Harvard University Bulletin, Volumen 7

Library of Harvard University, 1894

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Página 260 - Home, Robert. A Brief Description | of | The Province | of | Carolina | On the Coasts of Floreda. | And | more particularly of a New-Plantation | begun by the English at Cape Feare, ] on that River now by them called Charles-River, | the 29th of May, 1664. | etc. . . . | Together with | a most accurate MAP of the whole Province.
Página 228 - [Sanders, Daniel Clarke.] A history of the Indian wars with the first settlers of the United States to the commencement of the late war; together with an appendix, containing interesting accounts of the battles fought
Página 159 - The ruined cities of Mashonaland, being a record of excavation and exploration in 1891 ; with a chapter on the orientation and mensuration of the temples by BMW Swan. London,
Página 252 - Fanning (a Tory in the Revolutionary war with Great Britain) : giving an account of his adventures in North Carolina from 1775 to 1783, as written by himself. With an introduction and explanatory notes. New York : Reprinted for Joseph Sabin. 1865. 4°,
Página 205 - Addis, William E., and Arnold, Thomas. A catholic dictionary, containing some account of the doctrine, discipline, rites, ceremonies, councils, and religious orders of the catholic church. [4th] ed.,
Página 6 - Heilprin, Louis. The historical reference book; comprising a chronological table of universal history, a chronological dictionary of universal history, a biographical dictionary ; with geographical notes. 3d ed., revised. New York. 1892. 8°.
Página 180 - LOWELL. Legacy of $20,000 by John Amory Lowell, of whose income three-quarters shall be spent for books and one quarter be added to the principal.
Página 232 - Drake, Charles Daniel. A treatise on the law of suits by attachment in the United States. 7th ed., revised, corrected, and enlarged, with an appendix, containing the leading statutory provisions of the several states and territories
Página 235 - The practice on the crown side of the queen's bench division of Her Majesty's high court of justice (founded on Corner's Crown office practice), including appeals from inferior courts, with appendices of rules and forms.
Página 151 - Rush Shippen. Age of the domestic animals ; being a complete treatise on the dentition of the horse, ox, sheep, hog, and dog, and on the various other means of determining the age of these animals. Philadelphia,

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