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Important Xllustrated Volumes-Continued.

Bards and Blossoms; or, the Poetry, History, and

Associations of Flowers. With Eight Floral Plates, Illuminated in Gold and Colours. By F, E. HULME, F.L.S., F.S.A., Marlborough College. Small quarto, cloth elegant, gilt edges.

10/6 “The selections have been made with discrimination, and they are interwoven with the general description in such a manner as to make the perusal of the work a profit and a delight."-Court Journal. Windsor Castle, and the Water-way Thither. The Thames

from Putney to Windsor. Described by W. H. DAVENPORT ADAMS, Author of “The Arctic World,” &c., and Illustrated by Twelve Chromo-lithographs after F. JONES, and Seventy-four Illustrations by R. T. PRITCHETT, F.S.A. Quarto, cloth extra.

8/6 “One of the loveliest gift-books of the season. There are seventy-four illustrations by R. T. Pritchett, and twelve water-colour sketches after F. Jones. With regard to the latter, we may say at once that they are noble specimens of chromo-lithography; indeed, Messrs. Marcus Ward & Co, seem to enjoy an almost unique reputation for their skill in adapting the highest forms of this process to book illustration. The wood. cuts are executed with great breadth of feeling, and are richly suggestive of colour. The descriptive portion of the work is simply and smoothly written; in fact, anybody can read it without experiencing even one momentary sensation of weariness. Messrs. Marcus Ward & Co. may well be proud of the manner in which they have paid their tribute of homage to the grandest of English rivers, and presented us with pen and ink as well as pencilled pictures of scenery dear to every poetic English heart."-Daily Telegraph. The Black Crusoe. From the French of ALFRED SEGUIN. With

Seventy Illustrations engraved on Wood by M. MEAULLE, from Designs by MŇ. H. SCOTT, MEYER, FERDINANDUS, &c. Royal octavo, cloth extra, gilt edges.

8/One of the handsomest and most attractive volumes ever turned out of the splendid press of Messrs. Marcus Ward & Co.”—Sunday Times.

The large elegant volume will form a desirable gift-book for many. -Nonconformist. The Quiver of Love : a Collection of Valentines, Ancient

and Modern. With Full-page Illustrations in Gold and Colours, by WALTER CRANE and KATE GREENAWAY. Small quarto, cloth extra, gilt edges.

7/6 “Look at it as we may, the book is a marvel, and its cheapness is not its least noticeable feature."--Morning Advertiser. Some Account of the Great Buildings of London-Historical

and Descriptive. By N. D'ANVERS. With 13 Autotype Illustrations, by F. YORK. Quarto, cloth extra.

6/At Home. A Fine Art Picture-book, with Pictures for those

who cannot read, and Verses, in addition, for those who can. Illus. trated by J. G. SOWERBY, decorated by THOMAS CRANE.

Quarto cloth back, paper boards, yellow edges.

5/The Following of the Flowers; or, Musings in my Flower

Garden. Illustrated with Six Coloured Plates of Flowers. Small octavo, cloth extra.

2/Ditto, Gilt edges.

2/6 “A delightful little book about flowers and flower gardens. The gossip is delightful -a mixture of suggestive prose and poetry, with excerpts from old masters on the beauty of flowers and their teachings."-Scotsman.


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