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257. Desiring Holiness. L.M.

Search me, O GOD, and know my heart; try me, and know my thoughts; and see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.-PSALM cxxxix. 23, 24.

O THOU to whose all-searching sight The darkness shineth as the light, Search, prove my heart! it pants for thee:

O burst these bonds, and set it free!

2 Wash out its stains, refine its dross; Nail my affections to thy cross: Hallow each thought, that I like thee My Lord, may pure and holy be.

3 While in the darksome wild I stray, Be thou my light, be thou my way: No foes, no violence, I'd fear,

Nor snare, while thou, my God, art near. 4 When rising floods my soul o'erflow, When sinks my head in waves of woe, JESUS, thy timely aid impart, To raise my head, and cheer my heart. 5 SAVIOUR, Where'er thy steps I see, Fearless, untried, I'd follow thee: O let thine hand support me still, And lead me to thy holy hill!

6 If rough and thorny be my way,
My strength proportion to my day;
Till toil, and grief, and pain,shall cease,
Where all is rest, and joy, and peace.

258. Desiring Holiness. C.M.

Create in me a clean heart, O GOD; and renew a right spirit within me.-PSALM li. 10.

On thee, O GOD of purity,
I wait for hallowing grace;
None without holiness shall see
The glories of thy face.

2 But, as for me, with humble fear
I will approach thy gate;
Tho' most unworthy to draw near,
Or in thy courts to wait :

3 Trusting to thy sufficient grace, In JESUS freely giv'n,

I worship tow'rd thy holy place,
And lift mine eyes to heav'n.

4 Lead me in all thy righteous ways. Nor suffer me to slide;

Make plain my path before my face ; My GoD, be thou my guide!

5 JESUS, if thou withdraw thy hand, That moment sees me fall;

O may I ne'er on self depend,
But look to thee for all!

6 And still, when sin seems most subdu'd,
And most I feel thy grace,-
I'll fly for pardon to thy blood,
And plead thy righteousness.

259. Desiring Holiness. C.M.

Wherefore the law is holy; and the commandment holy, and just, and good.-ROM. vii. 12.

HOLY and good I own thy law,
And all its precepts right;
The sinner's soul it fills with awe,
The saint's with pure delight.

2 Its holiness my heart desires,
My failings I bemoan;
But the perfection it requires
1 find in CHRIST alone.

3 For this he liv'd, for this he died,
And took the curse away;
And thus the Law he magnified,
And taught us to obey.

JESUS the holy law fulfiil'd,

To be "our righteousness."
And we to him obedience yield,
Who is our life and peace.

5 His bright example shows the way,
His grace the power imparts:
His love constrains us to obey,
His law is in our hearts.

260. Desiring Holiness. 7s. Double.

Then will I sprinkle clean water upon you, and ye shall be clean; from all your filthiness, and from all your idols, will I cleanse you. A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and 1 will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you a heart of flesh.-EZEK. Xxxvi. 25, 26.

O MY Lord, what must I do?
Only thou the way canst show;
Thou canst save me in this hour,
I have neither will nor pow'r:
GOD, if over all thou art,
Greater than the sinful heart;
Let thy pow'r on me be shown,
"Take away the heart of stone."
2 Take away my darling sin,

Make me willing to be clean;
Make me willing to receive,
What thy goodness waits to give:
Teach me, Lord, with all to part,
Tear all idols from my heart;
Let thy pow'r on me be shown,
Take away the heart of stone.
3 JESUS, mighty to renew,

Work in me to will and do;
Turn my nature's rapid tide,
Stem the torrent of my pride,
Stop the whirlwind of my will,
Bid corruptions, Lord, be still;
Now thy love almighty show,
Cleanse my heart, my
mind renew.

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4 Arm of GOD, thy strength put on,
Bow the heav'ns, come quickly down;
All my unbelief o'erthrow,
Lay th' aspiring mountain low;
Conquer thy worst foe in me,
Get thyself the victory;
Save the vilest of the race,
Save me by almighty grace.

261. Desiring to be with Christ. 8—7—4.
Even so, come, Lord JESUS. REV. xxii. 20.
FLY, ye seasons, fly still faster:

Let the glorious day come on,
When we shall behold our master
Seated on his heav'nly throne.

When the SAVIOUR

Shall descend to claim his own.
2 What is earth, with all its treasures,
To the joy the Gospel brings?
Well may we resign its pleasures,
JESUS gives us better things.
All his people

Draw from heav'n's eternal springs.

3 But, if here we taste of pleasure,
What will heav'n itself afford?
There our joy will know no measure:
There we shall behold our Lord:

There his people

Shall obtain their bright reward.

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