The history of Great Britain, from the first invasion of it by the Romans, Volumen 8


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Página 427 - ... while the principal debtor is able to pay the debt : and if the principal debtor fail in the payment of the debt, not having wherewith to discharge it, the sureties shall answer for the debt ; and if they be willing they shall have the lands and rents of the debtor, until satisfaction...
Página 400 - Edward, by the grace of God, king of England, lord of Ireland, and duke of Aquitaine, to all those that these present letters shall hear or see, greeting.
Página 398 - These ladies are dressed in partycoloured tunics, one-half of one colour, and the other half of another ; their lirripipes, or tippets, are very short ; their caps remarkably little, and wrapt about their heads with cords ; their girdles and pouches are ornamented with gold and silver ; and they wear short swords, called daggers, before them, a little below their navels ; they are mounted on the finest horses, with the richest furniture.
Página 425 - ... owe a relief, he shall have his inheritance by the ancient relief— that is to say, the heir or heirs of an earl...
Página 270 - Purbic marble, very flender and round, encompafled with marble {hafts a little detached, having each a capital adorned with foliage, which joining, formed :one elegant capital for the whole pillar. The windows were long and narrow, with pointed arches and painted glafs, which was introduced about that time, or at leaft became more common.
Página 93 - Burnet, p. 407—413. accordingly chofen by the parliament at Oxford to reprefent the community in future parliaments ; and the record of their election may be thus tranflated : " Thefe are the twelve which are chofen by " the 'barons to treat at the three parliaments in " a year, with the king's council, for all the com" munity of the land, on public bufmefs ; the " bifhop of London, the earl of Winchefter, the!
Página 271 - Their government was regular, and where they fixed near the building m hand they made a camp of huts. A surveyor governed in chief; every tenth man was called a warden, and overlooked each nine : the gentlemen of the neighbourhood, either out of charity or commutation of penance, gave the materials and carriages.
Página 198 - mention some of the wonderful works of art and nature, in which there is nothing of magic, and which magic could not perform. Instruments may be made by which the largest ships, with only one man guiding them, will be carried with greater velocity than if they were full of sailors ; chariots may be constructed that will move with incredible rapidity without the help of animals...
Página 166 - ... them the value of the same livery, or percase the double value, by such covenant and assurance, that every of them shall maintain other in all quarrels, be they reasonable or unreasonable, to the great mischief and oppression of the people*,
Página 90 - ... sheriffs and bailiffs, all those who hold of us in chief, to a certain day, at the distance of forty days at least, and to a certain place ; and in all the letters of summons, we will express the cause of the summons ; and the summons being thus made, the business shall go on at the day appointed, according to the advice of those who shall be present...

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