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4.50 7538 NELSON (LORD). Letters to Lady Hamilton, with Supplement. 2 vols. 8vo, calf, gilt.

London, 1814 scandalous publication, tending to lower the reputation of one of the greatest heroes that ever lived."-LOWNDES.

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67539 NEVILLE (H.) Plato Redivivus; or, a Dialogue concerning Government. Post 8vo, calf. London, 1763 3.25 7540 NEWCASTLE REPRINTS OF RARE TRACTS, Biographical, Historical, and Miscellaneous, and Imprints of Ancient MSS., chiefly illustrative of the History of Northern Counties. Finely printed, partly in black letter, rubricated, with engraved and colored capitals. Svo, boards, uncut.


7 vols. Newcastle, 1843

Only 100 copies privately printed at the press of M. A. Richardson.

877541 NEWNHAM (W.) Essay on Superstition. 8vo, boards.

607542 NEWTON. Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms amended.

4to, calf.

3.75 7543 NEWTON. Philosophical Discoveries. Maclaurin, with Life, etc. Plates.

London, 1830

London, 1728

Account of, by C. 4to, calf.

London, 1748

3. 7544 NEWTON. Another (taller) copy. Royal 4to, calf.

London, 1748

1267545 NEWION. View of Sir Isaac Newton's Philosophy [by Henry Pemberton], with Poem by Glover. Royal

4to, calf.

Large Paper.

London, 1728

1. 7546 [NICHOLS (J. G.)] London Pageants. Accounts of Sixty



Royal Processions and Entertainments, etc. Frontispiece and wood-cuts. Royal 8vo, half morocco.

London, 1831

57547 NICHOLS. London Pageants. Wood-cuts. 8vo, paper.

London, 1837

267548 NICHOLLS (J.) Recollections and Reflections during the Reign of George III. 2 vols. 8vo, calf, gilt.

London, 1822 7549 NICOLAS (SIR HARRIS). Testamenta Vetusta. Illustrations from Wills, of Manners and Customs, Possessions of Distinguished Families, etc. Frontispiece and vignette. 2 vols. royal 8vo, cloth, uncut. London, 1826

This very curious work is alike valuable to the antiquarian, the historian, and herald.

7550 NICOLAUS SYLLACIUS de Insulis Meridiani atque Indici Maris Nuper Inventis. With a translation into English by the Rev. John Mulligan. Portrait. Royal 4to, half rox. morocco, gilt top, uncut edges.

New York, 1860

Only 150 copies privately printed (for Mr. Lenox), on heavy calendered paper, with the original (in Black Letter) and the translation on opposite pages.

2. 50 7551 NICOLAY (N. DE). Les Navigations Peregrinations et Voyages, faicts en la Turquie, with 60 plates of the Costumes, etc. Small 4to, calf, gilt.

Silvius, Anvers, 1576 1. 7552 NICOLSON (ARCHBP.) Letters to and from, with Anecdotes by John Nichols. 2 vols. in 1, 8vo, calf extra, by Hayday. London, 1809

20 7553 NOBLE (MARK). Historical Genealogy of the Royal House of Stuart, from Robert the II. to King James the VI., from authentic sources. 4to, half calf, uncut.

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2. 07555 NORTH (HON. R.)

London, 1795 Thick 12mo, cloth,

Bruxelles, 1835

Memoirs of Musick. Edited, with Notes, by E. F. Rimbault. Portrait, beautifully printed in antique type by Whittingham. 4to, half London, 1846

rox. morocco, uncut.

50 7556 NORTH BRITON (THE). Forty-five numbers, complete. [By John Wilkes, C. Churchill, and others.] 2 vols. in 1, 12mo, calf.

London, 1763

"This seditious publication was the source of Wilkes' celebrity and misfortunes, as well as the cause of his ultimate independence. Part 45 was suppressed."-Lowndes.

6.25 7557 NORTHCOTE (JAMES). Fables. BOTH SERIES. Upward of Two Hundred Fables, illustrated with 560 very beautiful wood engravings by Harvey. 2 vols. imp. 8vo, cloth, uncut, and morocco extra. London, 1833-45 Original Edition, on Large Paper. Proofs.

These beautiful compositions were the fruit of the leisure hours of Northcote, the celebrated painter. The wood engravings are among the chefs-d'œuvre of English skill.

