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So 7756 SALE (LADY). Journal of the Disasters in Affghanistan, 1811-2. 8vo, cloth. London, 1843 2.25-7757 SALMON (THOS.) Essay concerning Marriage. With an Account of the Marriage Rites and Ceremonies of the Greeks and Romans, and our Saxon Ancestors. 8vo, calf. 257758 SANTAGNELLO (M.) Dictionary of the Peculiarities of the Italian Language. Svo, cloth.

London, 1724

London, 1820

100 7759 SAUER (M.) Account of an Expedition to the Northern Parts of Russia, performed by Commodore Billings, in 1785-94. Map and plates. 4to, boards.

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London, 1802 12mo, cloth.

London, 1845 etc. Crown 8vo, London, 1830 By an AmerEdinburgh, 1823 by that great

107762 SCENES in Italy, Switzerland, and France. ican. Svo, boards.

1.257763 SCHEMER (THE); or, Universal Satirist, Philosopher, Helter van Scelter. Frontispiece. 12mo, London, 1763


A whimsical and entertaining paper by James Ridley, originally published in the London Chronicle, 1760-1-2.

2.26 7764 Scor (SIR JOHN). The Swaggering State of the Scots Statesmen from 1550 to 1650. Post 8vo, calf. [Edited by Walter Goodall.]




Edinburgh, 1754

7765 UNION WITH SCOTLAND. Discourse upon the Union
of Scotland and England, privately printed, 1702;
Inquiry into the Reasonableness and Consequences
of an Union with Scotland, as communicated to
Lawrence Phillips, Esq., near York, by William
Paterson, 1706. 2 vols. 8vo, calf. London, 1702-6
The last tract is the celebrated Proceedings of the Wednesday
Club in Friday Street, by William Patersou, the founder of the
Bank of England.

7766 [RIDPATH (GEO.)] Historical Account of the Ancient
Rights and lowers of the Parliament of Scotland.
Svo, calf.
Printed in the year 1703

In the edition of 1823, Andrew Fletcher was erroneously adver
tised as the author of the above work.

2. SV 7767 A COMPEND, or Abbreviat, of the most important

ordinary Securities of, and concerning, Rights, Personal and Real, Redeemable and Irredeemable, of common use in Scotland, etc. Curious woodcut. Post Svo, calf. Very rare.

Edinburgh, 1709

SCOTLAND (Continued).

6.50 7768 MISCELLANEA SCOTICA. Containing the Life and Death of James V., his Navigation around Scotland, and Account of Lady Jane Douglas, with the Chamælon, or Crafty Statesman (Maitland), etc. 8vo, calf. London, 1710


Roxburghe, £3; Hibbert, £2 88.

7769 SCOTTISH TRACTS (6). 8vo, calf, gilt.

v. d.

Contents: Logan's Present State of Scotland, 1733; Meinorial and Admonition of the Reverend SyLod of Glasgow and Air, 1745; Lord's Protest against the Bill for abolishing Heretable Jurisdictions, 1747; Dalrymple on the Distillery Laws, 1786; Declaration and Confession of Robert Watt, 1794; and Postscript to Stewart's Statements relative to Prof. Leslie's Election, 1806.

2 507770 HISTORY of Hypolitus, Earl of Douglas, with the Secret History of Macbeth, etc. Post Svo, calf. London, 1741


Also, in this Vol.: The Art of Love; or, the Amours of Count
Schlick and a Young Lady of Quality.

7771 PRESENT State of Scotland consider'd, 1745; Lord's
Protest against the Abolishment of the Heretable
Jurisdiction Bill 1747; and 3 others. 8vo, half

v. d. Portrait. London, 1746

1.75 7772 ASCANIUS; or, the Young Adventurer.

Post 8vo, calf.

Contains "A particular Account of all that happen'd to a certain
Person during his Wanderings in the North, 1745," etc.

1.257773 MEMOIRS concerning the Ancient Alliance between the French and the Scots. French and English Text. 8vo, calf.

757774 MEMOIRS. The same. 8vo, half calf.

Edinburgh, 1751

Edinburgh, 1751 2257775 GOODALL (WALTER). Introduction to the History and Antiquities of Scotlan 1. Svo, half c.lf.

