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volence," and accordingly came to the unanimous resolution of undertaking "the charge of an Adult School, to be established in the island of JAMAICA, under the designation of the 'PECKHAM COMMEMORATIVE ADULT SCHOOL,' hoping that by this means many who have in their bondage been happily brought to 'repent and believe the Gospel' may obtain the benefit and comfort of reading the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make wise unto salvation, through faith which is in Christ Jesus." The necessary steps were taken to effect this design; and it is the hope of aiding in the extension of its practical usefulness which has prompted a few individuals, who have long felt deeply interested in the Negro's cause, to collect into a small volume, such poems as may be within their reach, written for the most part in special commemoration of the abolition of

Slavery, and to apply the profit, if any, to the furtherance of the object before described.

And whilst the Editors are aware that in point of style and composition there are many parts that will not bear the test of severe criticism, they also feel persuaded that success is likely to depend on a test of a very different kind, and they are content to appeal to the heart rather than to the head for the support of a cause which to a certain extent involves the diffusion of the blessing of a religious education amongst this hitherto neglected and oppressed class of our fellow


With these sentiments, they place the "CoмMEMORATIVE WREATH" in the hands of the public, not doubting the extension of that indul

gence towards it which is due to the productions of pens employed gratuitously in the cause of Charity, and seeking no other reward than the satisfaction of doing good.

It may not be improper to add, that although in two instances the poems now published have already appeared in print, these were circulated for purposes of a local nature, and that it is with the express consent and authority of the writers that they are here offered.

"All Nations whom Thou hast made," &c.

Song for the Negroes' Day of Jubilee .




Address of the Slaves of Columbia to Bolivar on their

Liberation from Bondage

"O Freedom! first delight of human kind!”.



"And the Chief Captain answered," &c.—Acts xxii. 28.


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Twenty-five Years hence; or the Contrast

Lines to the Emancipated Negro

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A Hymn for the First of August, 1834

The Christian Slave awaiting the arising of the Sun on the

First of Eighth Month, 1834

"For the Oppression of the Poor," &c.—Psalm xii. 9. The Day of the Emancipation of the British Slaves LUSHINGTON

To the Ladies' Anti-Slavery Society

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An Evening Sketch






"And He doeth according to His will," &c.-Daniel iv. 35. 110

The Consummation

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