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Hail thou agonizing Saviour,
Bearer of our sin and shame!
By thy merits we find favour;
Life is given through thy name.
2 Paschal Lamb, by GoD appointed,
All our sins on thee were laid':
By almighty love anointed,

Thou hast full atonement made:
All thy people are forgiven

Through the virtue of thy blood; Open'd is the gate of heaven;

Peace is made 'twixt mau and GoD.

3 JESUS, hail, enthron'd in glory,
There for ever to abide!
All the heav'nly host adore thee,
Seated at thy father's side:
There for sinners thou art pleading:
There thou dost our place prepare;
Ever for us interceding,

Till in glory we appear.

4 Worship, honour, power, and blessing,
Thou art worthy to receive;
Loudest praises, without ceasing,
Meet it is for us to give:
Help, ye bright angelic spirits!

Bring your sweetest, noblest lays! Help to sing our Saviour's merits,

Help to chant IMMANUEL's praise.

59. The Leader of his People. S. M.

He led them forth by the right way, that they might go to a city of habitation.-PSALM cvii. 7.


THOU very paschal Lamb, ཊྛs' Whose blood for us was shed, Thro' whom we out of Egypt came ; Thy ransom'd people lead.

2 Angel of Gospel-grace!
Fulfil thy character;
To guard and feed thy chosen race,
In Israel's camp appear.

3 Throughout the desert-way
Conduct us by thy light;
Be thou a cooling cloud by day,
A cheering fire by night.
4 Our fainting souls sustain

With blessings from above;
And ever on thy people rain
The manna of thy love.

60. The Life. L. M.

Because I live, ye shall live also.-JOHN xiv. 19.
WHEN sins and fears prevailing rise,
And fainting hope almost expires;
JESUS, to thee I lift mine eyes,
To thee I breathe my soul's desires.

2 Art thou not mine, my living Lord?
And can my hope, my comfort, die,
Fix'd on thine everlasting word,
That word which built the earth and


3 If my immortal Saviour lives,
Then my immortal life is sure;
His word a firm foundation gives;
Here let me build, and rest secure.
4 Here let my faith unshaken dwell;
Immovable the promise stands;
Nor all the powers of earth, or hell,
Can e'er dissolve the sacred bands.

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5 Here, O my soul, thy trust repose;
If Jesus is for ever mine,

Not death itself, that last of foes,
Shall break an union so divine.

61. The Light of his People. S—7.

The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light; they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined.-ISAIAH ix. 2.

LIGHT of those whose dreary dwel-

Borders on the shades of death,
Come, and by thy love's revealing,
Dissipate the clouds beneath!

The new heav'n and earth's creator,
In our deepest darkness rise!
Scatt'ring all the night of nature,
Pouring day-light on our eyes!
2 Still we wait for thine appearing :
Life and joy thy beams impart,
Chasing all our fears, and cheering

Ev'ry poor benighted heart:
Come and manifest the favour

GOD hath for our ransom'd race;
JESUS Come, exalted Saviour,
Manifest thy Gospel-grace!

3 Save us in thy great compassion,
O thou mild pacific prínce!
Give the knowledge of salvation,

Give the pardon of our sins!
By thine all-sufficient merit,

Ev'ry burden'd soul release;
Ev'ry weary, wand'ring spirit

Guide into thy perfect peace.

62. Melchisedec. C. M.

Whither the forerunner is for us entered, even JESUS, made an High Priest for ever, after the order of Melchisedec.-HEB. vi. 20.

JESU, Redeemer, dying Lamb!
We love to hear of thee;
No sound so charming as thy name,
Nor half so sweet can be!

20 may we ever hear thy voice,
In mercy to us speak!
And in our Priest shall we rejoice,
Thou great Melchisedec.

3 JESUS shall be our joyful theme,
While in this world we stay;
And still we'll sing his glorious name,
When all things else decay.

4 When we appear in yonder cloud With all his favour'd throng; Then will we sing more sweet, and loud,

And JESUS be our song.

63. Physician of Souls. L. M.

Is there no balm in Gilead, is there no Physician there? JER. viii. 22.

DEEP are the wounds which sin has made,

Where shall the sinner find a cure?
In vain, alas! is Nature's aid;
The work exceeds all Nature's pow'r.

2 Sin, like a raging fever reigns
With fatal strength in ev'ry part;
The dire contagion fills the veins,
And spreads its poison to the heart.


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