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4 Rise from these earthly trifles, rise,
On wings of faith and love;
JESUS your choicest treasure reigns,
And be your hearts above.

5. But earth and sin will drag us down, When we attempt to fly;

Lord, send thy strong attractive grace
To raise us up on high.

298. A Soldier of Christ.


For it became him, for whom are all things, and by whom are all things, in bringing many sons unto glory, to make the captain of their salvation perfect through sufferings.-HEB. ii. 10.



ARISE, ye saints, arise ;
The Lord our leader is:

The foe before his banner flies:
For victory is his.

Behold! he leads the way:
We'll follow where he goes:
We cannot fail to win the day,
Since he subdues our foes.

[Lead on, Almighty Lord:
Lead on to victory:

Encourag'd by thy bright reward,

With joy we'll follow thee.

4 We'll follow thee, our guide, Our SAVIOUR, and our King:



We'll follow thee, through grace supplied

From heav'n's eternal spring.]

We hope to see the day

When all our toils shall cease:
When we shall cast our arms away,
And dwell in endless peace.

This hope supports us here;
It makes our burden light:

'Twill serve our drooping hearts to Till faith shall end in sight; [cheer,

7 Till, of the prize possess'd,

We hear of war no more;
And, O sweet thought! for ever rest
On yonder peaceful shore.

299 The Temple of God. 6—7—7.

Ye are the temple of the living GOD; as GOD hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them: and I will be their GOD, and they shall be my people.-2 COR. vi. 16.

SAVIOUR! and can it be,

That thou should'st dwell with me!
From thine high and lofty throne,
Throne of everlasting bliss,

Will thy majesty stoop down
To so mean an house as this?


I am not worthy, LORD,
So vile, and self-abhorr'd,
Thee, my GoD, to entertain
In this poor polluted heart;
Lo! I am a sinful man,

All my nature cries, "Depart!"

3 Yet come, thou heav'nly guest,
And purify my breast!

Come, thou great and glorious King!
While before thy cross I bow,
With thyself salvation bring,
Cleanse the house by ent'ring now!

300. Saved by Grace. 87-7.

I said unto thee, when thou wast in thy blood, live.EZEK. xvi. 6.

WHEN we lay in sin polluted,
Wretched and undone we were:
All we saw and heard was suited
Only to produce despair.
Ours appear'd a hopeless case:
Such it had been but for grace.

2 As we lay expos'd and friendless,
Needing what no hand could give,
Then the Lord(whose praise be endless),
Passed by and bid us live.

This was help in time of need:
This was boundless grace indeed.

3 [When he came, he found us guilty; We had broken all his laws: When he look'd, he saw us filthy:

All corrupt our nature was. Thus he saw our hopeless case: 'Twas a time to show his


4 Yes, 'twas grace beyond all measure,
When he bid such sinners live:
Laid aside such just displeasure,
And determin'd to forgive.
But he chose our hopeless case,
With a view to show his grace.]

5 And shall we be found forgetful,
Of the Lord who thus forgave?
Lord, our hearts are most deceitful;
"Tis in thee our strength we have:,
Should'st thou let thy people go,
They'd forget how much they owe,
6 From thy love let nothing sever;
Leave us not: but with thy strength
Keep, O SAVIOUR, keep us ever,
Till we see thy face at length:
Hold thy helpless people fast:
Save us, Lord, from first to last.

301. A Soldier of Christ. 8-7-4.

He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be this GOD, and he shall be my Son.-REV. xxi. 7. IF our warfare be laborious,

Soon the strife will reach a close: Rest is sweet, secure, and glorious, That from prosp'rous warfare flows: Doubly precious

After labour is repose.

2 [Once our choice was peace inglorious;
Then we yielded to our foes:
Warfare now, howe'er laborious,
We thro' grace have learnt to choose.
Glorious warfare!

Leading to secure repose,]

3 Are there many foes before us,
Standing to oppose our way?
Yet they shall not overpow'r us;
This with boldness we may say:

Keeps his people night and day.

4 [Are we blind and prone to error?
GOD Vouchsafes to be our guide:

Are we faint and full of terror?
He himself is on our side.

'Tis sufficient,

GOD our SAVIOUR will provide.]

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