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and human destiny, with the savage triumph of implacable enemies, with the inconstancy, the ingratitude, the cowardice of friends, with all the miseries of fallen greatness and of blighted fame. Thither have been carried, through successive ages, by the rude hands of gaolers, without one mourner following, the bleeding relics of men who had been the captains of armies, the leaders of parties, the oracles of senates, and the ornaments of courts. Thither was borne, before the window where Jane Grey was praying, the mangled corpse of Guilford Dudley. Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset, and Protector of the realm, reposes there by the brother whom he murdered. There has mouldered away the headless trunk of John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester and Cardinal of Saint Vitalis, a man worthy to have lived in a better age, and to have died in a better cause. There are laid John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland, Lord High Admiral, and Thomas Cromwell, Earl of Essex, Lord High Treasurer. There, too, is another Essex, on whom nature and fortune had lavished all their bounties in vain, and whom valour, grace, genius, royal favour, popular applause, conducted to an early and ignominious doom. Not far off sleep two chiefs of the great house of Howard, Thomas, fourth Duke of Norfolk, and Philip, eleventh Earl of Arundel. Here and there, among the thick graves of unquiet and aspiring statesmen, lie more delicate sufferers; Margaret of Salisbury, the last of the proud name of Plantagenet, and those two fair queens who perished by the jealous rage of Henry. Such was the dust with which the dust of Monmouth mingled.







Many Books in this Catalogue bave lately been much reduced in Price.

LEXICONS, GRAMMARS, &c. A Greek-English Lexicon, by Henry George Liddell, D.D.,

and Robert Scott, D.D. Fifth Edition, 1861. crown 4to. cloth,

Il. IIs. 6d. A Greek-English Lexicon, abridged from the above, chiefly

for the use of Schools. Twelfth Edition, 1867. square 12mo. cloth,

7s. 6d. A copious Greek-English Vocabulary, compiled from the

best authorities. 1850. 24mo. bound, 3s. Graecae Grammaticae Rudimenta in usum Scholarum. Auctore

Carolo Wordsworth, D.C.L. Sixteenth Edition, 1867. 12mo. bound, 4s. A Greek Primer, in English, by the Right Rev. Charles Words

worth, D.C.L., Bishop of St. Andrews, etc. Preparing. A Practical Introduction to Greek Accentuation, by H. W.

Chandler, M.A. 1862. 8vo. cloth, ios. 6d. Etymologicon Magnum. Ad Codd. MSS. recensuit et notis

variorum instruxit Thomas Gaisford, S.T.P. 1848. fol. cloth, il. 125. Suidae Lexicon Ad Codd. MSS. recensuit Thomas Gaisford,

S.T.P. Tomi III. 1834. fol. cloth. Price reduced from 31. 12. to 21. 25.

Scheller's Lexicon of the Latin Tongue, with the German ex

planations translated into English by J. E. Riddle, M.A. 1835. fol.

cloth, il. is. Scriptores Rei Metricae. Edidit Thomas Gaisford, S.T.P. Tomi III. 8vo. cloth. Price reduced from Il. 1os. to 155.

Sold separately:
Hephaestion, Terentianus Maurus, Proclus, cum annotationibus, etc.

Tomi II. 1855. 8vo. clotb. Price reduced from il. 55. to IOS.

Scriptores Latini. 1837. 8vo. clotb, 5s. Thesaurus Syriacus : collegerunt Quatremère, Bernstein, Lorsbach, Arnoldi, Field : edidit R. Payne Smith, S.T.P.R.

Fasciculus I. 1868. sm. fol. il. Is.

Fasciculus II. In the Press. Lexicon Aegyptiaco-Latinum ex veteribus Linguae Aegyp

tiacae Monumentis, etc., cum Indice Vocum Latinarum ab H. Tattam,

A.M. 1835. 8vo. cloth. Price reduced from Il. ros. 60. to 155. A Practical Grammar of the Sanskrit Language, arranged

with reference to the Classical Languages of Europe, for the use of English Students, by Monier Williams, M.A. Third Edition, 1864.

8vo. cloth, 155. Nalopákhyánam, Story of Nala, an Episode of the Mahá.

Bhárata : the Sanskrit text, with a copious Vocabulary, Grammatical
Analysis, and Introduction, by Monier Williams, M.A. The Metrical

Translation by the Very Rev. H. H. Milman, D.D. 1860. 8vo. cloth, 155. A Sanskrit-English Dictionary, by Monier Williams, M.A.,

Boden Professor of Sanskrit. In the Press. An Anglo-Saxon Dictionary, by Joseph Bosworth, D.D., Pro

fessor of Anglo-Saxon, Oxford. New edition. Preparing. An Icelandic-English Dictionary. By the late R. Cleasby.

Enlarged and completed by G. Vigfússon. Part I. 1869. 4to.

il. Is. A Handbook of the Chinese Language. Parts I and II,

Grammar and Chrestomathy. By James Summers. 1863. 8vo, balf

bound, il. 8s. Cornish Drama (The Ancient). Edited and translated by E.

Norris, Esq., with a Sketch of Cornish Grammar, an Ancient Cornish
Vocabulary, etc. 2 vols. 1859. 8vo. cloth, il. Is.

