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Virgil andThomson, comparison of, 9, 118 Villain, original signification of the word,

43 Versatility of disposition incompatible

with scientific and literary attainments,


Subterranean forest, observations on, 298

Sisters, the, a true tale, 315
Stoke Hall, descriptive sketch-of, 345
SortesVirgilianse, remarkable instance of

the, 385 Sonnet, 389

to Laura, 390

Stolen goods, singular discovery of, 415
Simond'sjournal, review of, 320,398,478
Scenery at Whitby, 240'
Smoking, on the practice of, 457
Sheffield, account of, 423

Tarlary, 42

Timber, on the strength of, 104

Turnips, on the culture of, 135

Tea, the Cup of, 140

Tiffany, Mr. murder of, 168

Tottenham, murder and snicide at, 249

Titian, anecdote of, 379

Turner, Mr. killed by lightning, 415

Thornton, Abraham, tried for murder, 438

Tongues, on the miraculous gift of, 445

Turkish finesse, 449

Wedding-rings, antiquity of the use of,

206 Witnesses, protection of, 333 Woollen manufactory, state of, 334 Winchester College, disturbance at, 413 Wellington, Duke of, comparative character of, 320 William the Conqueror, Burke's character of, 451

Yarn, improvement in the manufacture

of, 403
York new bridge, 73

assizes, 251

Young's history of Whitby, review of,

156, 239
Yorkshire society, 412
Youle, Mr. Joseph, memoir of, 460

Csnry laws, observations on, 368

In page 428, line 16,/or began read begun.
In page 428, line 22,/or secured read sacred.



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