Taplin Improved; Or a Compendium of Farriery; Wherein is Fully Explained the Nature and Structure of ... a Horse: With the Diseases and Accidents He is Liable To; and the Methods of Cure, Etc

W. Lane, 1796 - 144 páginas

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Página 137 - ... in (with his head above water) longer than half a minute, if the water be very cold; after this he must go in three times a week for a fortnight longer.
Página 10 - These twelve colt's teeth, in the front of the mouth, continue, without alteration, till the colt is two years or two years and a half old, which makes it difficult, without great care, to avoid being...
Página 13 - The artificial manner is made ufe of by dealers and jockies who mark their horfes,, after the age of being known, to make them appear only fix or feven years old. They do it in this manner : they throw down the horfe to have him more at command, and, with a...
Página 7 - Bad eyes may appear good in winter, when fnow is upon the ground ; and often good ones appear bad, according to the pofition of the horfe. Never examine a horfe's eyes by the fide of a white wall, where the dealers always cboofe to fhcw •ne that is moon-eved.
Página 21 - If thefe circles were only on the furface, the jockies method of rafping them down would then be good for nothing ; but they form themfelves alfo within the feet, as well as without, and confequently prefs on the fenfible part, and make a horfe limp with ever fo little labour. One may juftly compare a horfe in this fituation, to a man that has corns on his feet, and yet is obliged to walk a long way in fhoes that are too tight and ftubborn.
Página 12 - ... gone. Jockies and breeders, in order to make their colts feem five years old when they are but four, pull out their laft colt's teeth ; but if all the colt's teeth are gone, and no tufks appear, you may be certain this trick has been played : another artifice they ufe...
Página 23 - ... appear to lay further in the back. If his knees ftand nearly clofe, and his toes quite in a line, not turning in, nor yet turning out, be...
Página 10 - ... for either younger or older than he really is : the only rule you have then to judge by is his coat, and the hairs of his mane and tail. A colt of one year has a...
Página 13 - When horfes are young, their teeth meet perpendicularly, but grow longer, and pufh forward with age; befides the mouth of a young horfe is very flefhy within the palate, and his lips are firm and hard : on the contrary, the infide of an old horfe's mouth is lean both above and below, and feems to have only the fkin upon the bones.
Página 11 - U firft, are alfo the firft that fall ; fo that at three years he has four horfe's, and eight colt's teeth, which are eafily known apart, the former being larger, flatter, and yellower than the other, and ftreaked from the end quite into the gums. Thefe four horfe pincers have, in the middle of their extremities, a black hole, very deep ; whereas thofe of the colt are round and white. When the horfe is coming four years old, he lofes his four feparaters, or middle teeth, and puts forth four others,...

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