The Diary of Samuel Pepys: Transcribed from the Shorthand Manuscript in the Pepysian Library Magdalene College, Cambridge

Croscup & Sterling Company, 1893

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Página 108 - He was perfumed like a milliner; And 'twixt his finger and his thumb he held A pouncet-box, which ever and anon He gave his nose and took't away again ; Who therewith angry, when it next came there, Took it in snuff...
Página 18 - King come in with his crown on, and his sceptre in his hand, under a canopy borne up by six silver staves, carried by barons of the Cinque Ports, and little bells at every end. And after a long time, he got up to the farther end, and all set themselves down at their several tables ; and that was also a brave sight : and the King's first course carried up by the Knights of the Bath.
Página 93 - Walking through Lincoln's Inn Fields, observed at the Opera a new play, " Twelfth Night," was acted there, and the King there : so I, against my own mind and resolution, could not forbear to go in, which did make the play seem a burthen to me ; and I took no pleasure at all in it...
Página 22 - Now, after all this, I can say that, besides the pleasure of the sight of these glorious things, I may now shut my eyes against any other objects, nor for the future trouble myself to see things of state and showe, as being sure never to see the like again in this world.
Página 144 - After dinner to the Opera, where there was a new play, (Cutter of Coleman Street) made in the year 1658, with reflections much upon the late times ; and it being the first time, the pay was doubled, and so to save money, my wife and I went into the gallery, and there sat and saw very well ; and a very good play it is — it seems, of Cowley's making.
Página 36 - ... and liberties, to accompany him in his perambulation ; and most did so ; in which perambulation he would usually express more pleasant discourse than at other times, and would then always drop some loving and facetious observations to be remembered against the next year, especially by the boys and young people ; still inclining them, and all his present parishioners, to meekness, and mutual kindnesses and love; because love thinks not evil, but covers a multitude of infirmities.
Página 126 - An ambassador is an honest man, sent to lie abroad for the good of his country.
Página 15 - WELCOME all who lead or follow To the Oracle of Apollo — Here he speaks out of his pottle, Or the tripos, his tower bottle. All his answers are divine, Truth itself doth flow in wine. "Hang up all the poor hop-drinkers," Cries old Sim, the king of skinkers; "He the half of life abuses That sits watering with the Muses.
Página 7 - God to bless me," which made us very merry, and I gave her twopence. In several places, I asked women whether they would sell me their children, but they denied me all, but said they would give me one to keep for them, if I would. Mrs. Anne and I rode under the man that hangs upon Shooter's Hill, and a filthy sight it was to see how his flesh is shrunk to his bones.
Página 206 - This morning, before we sat, I went to Aldgate ; and at the corner shop, a draper's, I stood, and did see Barkestead, Okey, and Corbet, drawne towards the gallows at Tiburne ; and there they were hanged and quartered. They all looked very cheerful ; but I hear they all die defending what they did to the King to be just ; which is very strange.

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