Autograph of R. Chambers.

London, 1769

1.757776 SCOTICISMS ; arranged in Alphabetical Order, designed to correct Improprieties of Speech and Writing. Svo, half calf. Edinburgh, 1787

2.2 7777 BIOGRAPHIA SCOTICANA; or, a brief Historical Account of the most eminent Scots Worthies. [By John Howie]. 8vo, half calf.

Edinburgh, 1796

50 7778 GENEALOGY of the Stewarts refuted, in a Letter to Andrew Stewart. 8vo, boards. Edinburgh, 1799

4.00 7779 LEYDEN (JOHN). Complaynt of Scotland, written in 1548, with a Preliminary Dissertation, and Glossary. 4to, boards, uncut.

Large Paper copy. Only 50 printed.

Edinburgh, 1801

Also in this vol. the "Critiques by Mr. David Herd and others " upon the above book, with Answers by Leyden.

SCOTLAND (Continued).



7780 THE CONTRAST. Scotland in 1745 and 1819. Post 8vo, boards. London, 1825 7781 MODERN ATHENS (Edinburgh): a Dissection, etc., of Men and Things in the Scotch Capital, by a Modern Greek. Svo, boards.

London, 1825 7782 POCKET Peerage of Scotland. Wood-cuts. 2 vols.


12mo, boards.

Edinburgh, 1826

2.00 7783 A MEMORIAL of the Conversion of Jean Livingston, Lady Waristoun, with an Account of her Carriage at her Execution, July, 1600. Vignette. boards.



Vignette. 4to, Edinburgh, 1827

Only a few copies privately printed. Edited by C. K. Sharpe,

50 7784 SCOTCH Banker on Banking, Currency, etc. 8vo,
London, 1828
7785 SCOTCH HAGGIS (NEW); consisting of Pieces, Humor-
ous, Witty, and Droll. Frontispiece. 12mo,
Paisley, 1829
7786 ANE Declaratioun of the just and necessar causis Mov-
ing us of the Nobillitie of Scotland and uthers, ye
King's Majesteis Faithful Subjectis, to repair to
his Hienes presence, etc. Post 8vo, boards, uncut.
Striuiting, 1582; Reprint, Edinburgh, (1837)

Only 45 copies of the reprint published for sale.

This is a Declaration of the Nobility against the "Raid of Ruthven."
Edited by J. Maidment.

90.7787 SCOTTISH LIFE. Traits, Stories, and Pictures of Scenes
and Character. 3 vols. crown 8vo, boards.

Presentation copy "from the author."

London, 1832 1.757788 TRACTS Illustrative of the Traditional and Historical Antiquities of Scotland. Edited by J. Stillie. Portrait, etc. 8vo, cloth, uncut. Edinburgh, 1836 7789 ACCOUNT of the Clan Maclean, from its first Settlement at Castle Duart to the present Period. By a Seneachie. 8vo, cloth.


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London, 1838 Vignette. Post 8vo, Edinburgh, 1838

/57791 STATISTICAL Account of Roxburghshire and Selkirkshire. Map. 2 vols. 8vo, cloth, uncut.

Edinburgh, 1841

507792 PASSAGES in the Life of an English Heiress; or,

Recollections of Disruption

Times in Scotland.

8vo, cloth.

London, 1847


Another copy. 8vo,cloth.

London, 1847

SCOTLAND (Continued).

30 7794 LIGHTS and Shadows of Scottish Life. 12mo, cloth. Edinburgh, 1846 537795 SCOTTISH CHURCHES. Descriptive Notices of some of the Ancient Parochial and Collegiate Churches of Scotland, by T. S. M. 7 fine plates. 8vo, paper. London, 1848

507796 SCOTTISH CHURCHES. Another copy. Paper.

London, 1848

50 7797 SCOTT (D. G.) History of the Joint Stock Banks in England. Svo, boards. London, 1837 63 7798 SCOTT (JOHN). Narratives of Two Famelies exposed to the Great Plague of London, 1665. Post 8vo, boards.

London, 1832

30 7799 Scorr (SIR W.) Works. Waverley Novels. 43 vols; Anecdotes, 2 vols.; Poetical Works, 11 vols. (Vol. 10 missing); Prose Works, vol. 1. Frontispieces and vignettes. 57 vols. post 8vo, cloth, uncut.

