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tum; mihi ipfe non ignofcerem ; fi deeffem officio, quoties datur eo fungendi copia. Opportunitatem itaque lubentiffimè arripui tam commodè oftentatam, profitendi palàm, quantum Tibi debeam: exorandíque, ut, quamdiu me gratum præbeam clientem, benevolum Te experiar Patronum.

VALE, Vir Illuftriffime. Te fofpitet DEUS OPT. MAX. Faxit, ut fub Tuis aufpiciis noftra diu floreat Refpublica.

Ex muféolo. Londini clɔ. ɔсc. XLII-111 Cal. Feb.



Is to be difpofed of,

Complete Set of the Journals of the Houfe of Lords, from the Beginning to the End of the late King's Reign, finely bound, in 105 Volumes, Folio, carefully examined by the Originals.

New BOOKS, just Printed for T. OSBORNE

in Gray's-Inn.

The Four Books of

ANDREA PALLADIO's Architecture.


Herein, after a thort Treatife of the Five Orders, those Obfervations, that are most neceffary in building Private Houses, Streets, Bridges, Piazza's, Xisti, and Temples, are treated of.


Price Two Guineas bound.

A Curious Collection of Fifty Antient Paintings, accurately engrav'd from excellent Drawings, lately done after the Originals, by one of the beft Hands at ROME; with an Account Where and When they were found, and Where they now are, and feveral Critical, Hiftorical, and Mythological Obfervations upon them.


In One Volume, Folio.

Price One Pound Five Shillings, few'd in Boards.)


Price Two Guineas, gilt






York, Durbam, Carlisle, Chester, Man, Litchfield, Hertford, Worcester, Gloucester, Bristol Lincoln, Ely, Oxford, Peterborough, Canterbury, Rochester, London, Winchester, Chichefter, Norwich, Salisbury, Wells, Exeter, St. Davids, Landaff, Bangor, and St. Asaph.



N Hiftory of their Foundations, Builders, Antient Monuments, and Infcriptions; Endowments, Alienations, Sales of Land, Patronages. Dates of Confecration, Admiffion, Preferment, Deaths, Burials, and Epitaphs of the Bifhops, Deans, Precentors, Chancellors Treasurers, Subdeans, Archdeacons, and Prebendaries, in every Stall belonging to them. With an exact Account of all the Churches and Chapels in each Diocefe, distinguished under their proper Archdeaconries and Deanries; to what Saints dedicated, who Patrons of them, and to what Religious Houfes appropriated. The Whole extracted from numerous Collections out of the Registers of every particular See, old Wills, Records of the Tower, and Rolls Chapel; and illuftrated with Thirty-two curious Draughts of the Ichnographies, Uprights, and other Profpects of thefe Cathedrals, newly taken to rectify the erroneous Reprefentations of them in the Monafticon, and other Authors By Brewne Willis, Efq;

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O folicit a SUBSCRIPTION for a Catalogue of Books expofed to Sale, is an Attempt for which fome Apology cannot but be neceffary; for few would willingly contribute to the Expence of Volumes, by which neither Inftruction nor Entertainment could be afforded, from which only the Bookfeller could expect Advantage, and of which the only Ufe muft ceafe, at the Difperfion of the Library.

NOR could the Reasonableness of an univerfal Rejection of our Propofal be denied, if this Catalogue were to be compiled with no other View, than that of promoting the Sale of the Books which it enumerates, and drawn up with that Inaccuracy and Confufion which may be found in thofe that are daily pub


BUT our Defign, like our Propofal, is uncommon, and to be profecuted at a very uncommon Expence; it being intended, that the Books fhall be diftributed into their diftinct Claffes, and every Clafs ranged with fome Regard to the Age of the Writers; that every Book fhall be accurately defcribed; that the Peculiarities of Editions fhall be remarked, and Obfervations from the Authors of Literary Hiftory occafionally interfperfed, that, by this Catalogue, we may inform Pofterity, of the Excellence and Value of this great Collection, and promote the



Knowledge of fcarce Books, and elegant Editions. For this Purpose Men of Letters are engaged, who cannot even be fupe plied with Amanuenfes, but at an Expence above that of a common Catalogue.

To few that this Collection deferves a particular Degree of Regard from the Learned and the Studious, that it excels any Library that was ever yet offered to public Sale, in the Value as well as Number of the Volumes which it contains, and that therefore this Catalogue will not be of lefs Ufe to Men of Letters, than thofe of the Thuanian, Heinfian, or Barberinian Libraries, it may not be improper to exhibit a general Account of the different Claffes, as they are naturally divided by the feveral Sciences.

By this Method we can indeed exhibit only a general Idea, at once magnificent and confufed; an Idea of the Writings of many Nations, collected from diftant Parts of the World, difcovered fometimes by Chance, and fometimes by Curiofity, amidst the Rubbish of forfaken Monafteries, and the Repofitories of ancient Families, and brought hither from every Part, as to the univerfal Receptacle of Learning.

IT will be no unpleafing Effect of this Account, if those, that fhall happen to perufe it, fhould be inclined by it, to reflect on the Character of the late Proprietors, and to pay fome Tribute of Veneration to their Ardor for Literature, to that generous and exalted Curiofity which they gratified with inceffant Searches and immenfe Expence, and to which they dedicated that Time and that Superfluity of Fortune, which many others of their Rank employ in the Purfuit of contemptible Amufements, or the Gratification of guilty Paffions. And, furely, every Man, who confiders Learning as ornamental and advantageous to the Community, muft allow them the Honour of public Benefactors, who have introduced amongst us Authors not hitherto well known, and added to the Literary Treafures of their Native Country.

THAT Our Catalogue will excite any other Man to emulate the Collectors of this Library, to prefer Books and Manufcripts to Equipage and Luxury, and to forfake Noife and Diverfion for the Converfation of the Learned, and the Satisfaction of extenfive Knowledge, we are very far from prefuming to hope, but fhall make no Scruple to affert, that, if any Man fhould happen to be feized with fuch laudable Ambition, he may find in this Catalogue Hints and Informations which are not eafily to be met with; he will discover, that the boafted Bodleian Library is very far from a perfect Model, and that even the learned Fabricius cannot compleatly inftruct him in the carly Editions of the Claffic Writers.


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