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MUCKLESTON, The Reverend JOHN-FLETCHER, D.D. of Christchurch College, Oxford, a prebendary of Lichfield and Wolverhampton, m. 16th April, 1793, Louisa, daughter of the Rev. John Preston, of Askham Bryan, in the county of York,

and had issue, 1. John, in holy orders.

11. Rowland, a scholar of Worcester College, Oxford.

iii. Louisa.

iv. Ann, m. to Arthur Battersby, esq.

v. Mary.

Dr. Muckleston, who inherited Merrington, in the county of Salop, at the decease of his father, sold that estate in 1817 to his cousin, Joseph Muckleston, esq. of Prescot, who

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Nil i Z G{!}{!}{ The family of Muckleston is of considerable antiquity in the county of Salop. A charter of the Earl of Arundel and Surrey, dated 1399, recites that the lands of Roger, son of Roger de Mokleston, had been seised into the hands of the earl, his father, “whom God assoile,” by reason of forfeiture for outlawry, pronounced against Roger, the son, for the death of Richard de Mokleston, his brother, by him feloniously slain; and it further states, that Richard Yrland, of Oswestry, had, notwithstanding the lands were in the earl's hands, purchased them in fee simple from the said Roger, the son, “now by the advise of our council,” says the earl, (such is the almost regal style of our ancient nobles) “and for the sum of £20 paid by Yrland to us, we pardon his purchase of the said land, without having first obtained our license.” There can be no doubt that this transaction refers to the family before us, but it is

difficult to assign its proper place in the pedigree, which commences with

Hocsky N MUccleston, born in 1345, who wedded Gertrude, daughter of Hugh Kynaston, and was father of Roger Muccleston, living in 1366, and 1383, who m. Susan Ottley, and besides, of his son, William, who continued the line, was probably father of the Roger and Richard, mentioned in the deed.” His son and successor, William MUccleston, espoused Rebecca Lucie, and was s. by his son, Thomas Muccleston, living in the 9th HENRY IV. who by his wife, Anne Harris, had a son and heir, William Muckleston, who wedded in the reign of HeNRY VI. Cicely, daughter of Richard Ireland, of Oswestry, and was s. by his son, Thomas Muckleston, living in 1471, great grandfather of John Muckleston, esq. who married Anne, daughter of Edward Lloyd, of Llwyny-maen, and is styled of Pen-y-lan, in Llanvorda, near Oswestry. His son and heir, Edward Muckleston, esq. of Pen-y-lan, recorder of Oswestry, became possessed of the estate of Meriden, now Merrington, in the parish of Preston Gobalds, by his marriage (4th January, 1615) with Mary, daughter and heiress of Thomas Corbet, esq., by Sarah, his wife, sister and heiress of Thomas Colefoxe, esq. of Merrington. Edward Muckleston died in 1638, and left issue, 1. John, his heir. 11. Rowland, successor to his brother. iii. Richard, of Shrewsbury, who married and had issue, 1. Richard, who m. the daughter

* Blakeway's Sheriffs of Salop.

of John Tayluar, esq. of Roddyngton, and had an only child, John, of Bickton, who wedded Miss Anne Tong, and left an only daughter and heir, Lettice, m. to Richard Jenkins, esq. of the county of Salop. 2. Edward, who m. Grace, daughter of Robert Owen, esq. of Wilcott, and had two sons, Richard, of Greenfields, and Edward, who d. unmarried. 3. Joseph, of Shrewsbury, who m. Miss Mary Hawkins, and had Joseph, of Shrewsbury, who m. Catherine, daughter of William Hawkins, esq. of Burton-upon-Trent, and had an only daughter and heiress, Catherine, m. to Samuel Griffith, esq. of Dinthill. Richard, whom. Mary, another daughter of William Hawkins, esq. and left issue, Joseph, of Prescott, high sheriff of Salop in 1788, who purchased in 1817, as already stated, the estate of Merrington, from his cousin, Dr. Muckleston. He died unmarried. William-Hawkins, M.D. of London, who m. Frances, daughter of Thomas Prestland, esq. of Walford, and left an only daughter and heiress, Elizabeth, m. to Robert Aglionby Slany, esq. son of R. Slany, esq. of Hatton. 4. Benjamin, died unmarried. 5. Mary, m. to John Edwards, esq. of Ness Strange, in the county of Salop, (see page 80). 6. Sarah, m. to Morgan Powell, esq. iv. Margery, m. to Robert Haywood, esq. of Woodhouse. v. Sarah, m. to Francis Lloyd, esq. of Cockshutt. v1. Anne, m. to John Harwood, esq. of Tern, and had issue, 1. John Harwood, LL.B. 2. Thomas Harwood, of Tern Hall, who m. Margaret, sister of the Right Hon. Richard Hill, and was grandfather of Noel Hill, first Lord Berwick. 3. Edward Harwood, m. and left Issue.