Cadell, Edinburgh, 1829

267800 SCOTT. Waverley Novels. Vols. 1 to 4, 7 to 14, 16 to 19, 23, 25, 33, 34, and duplicate vol. 14. 21 vols. post 8vo, cloth.

[blocks in formation]

Edinburgh, 1829 Library edition in

Edinburgh, 1827


Includes his Lives of the British Novelists, Paul's Letters to his Kinsfolk, Essays on Chivalry, Romance, and the Drama, and various other biographical, critical, and literary memoirs.

20 7802 SCOTT. Tales of a Grandfather (1st, 2d, and 4th Series); Castle Dangerous; and Glossary. Vignettes. 6 vols. Boston, 1834

post 8vo, cloth.

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457803 SCOTT (SIR W.) Tales of my Landlord. Fourth Series. 4 vols. crown 8vo, boards, uncut. Edinburgh, 1832 257804 SCOTT. Tales and Romances. Vols. 8 to 16. Frontispieces and vignettes. 9 vols. 12mo, boards.

107805 SCOTT.

Edinburgh, 1833

Abbot; St. Ronan's Well; Quentin Durward; Monastery; etc. 13 vols. post 8vo, paper.

Paris, 1820, etc.

267806 SCOTT. Antiquary and Rob Roy. 4 vols. in 2, 12mo,

half morocco, gilt.

Berlin, 1833

07807 ScoTT (SIR W.) Letters to R. Heber, containing Critical Remarks on the Waverley Novels, and an attempt to ascertain the author [by John Adolphus]. 8vo, calf, gilt. London, 1821

7808 SCOTT. Historical Illustrations of Quentin Durward. Por

traits. Crown Svo, boards.

7809 SCOTT. Recollections of. 12mo, cloth.

London, 1823

London, 1837

107810 SCOTT. Illustrations of the Author of Waverley, by R. Chambers. Post 8vo, boards.

Edinburgh, 1825 1.267811 [SCOTT (W.)] Border Exploits. Containing an Account of the Remarkable Events in Scotland, from the Reign of Malcolm II. to the Rebellion in 1745, interspersed with Anecdotes, and an Account of the Lives and Exploits of the Natives of these Counties. Map. Post Svo, half calf. For the author, Hawick, 1812

07812 SEARCH (AвM., i. e., Abm. Tucker). Freewill, Foreknowledge, and Fate. 8vo, calf.

London, 1763 1.13 7813 SECRET HISTORY of the Late Ministry, from their Admission to the Death of the Queen. 8vo, calf.

London, 1715 637814 SECRET MEMOIRS of the Court of Petersburg and Cath60 erine II., etc. 8vo, calf.

Philadelphia, 1802

637815 SEDGWICK (A.) Discourse on the Studies of the University. 8vo, cloth, uncut.

Cambridge, 1835

Presentation copy "to the Bishop of North Carolina, from the author."

10 7816 SEELY (J. B.) Voice from India, in Answer to the Reformers of England. 8vo, boards. London, 1824

3. 5 7817 SELDEN (JOHN). Table Talk. 16mo, calf.


Foulis, Glasgow, 1755

7818 SELDEN. Table Talk. 12mo, calf. London, 1786 507819 SELF-FORMATION; or, the History of an Individual Mind. 2 vols. crown 8vo, cloth.

London, 1837 507820 SELKIRK (THO. DOUGLAS, EARL OF). Observations on the Present State of the Highlands of Scotland, with a View of the Causes of Emigration, etc.

half calf.

8vo, boards. London, 1805. London, 1805

607821 SELKIRK. Another copy. Boards. 3.50 7822 SEMPLE (GEO.) Hibernia's Free Trade; or, a Plan for the General Improvement of Ireland. 64 plates. 4to, Dublin, 1780 7823 SEWARD (W.) Anecdotes of Distinguished Persons, chiefly of the present and two preceding centuries, with engravings. 4 vols. 8vo, calf. London, 1798-9 7824 SEYMOUR. Humourous Sketches; Snobson's Seasons, or Annals of Cockney Sports, by R. B. Peake, with 92 humorous engravings. Royal 8vo, cloth. London, 1846


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