4257558 NORTHCOTE. Fables, Original and Selected. Second Series. Profusely illustrated with vignettes. Post Svo, morocco extra, gilt edges. Murray, London, 1833

These volumes will always be treasured for the exquisite beauty of their illustrations.

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7560 NORTHCOTE, The same. Printed entirely on India Paper.

Post 8vo, cloth.

Only 10 copies printed.

London, 1833

30.7561 NORTHWOOD: the Friendship of a Jesuit. 8vo, half moEdinburgh, 1848




7562 AKERMAN (J. Y.) Numismatic Illustrations of the Narrative Portions of the New Testament. Plate and wood-cuts of coins. 8vo, cloth. London, 1846





NUMISMATA (Continued).

7563 BARBADICO (J. F.) NUMISMATA virorum illustrium ex Barbadica gente. With brilliant impressions of the superb series of engravings. Atlas folio, half Patavii, 1732


"Ouvrage Magnifique."-BRUNET.

The illustrations are marvels of the engraver's art.

7564 CARDONNEL (ADAM DE). Numismata Scotiæ; or, a
Series of the Scottish Coinage from the Reign of
William the Lion, to the Union. 20 fine plates of
Coins. Royal 4to, boards, uncut.

Edinburgh, 1786 7565 EVELYN (JOHN). Numismata: a Discourse of Medals, Ancient and Modern, together with some Account of Heads and Effigies of illustrious and famous Persons in Sculps and Taille-Douce, of whom we have no Medals extant; and of the use to be derived from them. Numerous cuts of Medals, etc. Folio, calf.

Omitted in Evelyn's Miscellaneous Works.

London, 1696

50 7566 JENNINGS (REV. D.) Introduction to the Knowledge of Medals. 8vo, boards, uncut. Rare.

Sarah Baskerville, Birmingham, 1775 10 7567 MILLES (DR.) Observations on the Apamean Medal. Plate. 4to, paper.

London, 1777

100 7568 TATE (W.) Modern Cambist. 8vo, cloth.


London, 1834

1.50 7568* WALSH (REV. R.) Essay on Ancient Medals, Coins, and Gems, as illustrating the Progress of Christianity in the Middle Ages. 38 plates. Post Svo, cloth. London, 1828

25 7569 NUGENT (MR.) Method of Learning the Greek Tongue; and the Primitives. From the French of Mess. PortRoyal. 2 vols. in 5 parts, 8vo, calf. London, 1748-59 7570 NUTS TO CRACK. Anecdotes, Facetiæ, etc., of Oxford and Cambridge Scholars. Humorous wood-cuts. Post 8vo, cloth. London, 1834 %. 50. 7671 O'BRIEN (H.) Round Towers of Ireland; or, the Mysteries of Freemasonry, of Sabaism, and of Budhism, for the first time unveiled. Engravings. 8vo, cloth,


Best Edition, with long preface.

107572 OLDFIELD (T. H. B.) History of the Original Constitution

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of Parliaments. 8vo, calf.

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London, 1797 8vo,


London, 1715

Contains an account of the Darien Colony.

Clarendon and Whitelock compared. 8vo,

25 7574 [OLDMIXON].


40 7575 OLIVER (S.) cloth.

London, 1727

London, 1835

Rambles in Northumberland. Post Svo,

25 7576 OLLIFFE (C.) Scènes Écossaises. 12mo, paper.



/37 7577 OOLLAH (EINAIUT).

Paris, 1853

Bahar Danush; or, Garden of Knowledge, an Oriental Romance, translated from the Persic, by J. Scott. 3 vols. 8vo, calf. Shrewsbury, 1799 1./3. 7578 OREM (W.) Old Aberdeen. Plate. 12mo, boards.




"A curious treatise."-LoWNDES.

Aberdeen, 1832 7579 ORIGIN and Progress of Despotism in the Oriental and other Empires of Africa, Europe, and America [by N. A. Boulanger.] Post 8vo, paper. Amsterdam, 1764

Printed at John Wilke's Private press. See BOULanger.

25 7580 ORIGIN of Despotism. The same. Calf. Amsterdam, 1764

90 7581 ORIGIN of Despotism. Another copy. Half morocco.

Amsterdam, 1764

This last copy is from the Library of Thos. Jolley, with his book-plate. 40 7582 ORLEANS (J. P. DE). History of the Revolutions in England under the Stuarts, 1603-90. 8vo, calf.