4. Martha Harwood, m. to Simon Hanmer. 5. Abigail Harwood, m. to John Congreve, esq. of Congreve. 6. Anne Harwood, m. to George Curties, esq. The eldest son, John Muckleston, esq., succeeded his father in his estates, and in the office of recorder. He died unmarried, in 1663, when Merrington devolved upon his brother, Rowland Muckleston, esq. who espoused Margaret, daughter of Andrew Bowdler, gent. and had (with two daughters, Mary, m. to — Maddox, esq. of Astley, and Margaret, m. first to John Howard, and secondly, to Mr. John Collier, A.M.) a son and successor, Edward Muckleston, esq. of Merrington, who wedded Anne, daughter of John Joyce, of Cockshutt, and had issue, Edward, his heir. John, who m. Miss Mary Price, and had a son, Price. Richard, who m. Miss Sarah Cowkley, and had a daughter, Sarah, m. to Mr. Edward Topham. The eldest son, Edward Muckleston, esq. of Merrington, had by Miss Anne Adams, his wife, a son and heir, John Muckleston, esq. of Merrington, who m. Miss Jane Sandland, and was s. by his son, John Muckleston, esq. of Shrewsbury and Merrington, who m. Mary, daughter and co-heiress of John Fletcher," esq. of Lichfield, and had issue, John-Fletcher, his heir. Charles-Bowdler, of Shrewsbury, who m. Miss Mary Smith, of Shrewsbury, and left one son, Edward, of the 25th regiment, who m. Miss Eliza Jeffreys, of Willcott, in Salop, and a daughter, Mary, m. to Edward Shaw, esq. of Condover Grange, Salop. Martha, m. to William Cary, esq. of Cannock. Mr. Muckleston died about the year 1780, and was s. by his elder son, the present Rev. John Fletcher Muckleston, D.I). Arms—Vert. on a fesse arg. between three greyhounds' heads erased of the second, three crosses pattee gu. Crest—A greyhound's head erased, ppr. collared gules. Residence—The Cathedral Close, Lichfield.

* Mr. Fletcher's mother was daughter of Ralph Thicknesse, esq. of Batterly, by Bridget, his wife, daughter of Sir John Egerton, of Wrinehill, who d. in 1675.


ALEXANDER, EDWARD, esq. of Powis, in the county of Clackmannan, b. in -" 1768, m. first, in 1801, Miss Colquhoun,

Travels, &c.

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1. James-Edward, Captain in the 42nd Royal Highlanders, K.L.S. author of

ii. John, Captain in the Rifle Brigade, who assumed the surname of Henderson, on succeeding to the estate of Westerton, at the decease of his uncle, John Henderson, esq. in whose family the lands of Westerton had been for several

hundred years.

iv. Mary-Bryce.

v. Catherine-Glas.

Euphemia-Mayne, who d. unmarried in 1823.

Mr. Alexander, a deputy-lieutenant, &c. succeeded to Powis upon the demise of his

cousin, James Mayne, esq. in 1808.


This family, which claims to be a branch from the same root as the EARLs of StirLING, inherits the lands of Powis from the heiress of MAYNE, whose progenitors, descending from the Maynes of Lochwood, were settled near Stirling, and have been landed proprietors in that neighbourhood since the commencement of the fifteenth century. William MAYNE, living temp. Queen MARY and JAMEs VI. held in fee, from the baron of Tullibodie (Alexander), the lands of Pile, within a few miles of Stirling, then the chief residence of the family, in which, as well as in the possessions in Clackmannanshire, he was s. by his son, John MAYNE, esq. b. in 1586, whom. first, Catherine Kerr, of the family of Fairneyhirst, and had issue, John, who m. Margaret, sister of Captain Robert, Anderson, of Glasgow, and left at his decease, in his father's lifetime, two sons and a daughter, wiz. William, who s. his grandfather. Edward, who went to St. Lucar and Lisbon, and acquired the lands of Powis and Logie, in the shires of Perth and Clackmanman, and got a charter of them under the great seal, dated in 1731. He d. unmarried in 1743.

