The British wine-maker, and domestic brewer

Oliver & Boyd, 1835

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Página 73 - ... or materially compressing the skins. Four gallons of water are then to be poured into the vessel, and the contents are to be carefully stirred and squeezed in the hand, until the whole of the juice and pulp are separated from the solid matters.
Página 171 - In such esteem was it held, that one of the old Welsh laws ran thus : " There are three things in the court which must be communicated to the king before they are made known to any other person : — 1st, Every sentence of the judge. 2d, Every new song. 3d, Every cask of Mead.
Página 202 - ... bruise the seeds and spices, and put them together with the liquorice into the still, with eleven gallons of proof spirits, and two gallons of water ; distil with a pretty brisk fire till the feints begin to rise.
Página 10 - England, sherry of the brown kind, and of low price, when imported, is mingled with Cape wine and cheap brandy, the washings of brandy casks, sugar candy, bitter almonds, and similar preparations, while the colour, if too great for pale sherry, is taken out by the addition of a small quantity of lamb's blood, and then passed off for the best sherry by one class of wine sellers and advertisers. The softness of good sherry is closely imitated.
Página 74 - Farenheit's thermometer. Here it .may remain for twenty-four hours or two days, according to the symptoms of fermentation which it may show, and from this tub it is to be drawn off into the cask in which it is to ferment ; when in the cask it must be filled nearly to the bung-hole, that the scum which arises may be thrown out.
Página 5 - England is so coarse and such a medley of ill-flavored heterogeneous vine produce, bad Portuguese brandy, and other matters, that any ingenious person may increase one pipe to three by the addition of inexcusable articles without any fear of injury to the stomach of the consumer, or to the appearance of the wine happening.
Página 76 - In the former case it may be manufactured the following season, by adding to it that proportion of juice from fresh fruit which the operator's judgment may dictate, and renewing the fermentation and subsequent treatment as before. In the latter case, as its briskness can never be restored, it must be treated as dry wine by decanting into a sulphured cask, when it must be fined and bottled in the usual manner.
Página 8 - Directors, in which the most infamous receipts imaginable are laid down to swindle their customers. The various docks on the Thames do not secure purchasers from the malpractices of dishonest dealers ; in this many are deceived. It has been naturally, yet erroneously, imagined that wine purchased in the docks must be a pure article. Malaga sherry is constantly shipped to England for the real sherry...
Página 127 - Gooseberries, especially the largest, rich flavoured, may be used in the mixture to great advantage. But it has been found the best way to prepare them separately; by more powerful bruising or pounding, so as to form the proper consistence in pulp...
Página 88 - When even but halfgrown, and perfectly hard, they succeed completely. It is evident that wines made on this principle will be more expensive than when made from ripe grapes, as a sufficient quantity of sugar must be used to compensate for the deficiency of the natural sugar of the grape. But even then they are no more costly than currant or gooseberry wines, while at the same time their superiority is beyond all comparison. The hardest grapes will produce a wine of the strength of white Hermitage,...

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