Book Auction Records, Volumen 7

Frand Karslake
Wm. Dawson, 1910
A priced and annotated annual record of London, New York and Edinburgh book-auctions.

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Página 498 - Merchant of Venice : The Excellent/ History of the Mer/chant of Venice./ With the extreme cruelty of Shylocke/ the lew towards the saide Merchant, in cut/ting a iust pound of his flesh. And the obtaining/ of Portia, by the choyce of/ three Caskets,/
Página 169 - Cervantes (Miguel de) El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha, compuesto por Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, Dirigido al Duque de Beiar, etc., device on title, old
Página 487 - Mercator : or Commerce Retrieved, being Considerations on the State of the British Trade, particularly as it respects Holland, Flanders, and the Dutch Barrier, the Trade to and from France, the Trade to Portugal, Spain, and the West Indies, and the Fisheries of Newfound-land, and Nova Scotia
Página 498 - The Second Impression./ [Droeshout portrait]. London/ Printed by Tho. Cotes for Robert Allot, and are to be sold at the signe/ of the Black Beare in
Página 411 - A New Version of the Psalms of David fitted to the Tunes used in Churches, by N. Täte and N. Brady,
Página 426 - Printed by Tho. Cotes, for Robert Allot, and are to be sold at the signe of the Blacke Beare in Pauls Churchyard 1632
Página 280 - Psalmes of David in Prose and Meeter, with Their Whole Tunes, in foure or more parts, and Some Psalmes in Reports, Whereunto is Added Many Godly Prayers, and an Exact
Página 169 - Con privilegio de Castilla, Aragon y Portugal, En Madrid, por Juan de la Cuesta, Véndese en Casa de Francisco de Robles, librero del Rey Nro Señor,
Página 101 - Petitot (Jean) Les Emaux de Petitot du Musée Impérial du Louvre : Portraits de personnages historiques et de Femmes célèbres du siècle de Louis XIV., 2
Página 225 - Gospel Order Revived, being an Answer to a book lately set forth by the Rev. Mr. Increase Mather, entituled The Order of the Gospel,

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