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1 2 Sing we then, eternal love,

Such as did the Father move;
He beheld the world undone,

Lov'd the world, and gave his Son. 3 Sing the Son's amazing love;

How he left the realms above,
Took our nature and our place,

Liv'd and died to save our race. 4 Sing we too the Spirit's love;

With our wretched hearts he strove,
Brought salvation to our view,

And our souls to Jesus drew.
5 Sweet the place, exceeding sweet,

Where the saints in glory meet;
Where the Saviour's still the theme,
Where they see and sing of him!

481. Christian Meeting. L.M.

Then they that feared the LORD spake often one to ano

ther.-MAL. iii. 16.

WHY should believers when they meet,
Not speak of Christ, the king they own,
Who gives them hope that they shall sit

With him for ever on his throne ?
2 Is any other name so great
As his who bore the sinner's load!

airy subject half so sweet,
So various as the love of God?


3 ''Tis this that charms reluctant man,

That makes his opposition cease;
Beholding love's amazing plan,

He drops his arms and sues for peace.] 4 'Twas so with us, we once were foes,

Were foes to bim who gave us breath;
But he whose mercy freely flows,

Has sav'd us from eternal death, 5 We look with hope to that great day,

When Jesus will with clouds appear;
A sight of him will well repay

Our labours and our sorrows here. 6 Of him then let us speak and sing,

Whose glory we expect to share:
In heav'n we shall behold our King,
And yield a nobler tribute there.

482. Christian Meeting. L.M. Exhorting one another; and so much the more, as ye see

the day approaching.—HEB. X. 25. WHILE in the world we still remain, We meet, yet soon must part again; But when we reach that heav'nly shore,

We then shall meet to part no more. 2 The hope that we shall see that day

Should chase our present griefs away;
A few short years of confict past, I
We meet around the throne at last.

3. Then let us here improve our houts,& - Improve them to a $Aviour'sapraise ;

To him with zeal devote our pow'rs,

And run with joy in wisdom's ways. 4 [Let all our meetings now be made

Subservient to each other's good 37 A
For worldly joys must quickly fade,

Nor can they yield substantial food.] 5 Whene'er requir'd to part from those

With whom the truth unites us here,
We'll call to mind the joyful close,

When Christ, the Saviour, will appear. 6 Then shall his saints all meet again,

For so his word of promise says;
With him for ever to remain, ss.
And sing his everlasting praise. il

483. Christian Communion. D.M.

Nor foolish talking, nor jesting, which are not convenient

Eph. V. 4.
ENAMOUR’D of their golden dreams,
Let worldlings talk on worldly themes:
This sbould not be when Christians

meet: The world should lie beneath their feet. 2 And do they want a nobler theme,

Whom Jesus suffer'd to redeem
The love that bore the cross should
A shade on er'ry thing below.o [throw

3. The cross--its burden, O! how great : & "No strength but his could bear its ET W1 weight:

No dove but his would undertake a
To bear it for the sinner's sake.

4 [His saints can never want a theme:

How can they, when they think of him?
For love like his, so rich, so strong,

Is theme enough for endless song.] 5 Come then, and let us talk of him, Tuy

Who died, the sinner to redeem :.
The joyful theme we'll still pursue,
?Tis sweet, 'lis rich, 'tis ever new.
6 Let idle jests be far from us,

It suits us not to trifte thus :
We'll leave it to the sons of earth,
And meet for profit not for mirth.

pm 484. Christian Parting. 7s.

And now, brethren, I commend you to God, and to the

word of his grace, which is able to build you up, and to give you an inheritance among all them that are sancti. fied. -Acts xx. 32.

FOR a season call'd to part,

Let us now ourselves commend SriLeTo the gracious eye and heart * " Of our ever-present friend, DA A

2 Jesus, hear our humble prayer! 'I b

Tender shepherd of thy sheep !!!
Let thy mercy and thy care

All our souls in safety keep.
3 In thy strength may we be strong;

Sweeten every cross and pain :
Give us, if we live, ere long

In thy peace to meet again.
4 Then, if thou thy help afford,

Ebenezers shall be rear'd;
And our souls shall praise the LORD,
Who'our poor petitions heard.

485. Christian Union. C. M.

Be ye all of one mind, having compassion one of ano-,

ther; love as brethren. I PETER jji. 8. BLEST be the dear uniting love, !!!

That will not let us part;
Our bodies may far off remove,

We still are one in heart.
2 Join'd in one Spirit to our head,

Where he appoints we go;
And still in Jesu's footsteps tread,, ?

And show his praise below. 3 O may we ever walk in him! Het

And nothing know beside: 1...
Nothing desire, nothing esteeni, bet

But Jesus crucified !

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