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American Library Association Publishing Board, 1912

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Página 14 - American industrial society; ed. by John R. Commons, Ulrich B. Phillips, Eugene A. Gilmore, Helen L. Sumner, and John B. Andrews. Prepared under the auspices of the American bureau of industrial research, with the co-operation of the Carnegie institution of Washington. With preface by Richard T. Ely and introduction by John B. Clark.
Página 185 - An Act to provide for Insurance against Loss of Health and for the Prevention and Cure of Sickness, and for Insurance against Unemployment, and for purposes incidental thereto.
Página 119 - In short, there is every reason to believe that the negro, when given facility and opportunity, will be perfectly able to fulfil the duties of citizenship as well as his white neighbor. It may be that he will not produce as many great men as the white race, and that his average achievement will not quite reach the level of the average achievement of the white race ; but there will be endless numbers who will be able to...
Página 76 - Making, therefore, a reduction of one-fifth, it appears that half of the adult males of the United States are earning less than $500 a year; that three-quarters of them are earning less than $600 annually; that nine-tenths are receiving less than $800 a year; while less than ten per cent, receive more than that figure.
Página 42 - lost dauphin," Louis XVII, was spirited away to America and an unknown child left to die in his stead is followed in this pathetic but stirring and well told story of the Reign of Terror.
Página 47 - US National monetary commission. . . . Notes on the postal savings-bank systems of the leading countries.
Página 129 - The United States cannot engage in any form of competition with us, from athletics to diplomacy, without using foul play. They must win, if not by fair skill, then by prearranged trickery or violence; if not by open negotiation, then by garbled maps and forged documents. There is the fact. It may be unpleasant but it cannot be denied.
Página 41 - A comprehensive compilation of practical, clear and detailed information on all phases of camp life, mountaineering. Boy Scouts, open-air life for girls, caravaning, fishing, hut and tent building, and the organization and conduct of large camps. Sufficiently comprehensive to serve as a manual for camp directors. Well and helpfully illustrated.
Página 145 - ... than his own, the Chinese do not seem very puzzling. Allowing for differences in outfit of knowledge and fundamental ideas, they act much as we should act under their circumstances.

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