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534. The Rest of Heaven
For the Egyptians whom ye have
see them again no more for

WHEN we pass thro' yonder river:
When we reach the further shore
There's an end of war for ever; su se
We shall see our foes no more.
All our conflicts then shall cease,
Follow'd by eternal peace,

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OD. xiv. 13.
to-day, ye shall

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2 After warfare, rest is pleasant; b
O how sweet the prospect is!
Though we toil and strive at present,
Let us not repine at this:
Toil and pain, and conflict past,
All endear repose at last.

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3 [When we enter yonder regions.col!
When we touch the sacred shore:
Blessed thought! no hostile legions,
Can alarm or trouble more: heini
Far beyond the reach of foes,
"We shall dwell in sweet repose.]




5 [When the sight of war alarms us, Let us call to mind our friend:: us call to mind

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4 O that hope! how bright! how glorious! 'Tis his people's blest reward: 'I In the SAVIOUR's strength victorious, They at length behold their LORD; In his kingdom they shall rest: In his love be freely blest.


He who for the conflict arms us,
Will be with us to the end;

Tis enough, the war is his : UGOD our king and leader is.]

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535. The Redeemed in Glory. 8-7-7. These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the lamb, &c.-REV. vii. 14.

SEE how many thousands yonder,
On the SAVIOUR's glory gaze:
Fill'd with love, and joy, and wonder
While they celebrate his praise.
JESUS is their glorious theme:
Ev'ry eye is fix'd on him.

2 These are they whose foul offences Have been wash'd away with blood: Blood that by its virtue cleanses,

Flowing from the Lamb of GoD:
Therefore do they now appear,
Praising and rejoicing there.
3 They were brought through tribulation,
In their way to yonder place:
Now with joy and exultation,

They behold the SAVIOUR'S face:
They are sav'd from foes and fears;
Jesus wipes away their tears.

4 'Tis the Lamb himself that feeds them,
Theirs is heav'n's eternal store:
He to living fountains leads them

They shall thirst again no more:
Dwelling in the SAVIOUR's light,
They shall serve hin day and night.

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5 [Where they dwell, with full enjoyment There we hope, ere long to be: Praise his people's sweet employment Through a bright eternity:

While we still remain on earth,

Let us praise our heav'nly birth.]

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536. Saints come out of Tribulation. 7s.

REV. vii. 14, &c.

WHO are those array'd in white,
Brighter than the noon-day sun,
Foremost of the sons of light,

Nearest the eternal throne?
These are they that bore the cross,
Nobly for their master stood,
Sufferers in his righteous cause,

Followers of their dying GOD!

2 Out of great distress they came,

Wash'd their robes by faith below, In the blood of yonder lamb;


Blood that washes white as snow.
Therefore are they next the throne,

Serve their master day and night:
GOD resides among his own;

GOD doth in his saints delight. v

3 [More than conquerors at last,


Now they find their trials o'ers
They have all their sufferings past,
Hunger now, and thirst, no more:

No distressing heat they feel
Now from persecution's ray;
In a heavenly clime they dwell,
Region of eternal day.]

4 He that on the throne doth reign, Them the Lamb shall always feed ; With the tree of life sustain,

To the living fountains lead:
He shall all their sorrows chase,

All their wants at once remove,
Wipe the tears from every face,
Filling every soul with love!

537. Saints in Glory. L. M.
REV. vii. 14, &c.


Q. EXALTED high at God's right hand, Nearer the throne, than cherubs stand; With glory crown'd in white array, My wond'ring soul says, who are they? A. These are the saints belov'd of God, Wash'd are their robes in JESU's blood; More spotless than the purest white, They shine in uncreated light.

Q. Brighter than angels, lo, they shine! Their glories great and all divine; Tell me their origin, and say

Their order what, and whence came 12 they?


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A. Thro' tribulation great they came, They bore the cross, and scorn'd the shame; Within the living temple blest, In God they dwell, and on him rest. Q. And does the cross thus prove, their gain?

And shall they thus for ever reign, Seated on heavenly thrones, to praise The wonders of redeeming grace? A. Hunger they ne'er shall feel again, Nor burning thirst shall they sustain ; To wells of living water led, By God the Lamb for ever fed. Q. Unknown to mortal ears, they sing The secret glories of their King: Tell me the subject of their lays, And whence their loud exalted praise? A. JESUS the SAVIOUR is their theme; They sing the wonders of his name, To him ascribing pow'r and grace, Dominion, and eternal praise.

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538. The Glory of Christ displayed in Heaven. C. M.

That at the name of JESUS every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth.-PHIL. ii. 10.

O THE delight, the heavenly joys,
The glories of the place,
Where JESUSsheds the brightest beams
Of his o'erflowing grace!

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