The Cambridge Illustrated History of France

Cambridge University Press, 1994 - 352 páginas
In a tour de force, Colin Jones gives a gripping, superbly and intelligently illustrated account of the political, social and cultural history of France, placing an innovatory emphasis on the impact of regionalism, class, gender and race in French heritage. Ranging from prehistoric menhirs to the Pompidou Centre, from Louis XIV's Versailles to twentieth-century highrises, from Marie Antoinette to Marie Claire, The Cambridge Illustrated History of France is host to lively and penetrating new insights that take us through the shaping of France from the earliest times to the brink of a new millennium. Combining superb illustration with outstanding scholarship, the diversity of the French heritage--scientific and artistic, national and regional--is explored with an engrossing and accessible style. Special features on places, people and events, a glossary, and a further reading section enhance this engaging book that will appeal to history buffs and students of French history and culture. Colin Jones is also the author of the Longman Companion to the French Revolution and The Cultural Atlas of France.

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France Before the Romans
Roman Gaul 55 BC to c 500 AD
From Frankish Gaul to the Kingdom of West Francia
The Middle Ages 987 to 1328
The Later Middle Ages and the Renaissance
From CounterReformation to Enlightenment c 1610 to c 1780
The Revolution and Beyond c 1780 to 1851
From the Second Empire to World War I 1852 to 1914
World War I to the Liberation
Expansion and Beyond 1945 to 1981
The Mitterrand Years
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