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22. For his Mercy. L. M.

O praise the Lord, all ye nations. PSALM cxvii. I

FROM all, that dwell below the skies
Let the Creator's praise arise :
Let the Redeemer's name be sung
Through every land, by every tongue.
Eternal are thy mercies, Lord,
Eternal truth attends thy word:
Thy praise shall sound from shore to

Till suns shall rise and set no more.

23. For his Mercy. L. M. The Lord's mercies are new every morning: great is thy

faithfulness.-LAM. iii. 23.

MY GOD, how endless is thy love!

Thy gifts are every evening new; i And morning mercies, from above,

Gently distil, like early dew. 2 Thou spread'st the curtains of the night,

Great Guardian of my sleeping hours !
Thy sov'reign word restores the light,

And quickens all my drowsy powers. 3 I yield my powers to thy command,

To thee I consecrate my days;
Perpetual blessings from thine hand
Demand perpetual songs of praise.


24. For his Providence and Grace. L.M. Thy mercy, O Lord, is in the heavens; &c.-Psalu

xxxyi. 5 to 9. HIGH in the heav'ns, Eternal God, Thy goodness in full glory shines; Thy truth shall break thro'every cloud,

That veils and darkens thy designs. 2 For ever firm thy justice stands,

As mountains their foundations keep ; Wise are the wonders of thy bands;

Thy judgments are a mighty deep. 3 Thy providence, how kind and large!

Both man and beast thy bounty share; The whole creation is thy charge ;

But saints are thy peculiar care.
4 From the provisions of thy house

Our souls are fed with sweet repast;
There mercy like a river flows,

And brings salvation to our taste. 5 Life, like a fountain, rich and free,

Springs from the presence of the Lord; .
And in thy light our souls shall see
The glories promis'd in thy word !

25. For Redemption. 7s.
Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good

will towards men. LUKE ii. 14.
GLORY be to God on high,
God whose glory fills the sky;
Peace on earth, and man forgiv'n,

Man, the well-belov'd of heav'n.
2 Christ our Lord and God we own,

CHRIST the Father's only Son,
Lamb of God for sinners slain,

SAVIOUR of offending man.
3 Bow thine ear, in mercy bow,

Hear, the world's atonement thou ;.
Jesus, in thy name we pray,

Take, O take our sins away. 4 Pow'rful advocate with God

Justify us by thy blood;
Bow thine ear, in mercy bow,
Hear, the world's atonement thou.

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26. Salvation. 104th.

YE servants of God, your Master pro-

And publish abroad his wonderful name;
The name all-victorious' of JESUS extol;
His kingdom is glorious, he rules over


2 God ruleth on high, Almighty to save; And still he is nigh; his presence we

bave: With glad exultation, bis triumph we

sing, Ascribing salvation to Jesus our King. 3 Salvation to God, who sits on the throne,

Let all cry aloud, and honour the Son:
Our Jesus’spraises the angels proclaim;
Fall down on their faces, and worship

the Lamb. 4 Then let us adore, and give him his

right; All glory, and pow'r, and wisdom, and

might, All honour, and blessing, with angels

above; And thanks never ceasing, and infinite


27. Salvation. C.M.

And my soul shall be joyful in the Lord : it shall rejoice

in his salvation.—PSALM XXIV. 9.
SALVATION! O melodious sound

To wretched dying men!
Salvation that from God proceeds,

And leads to God again!


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2 But O! may a degen"rate soul,

Sinful and weak as mine,
Presume to raise a trembling eye

To blessings so divine !
3 The lustre of so bright a bliss

My feeble heart o'erbears;
And unbelief almost perverts

The promise into tears.
4 My Saviour-God, no voice but thine

These dying hopes can raise :
Speak thy Salvation to my soul,

And turn its tears to praise.
•5 My Saviour-God, this broken voice

Transported shall proclaim,
And call on all th' angelic harps

To sound so sweet a name.

28. Praise to the Trinity. 148th.

WE give immortal praise

To God the Father's love,
For all our comforts here,
And better hopes above:
He sent his own

Eternal Son,
To die for sins

That man had done.

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