London, 1711 25 7583 OUVAROFF (M.) Essay on the Mysteries of Eleusis, translated from the French by J. D. Price, with Observations by J. Christie. Folding plate. 8vo, boards, un


London, 1817

London, 1756

7584 OVERBURY (SIR THOS.) Miscellaneous Works in Verse and
Prose, with Life. Post 8vo, halt calf.
Autograph of Sir Joshua Reynolds on title-page.

8.25 7585 PAINTER'S Palace of Pleasure, beautified, adorned, and furnished with Pleasant Histories and excellent Novels, edited by Haslewood. 3 vols. 4to, calf extra, gilt leaves. London, 1813

Only 165 printed.

The Palace of Pleasure is, without doubt, not only one of the earliest, but one of the most valuable selections of Tales published during Queen Elizabeth's reign. "The favorite book of the immortal Shakespeare." 807586 PALEY AND LOCKE. Pailosophy. Portrait. 4 vols. post

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7587 PAMPHLETS. Myers' Essay on the Chinese Language, etc.,

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57. 7588 PAMPHLETS. Dialogue on the Game Laws, and others, as

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Letter from Edmund Burke on the Affairs of America, 1777; Tucker on the Separation from America, 1775; Thoughts on the Present Times (American taxes, etc.), 1775; Life and Trial of James Miclean, the Highman, 1750; Trial of James Hill. Portrait. 1777, etc., etc.

907589 PAMPHLETS published by the Ashmolean Society, etc. 8vo, Oxford, etc., v. d.


Contents: Rigaud, on Steam Navigation; Twiss, on the Ampitheatre at
Pola in Istria; Holme, on the Giraffe; etc., etc.

1.00 7590 PAMPHLETS relative to the Trial of Queen Caroline, etc., etc. 8vo, half calf.


London, v. d.

A Letter from the King to his People, 1820, a Second Letter, 1821; Ad-
dress to the Queen, 1821; Selections from the Queen's Answers, 1821:
and 5 others.

7591 PAMPHLETS (12). Henry and Rosamond, a tragedy by W.
Hawkins, 1749; Dryden's Amphitryon, 1756; Stric-
tures on Swearing by the Holy Gospels, 1782;
Murphy's Arminius, 1798; Don Juan, 1791; etc., etc.
8vo, half calf.
London, etc., v. d.

25 7592 PAMPHLETS. The Air Balloon invented by Montgolfier. Frontispiece.

London, 1783

Also, Trial and Execution of G. R. Fitzgerald, Esq., 1786; Ridgeway's
Abstract of the Budget, 1784, etc., etc.

257593 PANTON (A.) Dissertation on that portion of Scottish History termed the Gowry Conspiracy. 8vo, boards,


Perth, 1812

17594 PARDOE (MISS). Louis XIV., Vols. II. and III., and Francis I., Vol. II. Nine portraits on steel and numerous wood-cuts. 3 vols. 8vo, half calf, gilt.

London, 1847-9 267595 PARENT DUCHATELET. Prostitution dans la Ville de Paris. Royal Svo, paper. Bruxelles, 1836

10 7596 PARK (J. J.) Dogmas of the Constitution. 8vo, boards. London, 1832

2.68 7597 "PARLEY (PETER)." Tales of Animals. Numerous beautiful wood-cuts. 12mo, cloth.

Printed at the Chiswick Press.

London, 1837

10 7598 PARLIAMENT. Standing Orders of the House of Lords.

Svo, paper.

Printed on Whatman's drawing-paper.

London, 1825.

3577599 PARLIAMENTARY RIGHT MAINTAIN'D; or, the Hanover Succession Justify'd. Wherein the Hereditary Right to the Crown of England is Asserted, etc. Svo, half calf. Printed in 1714

5 7600 PARROT (DR. F.) Journey to Ararat. Map and woodcuts. 8vo, cloth. London, 1845 /757601 PASCAL (BLAISE). Œuvres, Nouvelle Edition, avec Discours sur la Vie et les Ouvrages de Pascal. Portrait. 5 vols. 8vo, calf extra.

2.25 7602 PASCAL. Les Provinciales. 12mo, calf.

Paris, 1819

Schoute, Cologne, 1669

/ 7603 PASCAL. Les Provinciales on les Lettres Écrites. 2 vols.

Paris, 1851

Delft, 1700

5. 7604 PASCAL. Apologie des Lettres Provinciales de Louis de

Svo, paper.

Montalte. 2 vols. post 8vo, vellum.

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