Jewish and Catholic Bioethics: An Ecumenical Dialogue

Edmund D. Pellegrino, A. I. Faden
Georgetown University Press, 1999 - 154 páginas
Acknowledgment p. ix Contributors p. xi Issues in Biomedical Ethics: Comparison of Jewish and Christian Perspectives Alan I. Faden p. xiii Section 1 Ethics as Philosophy p. 1 Spinoza and Judaism Tom L. Beauchamp, Ph. D. p. 3 Intellect (Reason) and Imagination p. 4 Mathematical Ideal p. 5 Ethical Orientation p. 5 The Role of the Imagination: Falsity and Fictions p. 7 Reason p. 7 God p. 7 Freedom and Determinism p. 8 Ethics p. 9 The Theologico-Political Treatise p. 9 Evaluation and Conclusion p. 11 Notes p. 12 Section 2 The Sanctity of Human Life p. 15 Jewish Reflections on Life and Death Decision Making Baruch A. Brody, Ph. D. p. 17 The Withdrawal of Life Support p. 18 The Cost of Life Support p. 21 Notes p. 24 Jewish Teaching on the Sanctity and Quality of Life Ronald M. Green, Ph. D. p. 25 Prenatal Decision Making p. 28 Decision Making at the end of Life p. 33 Notes p. 40 The Jewish Approach to Living and Dying Shimon Glick, M.D. p. 43 Notes p. 53 The Sanctity-of-Human-Life Doctrine David C. Thomasma, Ph. D. p. 54 The Sanctity-of-Human-Life Doctrine p. 54 The Jewish Tradition p. 54 The Christian Tradition p. 56 The Sanctity of Life and Bioethics p. 59 Vitalism p. 59 Consistent Ethic of Life p. 60 Respect for Human Life p. 62 The Value of Human Life p. 63 The Preservation of Life p. 64 The Doctrine Today p. 65 Antivitalism p. 65 Rationalism p. 66 Pluralism p. 67 Toward a Reconstruction p. 69 Conclusion p. 70 Notes p. 71 Section 3 Suffering and the Sufferer p. 75 The Meaning of Suffering: A Jewish Perspective Avraham Steinberg, M.D. p. 77 Definition of Terms p. 77 Scientific Background p. 77 Causes for Suffering p. 78 Suffering as Punishment and Atonement for Sin p. 78 Suffering Brings Man Closer to God and to Penitence p. 79 Suffering as a Vehicle to the World to Come p. 79 Suffering as a "Trial" p. 79 Attitudes Toward Suffering p. 80 Conclusions p. 81 Notes p. 81 The Meaning of Suffering? Rev. James Keenan, S.J., Ph. D. p. 83 Religious Response to Suffering p. 84 Listening p. 87 Voice p. 89 Directives for Health Care p. 91 Notes p. 93 Section 4 Healing and the Healer p. 97 The Imperative to Heal in Traditional Judaism Fred Rosner, M.D., F.A.C.P. p. 99 Introduction p. 99 The Physician's Imperative to Heal p. 99 The Patient's Obligation to Seek Healing p. 100 The Physician's Obligation to Heal Patients with Contagious Diseases p. 101 Conclusion p. 104 Notes p. 104 On the Interface of Religion and Medical Science: The Judeo-Biblical Perspective Rabbi Moshe Tendler, Ph. D. p. 106 Introduction p. 106 Limitations of Scientific Research p. 106 Biblical Ethics and Scientific Methodology p. 107 Applied Ethics p. 108 Infertility as an Illness p. 108 Pro-Choice or Pro-Life p. 108 Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) p. 108 Master of the DNA Molecule: is Knowledge an Absolute Good? p. 109 Notes p. 113 Healing and Being Healed: A Christian Perspective Edmund D. Pellegrino, M.D., M.A.C.P. p. 115 Introduction p. 115 Origins of the Christian Perspective p. 115 A Christian Philosophy of Healing p. 117 The Christian Perspective in Practice p. 121 Conclusion p. 124 Notes p. 125 A Catholic Christian Perspective on Early Human Development Rev. J.D. Cassidy, O.P., Ph. D. p. 127 "Imago DEI": Created in God's Image and Likeness p. 127 The Church and Modern Genetics p. 131 The Church and the Earliest Stages of the Human Cell Cycle p. 131 From Beginning of Life Research VS. The Technological Imperative p. 132 Consistent Human Rights and Responsibilities p. 132 Origin of Human Rights in Human Dignity p. 133 Concluding Religious Reflections p. 134 Dedication p. 135 Notes p. 135 Epilogue: Religion and Bioethical Discourse Edmund D. Pellegrino, M.D., M.A.C.P. p. 139 Notes p. 144.

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Edmund D. Pellegrino, MD, is the chairman of the President's Council on Bioethics, and professor emeritus of medicine and medical ethics, Center for Clinical Bioethics, Georgetown University Medical Center. He is the author of numerous books, including Helping and Healing: Religious Commitment in Health Care and The Christian Virtues in Medical Practice (both published by Georgetown University Press). Alan I. Faden, MD, is a professor of neuroscience, neurology, and pharmacology at the Georgetown University Medical Center. He is coauthor of Medical Harm: Historical, Conceptual and Ethical Dimensions of Iatrogenic Illness.

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