Internationale Bibliographie der Kunstwissenschaft, Volumen 4

Kraus Reprint, 1908

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Página 2 - The Poetry of Architecture; or the Architecture of the Nations of Europe, considered in its association with Natural Scenery and National Character.
Página 4 - Ornaments and its applications. A book for students treating in a practical way of the relation of design to material, tools and methods of work. London, Batsford. In.8°.
Página 173 - Mme. L. de, Le Poinct de France et les Centres dentelliers au XVII. et au XVIII. siècles. Paris, Laveur. ‘05. 8°. XXXVI, 395 p. avec
Página 151 - RA, Printing at Brescia in the fifteenth century. A list of the issues. London, William
Página 351 - [6283 — : —, Exhibition of Pictures of the School of Siena and examples of the Minor Arts of that city.
Página 325 - Bonn, M. Lempertz. 5 M. [5847 Edinburg : The National Gallery of Scotland. With a preface by His Grace the Duke of
Página 329 - Catalogue of Pictures forming the Collection of Lord and Lady Wantage at Onslow Gardens, (%) and Lockinge House,
Página 171 - D., The Oriental Rug. A Monograph on Eastern Rugs and Carpets, Saddle-Bags, Mats & Pillows. M.
Página 205 - coin-, gem- and sealengravers, mint-masters etc., ancient and modern, with references to their works
Página 76 - Brownell, W C., French art., classic and contemporary painting and sculpture. New ed. New York, Scribner. ‘05.

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