Bulletin of the Rosenberg Library, Números 1-25

The Library, 1910
Includes the library's annual reports for 1909-

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Página 303 - Every good book, or piece of book, is full of admiration and awe ; it may contain firm assertion, or stern satire, but it never sneers coldly, nor asserts haughtily, and it always leads you to reverence or love something with your whole
Página 241 - Lure of the antique; being a book of ready reference for collectors of old furniture, china, mirrors, candlesticks, silverware, pewter, glassware, copper utensils, clocks, and other household furnishings of our American forefathers, and a handy guide for the determination of age, style, maker, genuineness, and value, illustrated with one hundred and fifty-nine photographs.
Página 341 - Christopher, (pseud, of Mrs. Marian Andrews). Courts & camps of the Italian renaissance; being a mirror of the life and times of the ideal gentleman Count Baldassare Castiglione derived largely from his own letters and other contemporary sources, to which is added an epitome of his famous work "The book of the courtier,
Página 51 - of the first order, like the English Bible or Shakspere, or to two or three books of the second order, like Homer, Virgil, Milton, or Bacon—will in thirty years make all the difference between a cultivated and an uncultivated man, between a man mentally rich and a man mentally poor."—Charles William Eliot.
Página 82 - Code of Hammurabi, king of Babylon about 2250 BC Autographed text, transliteration, translation, glossary, index of subjects, lists of proper names, signs, numerals, corrections and erasures, with map, frontispiece, and photograph of text, by RF Harper. 1904.
Página 93 - Malory, Sir Thomas. Boy's King Arthur; being Sir Thomas Malory's history of King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table; ed. for boys with an introduction by Sidney Lanier.
Página 215 - Hammond's commercial and library atlas of the world containing a new series of maps, based upon official surveys, with ready reference marginal indices together with a new postal and shipping guide of the United States and a new descriptive gazetteer of the cities of the world, also a new atlas of American cities.
Página 97 - good and lovely and true, having the best description of a noble child in it (Winnie) that I ever read; and nearly the best description of the next best thing—a noble dog-
Página 172 - Elementary electrical calculations; a manual of simple engineering mathematics, covering the whole field of direct current calculations, the basis of alternating current mathematics, networks and typical cases of circuits; with appendices on special subjects. 1909.
Página 215 - World atlas of Christian missions; containing a directory of missionary societies, a classified summary of statistics, an index of mission stations throughout the world; ed. by JS Dennis, HP Beach, CH Fahs; maps by JG Bartholomew.

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