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4 Bid the tempestuous rage of sin, With ev'ry furious passion die; Let the Redeemer dwell within,

And turn my sorrows into joy :
Oh, may my heart, by thee possess'd,
Know thee to be my promis'd rest.


Repentance. C.M.

O wretched man that I am! who shall deliver me from the body of this death? I thank GOD, through JESUS CHRIST Our Lord. ROM. vii. 24, 25.

JESUS! thy power I fain would feel;
Thy love is all I want:

O let thine ears consider well
The voice of my complaint!

2 Thou seest me yet a slave to sin,
And yet afar from GOD;
O purify and make me clean,
By thy redeeming blood!

3 O JESUS! undertake for me:
Thy peace to me be given!
For while I stand away from thee,
I stand away from heav'n!

4 I will not my offence conceal, I will not hide my sin;

But all my crimes with weeping tell,
And own how vile l've been.

5 Lord! will thy wrathful jealousy,
Like fire for ever burn?
And wilt thou not a succour be,
And comfort those that mourn ?

6 Reject not, Lord, my humble prayers;
Nor yet my soul destroy:
Hath not my SAVIOUR SOwn in tears,
That I might reap in joy?

185. Repentance. S.M.

I was alive without the law once: but when the commandment came, sin revived, and I died.-ROM. vii. 9.

My gracious injur'd Lord
To thee what shall I say?
Well may I tremble at thy word,.
And scarce presume to pray!

2 JESUS, well may I fear
E'en to implore thy grace,
So often falsely I've drawn near
Before thine holy face.


Nigh with my lips I drew;
My lips were all unclean :
Thee with my heart I never knew ;
My heart was full of sin:

4 [Far from the living Lord,
Without all hope of heav'n,
Thy holiness I still abhorr'd,

Nor look'd to be forgiven.
With all pollutions stain'd,
Thy hallow'd courts I trod;
Thy name, thy temple I profan'd,
And dar'd to call thee GOD!]


My sin and nakedness
I studied to disguise;
Spoke to my soul a flatt'ring peace,
And righteous seem'd, and wise.


But now, my soul alarm'd
And brought into distress,—
Subdued is the strong man arm'd
In his self-righteousness:


My mouth is stopp'd, and shame
Covers my guilty face;
I fall before th' atoning Lamb,
And ask renewing grace.



Holiness. C.M.

The law of the Spirit of life in CHRIST JESUS hath made me free from the law of sin and death.-ROM. viii. 2.

JESU, Redeemer, SAVIOUR, Lord,
The weary sinner's friend:
Come to my help, pronounce the word,
Bid my corruptions end.

2 Thou canst o'ercome this heart of mine,
Thou canst victorious prove;
For everlasting strength is thine,
And everlasting love.

3 Thy pow'rful Spirit can subdue Unconquerable sin;

Can cleanse my heart, and make it new, And write thy law within.

4 Bound down with twice ten thousand
Yet let me hear thy call; [ties,
My soul in confidence shall rise,
Shall rise and break through all.

5 Speak, and the deaf shall hear thy voice, The blind his sight receive,

The dumb in songs of praise rejoice,
The heart of stone believe.

6 The Ethiop then shall change his skin,
The dead shall feel thy pow'r;
The loathsome leper shall be clean,
And I shall sin abhor.

187. Humility. 7-6-8.

Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. MATTHEW Xi. 29.

LORD, I feel a carnal mind,

That hangs about me still,
Vainly though I strive to bind
My own rebellious will.
Is not haughtiness of heart
The gulph between my GoD and me?
Meek REDEEMER, now impart
Thine own humility.




Fain would I my Lord pursue,
Be all my SAVIOUR taught;
Do as JESUS bids me do,
And think as JESUS thought:
But 'tis thou must change my heart,
The perfect gift must come from thee;
Meek REDEEMER, now impart
Thine own humility.

Let thy Cross my will controul,
Conform me to my guide;
In thine image mould my soul,
And crucify my pride:

Give me, Lord, a contrite heart,
A heart that always looks to thee;
Meek REDEEMER, now impart
Thine own humility.

Tear away mine every boast,

My stubborn mind abase;
SAVIOUR! fix my only trust

In thy redeeming grace:
Give me a submissive heart,
From pride and self-dependence free;
Meek REDEEMER, now impart
Thine own humility!

188. Humility. 7s.

Be clothed with humility.-1 PETER V. 5.

LORD, if thou thy grace impart—--
Poor in spirit, meek in heart,

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