Catherine, m. to James Burn, of Stirling. Margaret. Janet. Mary. He wedded, secondly, Margaret, sistergerman of Sir James Hall, of Dunglas; and thirdly, Janet Burn, but had no other children. He died at the unusually advanced age of 110, in 1696, and was s. by his grandson, William MAYNE, esq. who was, by his brother, put in possession of the lands of Powis and Logie in 1731. He m. first, Euphan Christie, of Lecropt, and had, with several daughters, three sons, viz. 1. John, a merchant in London and Lisbon, who m. Jean, daughter of Etheldred Davie, esq. of the county of Devon, and had three sons, Edward, John, and Henry, and two daughters, Margaret and Elizabeth, the issue of all of whom is now extinct. 11. JAMEs, of whom presently. iii. Edward, of Powis, who m. Janet, daughter of James Henderson, esq. of Westertown, by whom he had, with several daughters, one of whom m. Alexander Cunningham, of Capeston, two sons,


JAMEs, a captain in the 37th foot, father of Miss Helen Mayne. Edward. iv. Catherine, m. to James Burn, esq. of Galeside. v. Margaret, m. to Sir Alexander Cunningham, of Capiston. Mr. Mayne wedded, secondly, Helen Galbraith, of the Balgair family, and granddaughter of Sir Philip Musgrave, bart. by whom he had issue, v1. William (Sir), a privy councillor, and member in the Irish parliament, who was created a baronet 22nd April, 1763, and elevated to the peerage of Ireland, as BA Ron Newhave N, in 1776. His Lordship married, in 1758, the Hon. Frances Allen, daughter and co-heir of Joshua, viscount Allen, but dying without issue, in 1794, his honors became extinct. vii. Robert, a banker in London, who m. Anne, daughter and heiress of John Knight, esq. of the county of Gloucester, by Miss Otway, his wife, daughter of General Otway, and had issue, 1. William, a colonel in the army, late of the Life Guards. 2. Robert, in holy orders. 3. Charles-Qtway, a captain in the H. E. I. C. Sea Service. viii. Helen,who m. John Graham,esq. of Kernock, son of James, only brother of John Graham, of Balquhaple, descended from George Graham, of Callendar, second son of William, Lord Graham. By this marriage she had issue, 1. Thomas Graham, of Kinross, M.P. father of Lady Montgomery, of Stobo,and of Mrs.Templar. 2. Robert Graham, of Calcutta. 3. John Graham, resident at Burdwan. 4.

, m. to — Park, esq. of Lochore.

5. Ellen, m. in 1780, to Sir Henry Watkin Dashwood, bart. Ix. Janet, who died unmarried. x. Barbara, m. to James Duncanson, esq. of Campleton. xi. Isabel, m. to James Duncanson, esq. of Inverary. William Mayne wedded, thirdly, Helen, daughter of the Rev. Mr. Stark, of Lecropt, descended from the family of Killelmount, and had, Thomas, of Lisbon, who m. Miss Clever, of that city, and Miss Pringle of Whitebank, and had a daughter, Susan. Elizabeth, m. to Rev. Archibald Smith, of Fintry. Jean, m. to John Brown, merchant in Glasgow, and had, with other issue, a son, George Brown, of London. Mr. Mayne had, by his three wives, twentyone children, and the cradle is said to have rocked in his house for fifty years. Before he acquired Powis he resided at Cambus, and his children are mostly registered in Alloa. His second son, JAMEs MAYNE, esq. of St. Ninians, left an only daughter, EUPHEMA MAYNE, who m. first, James Henderson, esq. of Westerton, and had two sons, John and William. She espoused, secondly, JAMEs Alexander, esq. provost of Stirling, and had a son, the present Edward Alexander, esq. of Powis.

Arms—Quarterly, first and fourth party per pale, arg. and sa, a chevron, and in base a crescent, all counterchanged; second and third or, a galley sa.. three cross crosslets, fitchee gu.

Crest—A beaver.

Supporters---A highlander and mermaid.

Motto—Per mare, per terras.

