichester, and Archbp. of Canterbury, for Seditious Writings. Portraits. London, 1716

8vo, calf.


TRIALS (Continued.)


8027 FENWICK (SIR JOHN). High Treason. 8vo, calf.

London, 1698

8028 STUART (JAMES, of Dunearn). Murder (Abetting a Duel). 8vo, half calf.

Edinburgh, 1822

8029 ENGLISH Causes Célèbres. Edited by G. L. Craik.

Crown 8vo, cloth.

London, 1844 1.75 8030 WIDOW OF THE WOOD. By Benjamin Victor. Post Svo, unbound.

London, 1755

"The Widow of the Wood was married four times; her last husband was Mr. Hargrave, father of the late editor of the State Trials, and who did all that lay in his power to prevent the dissemination of the scandal (contained in the above work) against his mother's character, by buying up and destroying every copy of this work he could procure. The Rev. A. Corne, who was engaged in this affair, died at Tixall of a broken heart."

1.75 8031 TRIAL of Thomas Muir for Sedition, 1793. Portrait. Post 8vo, half calf. Edinburgh, 1794

Also in this Vol., Trials of Robt. Watt and David Downie, for
High Treason, 1794, New York, 1794; Erskine's Speech on the
Liberty of the Press, New York, 1793; and Tribute to the
Swinish Multitude, New York, 1795.

3. 758032 PETITION of Mary-Ann Woods and Jane Pirie against the Charge of "Venus Nefanda," or "Tribadism." 4to, half calf.

London, 1811

A most extraordinary affair, probably without a parallel in the
Annals of any Court of Justice.

308034 TUCKER (ABRAHAM). Light of Nature Pursued, with Life of the Author, by Sir H. P. St. John Mildmay. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut.


London, 1837

"The Light of Nature' is a work which, after much consideration, I think myself authorized to call the most original and profound that has ever appeared on Moral Philosophy."-SIR JAMES MACKINTOSH,

8035 TUCKER (JOSIAH). Treatise on Civil Government. 8vo, calf, gilt, uncut edges.

A severe criticism of Locke's Method.

London, 178í

50 8036 TUNSTALL (J.) Observations on the Epistles between Cicero and Brutus. 8vo, calt.

London, 1744

10 8037 TUPPER (M. F.) Modern Pyramid to commemorate a Septuagint of Worthies. Crown 8vo, cloth.

London, 1839


8038 TUPPER. Proverbial Philosophy 8vo, cloth.

First Edition.

London, 1838

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