Future Satellite Gravimetry and Earth Dynamics

Jakob Flury, Reiner Rummel
Springer Science & Business Media, 25 ene 2007 - 164 páginas
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Currently, a first generation of dedicated satellite missions for the precise mapping of the Earth’s gravity field is in orbit (CHAMP, GRACE, and soon GOCE). The gravity data from these satellite missions provide us with very new information on the dynamics of planet Earth. In particular, on the mass distribution in the Earth’s interior, the entire water cycle (ocean circulation, ice mass balance, continental water masses, and atmosphere), and on changes in the mass distribution.

The results are fascinating, but still rough with respect to spatial and temporal resolution. Technical progress in satellite-to-satellite tracking and in gravity gradiometry will allow more detailed results in the future. In this special issue, Earth scientists develop visions of future applications based on follow-on high-precision satellite gravimetry missions.


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J FLURY and R RUMMEL Future Satellite Gravimetry for Geodesy 13
P LEGRAND Future Gravity Missions and QuasiSteady Ocean
W HUGHES and P LEGRAND Future Benefits of TimeVarying
WOODWORTH Benefits to Studies of Global Sea Level
N SNEEUW J FLURY and R RUMMEL Science Requirements
E J O SCHRAMA Impact of Limitations in Geophysical Back
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The authors have played key roles in gravity field research, and in particular for the preparation of the current gravity field satellite missions CHAMP, GRACE and GOCE. They are members of several mission advisory boards. They presented their work with many contributions at international conferences such as EGU, AGU, IUGG.

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