Estates—Powis, &c. in the county of Clackmannan.

Seat---Powis House.


LUCAS, BERNARD, esq. of Hasland, in the county of Derby, b. at Chesterfield, 24th August, 1757, m. 16th April, 1789, Esther, daughter of the late John Lax, esq. of Eryholme, in the county of York, and sister of Anthony Lax-Maynard, esq. of Ches

terfield, by whom he has issue,

Thomas-Burton, in holy orders, rector of Sawtry, in Huntingdonshire.

Bernard-Maynard, of Topton Grove, near Chesterfield, m. 15th June, 1825, Eliza, only daughter of the late Captain John Wood, R.N. of Bramling House, Kent.

Esther, m. to William Brodhurst, esq. of Newark.

This gentleman succeeded his father 29th May, 1818.


Thomas Lucas, b. 24th April, 1657, son of Bernard Lucas, who d. 11th September, 1660, bought, in 1695, estates in Hasland, and in August, 1723, purchased the remainder of the lands therein, then belonging to the family of Lowe, of Orgreaves, but the title was not completed until 1727. In an act of parliament obtained about that period, by Nicholas, Earl of Scarsdale, and others, for the division of the common fields and wastes, in Scarcliffe and Patterton, Mr. Lucas is named by the description of Thomas Lucas, esq. of Hasland, in the county of Derby. He m. Miss Elizabeth Thomas, proprietor, in her own right, of several manors and estates in Lincolnshire, once the property of the family of Molyneux, and had a Son,

BERNARD LUCAs, esq. b. at Hasland, 26th August, 1708, who espoused Ann, daughter

of Robert Wood, gent. of Swanwick, in the county of Derby, and had one daughter, Margaret, who d. unm. and two sons, ThoMAs, his heir, and Bernard, of Chesterfield, who d. unm. He died 25th July, 1771, and was s. by his elder son, Thomas Lucas, esq. of Chesterfield and Hasland, a magistrate and deputy lieutenant for the county of Derby, who wedded Elizabeth, daughter of John Burton,” esq. of Chesterfield, by Ann his wife, daughter and heiress of Edward Haslam, esq. of Newbold, and dying 29th May, 1818, was s. by his eldest son, the present Bernard Lucas, esq. of Hasland. Arms—Arg. a chev. gu. between three orgresses; on a chief az. a moor cock of the field between two cross crosslets or. Crest—An arm embowed, vested sa.. bczantée cuff arg. holding in the hand ppr. a cross crosslet gu. Estates—In Hasland, Newbold, Calow, &c. in the parish of Chesterfield, and other places in the county of Derby. Seat—Hasland, near Chesterfield, erected by the present proprietor, in 1820.

* This John Burton had, besides Mrs. Lucas, a son, Edward, and a daughter, Ann, who died without issue. He was elder brother of William Burton, of Royds Mill, near Sheffield, and descended from iii. Burton, of Chesterfield, grandson of William Burton, of Falde, (who died 5th Richard II.) and Maud his wife, sister and heir of Thomas Curtis, and great grandson of Nicholas Burton, and Agnes his wife, sister and heir of John Cursun, of Falde. The family of Burton was originally founded by James Burton, esquire of the body to Richard }.


PAWSON, WILLIAM, esq. of Shawdon, in the county of Northumberland, b. 14th May, 1780, m. January 1817, Mary Ann, daughter of the Rev. Robert Trotter,t of Morpeth, and has issue,

William-John, b. in December, 1817. Mary Ann.

Mr. Pawson, who s. to the estates of Shawdon at the decease of his brother, George

Pawson-Hargrave, esq. in 1817, was high-sheriff of Northumberland during the great contested election for that county in 1826.

+ The name of Trotter is of ancient standing on the Scottish border. The family this reverend gentleman represented held broad lands in thatJ.; of Roxburghshire called the Merse, until forfeited by adherence to the Sruants in 1715 and 1743, the last possessor having suffered along imprisonment, beside, in Edinburgh and Carlisle Castles. William Trotter, an ancestor, is recorded to have fallen at the battle of Flodden; and in corroboration of the fact, a gold ring was found, about the middle of the last century, upon the site of the field of battle, bearing an inscription in Norman-French, having between each word aboar's head, the armorial bearings of the Trotters, and common to them with the Gordons and Swintons.

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