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Thy punishment involves thy numerous race, 225
“ Who for thy fault shall share in thy disgrace.”
Her incantation magic juices aid,
With sprinkling drops she bath'd the pendent maid,
And thus the charm its noxious power display’d.
Like leaves in autumn drop her falling hairs, 230
With these her nose, and next her rising ears.
Her head to the minutest substance shrunk,
The potent juice contracts her changing trunk;
Close to her fides her sender fingers clung,
There chang'd to nimble feet in order hung; 235
Her bloated belly swells to larger size,
Which now with smallest threads her work supplies;
The Virgin in the Spider still remains ;
And in that shape her former art retains.

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URAL Sports. A Georgic. To Mr. Pope.
Canto I.

Page 1
Canto II.

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The Fan. Book I.

19 Book II.

28 Book III.

35 The SHEPHERD'S WEEK, in Six Pastorals. The Proeme.

45 Prologue. To Lord Bolingbroke.

51 Monday: or, The Squabble.

55 Tuesday: or, The Ditty.

62 Wednesday : or, The Dumps.

66 Thursday : or, The Spell.

73 Friday : or, The Dirge.

79 Saturday : or, The Flights.

86 Index to the Shepherd's Week.

92 TRIVIA, Book J.

99 Book II.

189 Book III.

130 Index to Trivia.


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