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- 1918

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WAL, you see I am as good as my word. I told you that I would put my first volume through the press, and I've done it, in good style, I guess. And I mean to begin another-right off the reel. Nothing on airth puts a feller to his stumps like undertakin' to write a Book, only it come kinder nateral to me, as I an't a feller of the common chop, not by no means, I calkelate.

Sez I to myself, when I began this volume, “ If this don't take the rag off the bush, I'll be 'tarnally whipped for a fool.” And I guess I won't be whipped. No, sir-ree. For if I haven't cracked the best jokes, and told the best stories, I'll go hide my head under a cabbage-leaf, feeling awful streaked. But knowing what I have done, and how well I have done it, I feel terrible harnsome, I tell yeou.

Now, I feel pretty tall, jest about these ere times, I swanny, to see this ere volume in print, and bound up so nicely, and folks say—“Why, Jonathan, is all this your wit ? ” So that I feel all run to head like a seed onion. And Jemimer is kinder puzzled about it. Sez shę

“What makes people talk about you so ?”
“Gal!” sez I, "you don't know anything about it, I'm a literary genius!'

“A What ?" seż she, and then she bust out a larfin'. I swow, she looked dreadful pooty, though she was so provokin'.

sez I, “ or the dorg'll riz his back at yer, for he feels kinder riled to see you so tarnal impudent."

“Wal," sez she, “if you’re a literary genius, I never seed one afore, and I didn't know what the animal was like."

I could have got all-fired wrathy with her, if I hadn't seen that she was eenamost larfin' with joy at my success, and that she only said what she did to plague me.

“Come and give me a kiss, gal!” I cried out—and she gave me such a smack, 'twas like a cannon on Independence Day.

"Don't make such a coot of yourself," sez she, “jest as if I warn't as glad as you can be."

And I swow, the dorg came dancing round us, for all the world like one o' : them gals at Niblo's.

Wal, I shall cut slick away at my second volume, and if Jemimer should have gone to nussing by that time, we shall have awful fun with the ba I shall have more picters, and better ones; and more jokes, that will set you all a larfin, so that you will have to call in your neighbors to stop you, and then they'll have to laugh too, and I don't know what'll come of it, for I shall be so terrible funny, there'll be no stopping me. Though my first volume is as good as butter, it'll be nothing to my second one—not a priming. I shall have such a hull grist o' good things in it, as was never seed afore. I swan to man, if I don't whip all creation, London Punch, and all on 'em. .

Wal, reader, I kinder think we part very good friends, don't we?

Here's wishin' you a happy New Year, when it comes along. Jest imagine that I am standin' up parpendickerler, and a bowin' to you like a corn-stalk in a hurricane. And so, good bye, till I get another grip of your hand.

Jonathan, overpowered by his exertions of the "Preface,” is carried off, still faintly expressing his sentiments, amid showers of bouquets and thunders of applause.

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