Tales of Female Heroism

Burns, 1846 - 210 páginas

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Página 125 - I was told she had found, from some kind and fortunate hand, a little rum and dirty water. All I could furnish to her was an open boat, and a few lines written upon dirty and wet paper, to General Gates, recommending her to his protection.
Página 18 - I cried, and he went to sleep ; next morning early, as his custom was, he called to rise, but began to discourse with me first, to which I made no reply ; he rose, came on the other side of the bed, and kissed me, and drew the...
Página 77 - I desired them to lay aside their fears, for the petition had passed the House in their favour. I then gave them some money to drink to the lords and his majesty, though it was but trifling ; for I thought that if I were too liberal on the occasion, they might suspect my designs, and that giving them something would gain their good humour and services for the next day, which was the eve of the execution.
Página 89 - I have sent your daughter from this country, lest she should be any way frightened with the troops lying here. She has got one Betty Burke, an Irish girl, who, as she tells me, is a good spinster. If her spinning pleases you, you may keep her till she spin all your lint; or, if you have any wool to spin, you may employ her.
Página 78 - ... time to shave. All this provision I had before left in the Tower. The poor guards whom my slight liberality the day before had endeared me to, let me go quietly with my company and^ were not so strictly on the watch as they usually had been; and the more so as they were persuaded from what I had tolcrthem the day before, that the prisoners would obtain their pardon.
Página 18 - I that was young and innocent, and to that day had never in my mouth what news, began to think there was more in inquiring into public affairs than I thought of, and that it being a fashionable thing would make me more beloved of my husband, if that had been possible, than I was. When my husband returned home from...
Página 17 - " heart so well will keep my fortune, which from this ' "time I will ever put into thy hands as God shall '
Página 25 - I crept up softly and stood upon the deck by my husband's side, as free from sickness and fear as, I confess, from discretion ; but it was the effect of that passion, which I could never master.
Página 81 - She had but one very small room up one pair of stairs, and a very small bed in it. We threw ourselves upon the bed, that we might not be heard walking up and down. She left us a bottle of wine and some bread, and Mrs.
Página 108 - There was a comfortable parlour with a good fire, and a dram went round. By and by supper was served, at which there appeared the lady of the house, the celebrated Miss Flora Macdonald.

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