The Sketch of Cornish Grammar separately, stitched, 2s. 6d.

GREEK AND LATIN CLASSICS. Aeschylus: Tragoediae et Fragmenta, ex recensione Guil. • Dindorfii. Second Edition, 1851. 8vo. cloth, 55. 6d. Aeschylus : Annotationes Guil. Dindorfii. Partes II. 1841.

8vo. cloth, ios. Aeschylus : Scholia Graeca, ex Codicibus aucta et emendata a

Guil. Dindorfio. 1851. 8vo. cloth, 5s. Sophocles : Tragoediae et Fragmenta, ex recensione et cum

commentariis Guil. Dindorfii. Third Edition, 2 vols. 1860. fcap. 8vo.
cloth, il. Is.

Each Play separately, limp, 2s. 6d.
The Text alone, printed on writing paper, with large

margin, royal 16mo, clotb, 8s.
The Text alone, square 16mo. cloth, 35.6d.

Each Play separately, limp, 6d.
Sophocles : Tragoediae et Fragmenta cum Annotatt. Guil.
Dindorfii. Tomi II. 1849. 8vo. cloth, ios.

The Text, Vol. I. 55. 6d. The Notes, Vol. II. 48. 6d. Sophocles : Scholia Graeca :

Vol. I. ed. P. Elmsley, A.M. 1825. 8vo. cloth, 4s. 6d.

Vol. II. ed. Guil. Dindorfius. 1852. 8vo. cloth, 4s. 6d. Euripides : Tragoediae et Fragmenta, ex recensione Guil. Din

dorfii. Tomi II. 1834. 8vo. cloth, ios. Euripides : Annotationes Guil. Dindorfii. Partes II, 1840.

cloth, 1os. Euripides : Scholia Graeca, ex Codicibus aucta et emendata a

Guil. Dindorfio. Tomi IV. 1863. 8vo. clotb, il. 16s. Euripides : Alcestis, ex recensione Guil. Dindorfii. 1834. 8vo.

sewed, 2s. 6d. Aristophanes: Comoediae et Fragmenta, ex recensione Guil.

Dindorfii. Tomi II. 1835. 8vo. cloth, 11s. Aristophanes: Annotationes Guil. Dindorfii. Partes II. 1837.

8vo. cloth, iis. Aristophanes : Scholia Graeca, ex Codicibus aucta et emendata

a Guil. Dindorfio. Partes III. 1839. 8vo. cloth, il. Aristophanem, Index in: J. Caravellae. 1822. 8vo. cloth, 35.

Metra Aeschyli Sophoclis Euripidis et Aristophanis. De

scripta a Guil. Dindorfio. Accedit Chronologia Scenica. 1842. 8vo.

clotb, 5s. Anecdota Graeca Oxoniensia. Edidit J. A. Cramer, S.T.P.

Tomi IV. 1834-1837. 8vo. cloth, 1l. 2s. Anecdota Graeca e Codd. MSS. Bibliothecae Regiae Parisien

sis. Edidit J. A. Cramer, S.T.P. Tomi IV. 1839-1841. 8vo. cloth,

Il. 25. Apsinis et Longini Rhetorica. E Codicibus MSS. recensuit

Joh. Bakius. 1849. 8vo. cloth, 35. Aristoteles ; ex recensione Immanuelis Bekkeri. Accedunt Indices Sylburgiani. Tomi XI. 1837. 8vo. clotb, al. 10s.

Each volume separately, 5s. 6d. Catulli Veronensis Liber. Recognovit, apparatum criticum

prolegomena appendices addidit, Robinson Ellis, A.M. 1867. 8vo.

clotb, 16s. Choerobosci Dictata in Theodosii Canones, necnon Epimerismi

in Psalmos. E Codicibus MSS. edidit Thomas Gaisford, S.T.P. Tomi

III. 1842. 8vo. clotb, 155. Demosthenes : ex recensione Guil. Dindorfii. Tomi I. II. III.

IV. 1846, 8vo. cloth. Price reduced from 21. 25. to Il. is. Demosthenes : Tomi V. VI. VII. Annotationes Interpretum.

1849. 8vo. cloth. Price reduced from Il. 16s. to 155. Demosthenes: Tomi VIII. IX. Scholia. 1851. 8vo. cloth.

Price reduced from 155. to Ios. Harpocrationis Lexicon, ex recensione G. Dindorfii. Tomi

II. 1854. 8vo. cloth. Price reduced from 1l. is. to Ios. 6d. Herculanensium Voluminum Partes II. 1824, 1825. 8vo.

cloth. Price reduced from il. 55. to los. Homerus : Ilias, cum brevi Annotatione C. G. Heynii. Acce

dunt Scholia minora. Tomi II. 1834. 8vo. cloth, 155. Homerus: Ilias, ex rec. Guil. Dindorfii. 1856. 8vo. cloth, 5s.6d. Homerus: Odyssea, ex rec. Guil. Dindorfii. 1855. 8vo. cloth,

55. 6d. Homerus : Scholia Graeca in Odysseam. Edidit Guil. Dindorfius.

Tomi II. 1855. 8vo. cloth, 15s. 6d.
Homerum, Index in : Seberi. 1780. 8vo. cloth, 6s. 6d.

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