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Names Used as Headings.

Entries are made preferably under the author's real name, but under the last initial or pseudonym, when the real name is not known or rarely used; under names of editors of compilations; under names of countries, states or cities which are treated as authors of their publications and of law reports; under names of societies or conventions, as authors of their transactions, journals, reports, and collections; under names of churches as authors of liturgies,

hymn-books, catechisms, etc. (local churches, under name of place); under Bible when the book is a text or a paraphrase of any part of the Bible; under the first word, not an article, of anonymous works. Translations, abridgments, and indexes, are put under the original work.

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Parts of Names Used as Headings.


Je. June. **protected net.

Jl. July. † (before price) dis- jt. joint.

count limited to 20 lang. language.

and 10 per cent. lea, leather, #1 (before title) an- lev. levant. nounced.

lib. library. abr. abridged.

lit. literary,-literaardd. additional,-ions. ture. adv. advanced.

mor. morocco. annot. annotations,-s. Mr. March. Ap. April.

My. May. app. appendix.

no. number. arr. arranged.

0. Octavo. (20-25cm. auth. author; author- high.) ized.

(O.) October. av. average.

obl. oblong. bibl. bibliography.

p. pages. bds. boards.

pa. paper. bk. book.

pam. pamphlet. bks. books.

phot. photographs,bxd. boxed.

vures. cf. calf

pl. plates. cl. cloth.

pop. ed. popular edicol. colored.

tion. coll. collected,-ion,-s. por. portrait,-s. comp. compiler.-s. pref. preface. cont. containing,

pseud. pseudonym. corr. corrected.

pt. part. D. duodecimo. (1712- pts. parts. 20cm. high).

pub. published, - er. (D.) December.

Q. quarto (25-30cm. ea, each.

high). ed. edited,-ion,-or,-8. rep. report, -er, -s. enl. enlarged.

rev. revised. engr. engraver,-ing,-S. roxb. Roxburgh. expl. explained,-plan- rus, Russia. atory.

S. 16mo. (15 to 1712 F. folio. (30cm. high.) cm. high). (F.) February.

(S.) September. fac-sim. fac-simile,-s.

sel. selected,-ion,-8. Fe. 48mo. (714-10cm ser. series. high.)

$f. 64mo. (up to 712 flex. flexible.

cm high). Fr. French.

sh. sheep. gilt edge.

sq. square. 8. t. gilt top.

subs. subscription. Germ. German.

T. 24mo.

(12-15 cm. hf. half.

high). hist. history,-ical.

translated,-ion,il. illustrated,-ion,-or,- or-, s. S.

Tt. 32mo. (10-1212 imp. imported.

cm. high). incl. including.

unp. unpaged. introd. introduction, - V. volume,-s. ory.

vel. vellum. Ja. January

English compound names are put under the second part; foreign compound names under the first part. English surnames beginning with a prefix are put under the prefix; in French names, under the prefix, excepting the preposition de and d'; in all other languages and in French names beginning with de or d', under the name following the prefix. British noblemen are put under their titles; bishops under their family names; members of royal families, canonized persons, and members of religious orders under their first name.



Educational and technical books, sold at limited discount and commonly known as net books have an asterisk (*) before the price. Books subject to the rules of


American Publishers' Association are marked by a double asterisk (**) when the bookseller is required to maintain the list price; by a dagger (+). when the maximum discount is fixed at 20 and 10 per cent, as is allowable in the case of fiction.

When a price is changed, the book is recatalogued in the current number of the Index whatever may be the date of its publication.


Library of Congress Cards.

[blocks in formation]

Numbers to be used in ordering the printed catalog cards of the Library of Congress are given at the end of the main (author) entry of each book.

In many government publications, however, for which only ubject entries are given, these numbers are attached to the subject entries.

When a book is entered before the Library of Congress card number can be procured, it is reentered in a succeeding issue of the Index with the order number attached. It will be necessary, for example, to look in the 1907 is sues of the Index for the numbers of some books that were published in 1906 and catalogued in the 1906 Index.

In ordering cards by these numbers, the numbers should be arranged in columns in increasing order of the numbers. The number of copies wanted should be indicated after the card numbers with a slanting line between, e. g., 5-2850/4. The price of cards ordered by number is 20. for the first copy and 120. for each additional Copy. For further information apply to the

Abbreviations of Publishers' Names. Abbreviations of publishers' names will be found in the Publishers' Directory at the end of the Index. This directory is brought up to date each month and the last issue should be

Author, Title and Subject Catalog
Of books published January 1 to December 31, 1907,

Announcements of forthcoming books, and entries reprinted from previous issues in order to

add Library of Congress card numbers or to record changes in prices and publishers

A apple pie. (Saalfieid muslin books; ser. no. Abbott, Arthur Vaughan, 1854-1906. 2.) S. 12p. 20c, (My. 1) '07. Saalfiela.

Electrical transmission of energy: a manual A B C and X Y Z of bee culture. Root, A. I. and

for the design of electrical circuits; with 10 E. R. $1.50; hf. lea. $2; lea. $2.50; French

folding diagrams and 16 full-page engravand German eds, ea. $2. Root.

ings; 5th ed., entirely rewritten and enl. A B C of corn culture. 2d ed. Holden, P. G. pa. O. XXX, 675p. front il. 15 pl. diag. *$5. '07. 25c. Simmons pub. co.

Van Nostrand.

7-28603. A B C of stock speculation. Nelson, S: A. *60c.

Abbott, Austin, 1831-1896. Doubleday.

Principles and forms of practice in civil ac

tions in couris of record under the codes A B C of Wall Street, Nelson, S: A. *60c.

of procedure, adapted also to common law Doubleday.

and equity practice. 2d ed., by Carlos C. A. L. O. E.

Alden. 2v. 0. xiv, 1169; xi, 1171-2317p. sh. Young pilgrim. (Every boy's lib.) 50c. '07, $13. '07. Baker, Voornis.

7-15612. Winston.

Abbott, David Phelps, 1863Aanrud, Hans, 1803

Behind the scenes with the mediums. 0. 2p., Lisbeth Longfrock; tr. from the Norwegian by iii-vi, 328p. g.t. *$1.50. '07. Open ct. 7-27622. Laura E. Poulsson; il. by. Othar Holmboe.

Abbott, Rev. Edwin Abbott, 1838(Once upon a time ser.) D. ix, 149p. front.

Apologia; an explanation and defence. 0. xvi, 5 pl. *65c. '07. Ginn.


102p. *$1. '07. Macmillan. Aaron,

Silanus, the Christian. O. 368p. *$2.60. (O.) Assaying, 3 pts. (D.) '06. Mining & scien

06. Macmillan.

7-25561. tific press.

Abbott, Frances Matilda, 1857Contents: pt. 1, Gold and silver ores. 6th ed. $1;

Birds and pts, 2 & 3. Gold and silver bullion, lead, copper, tin,

flowers about Concord, New Hampmercury. 4th ed. $1.50.

shire. D. xxi, 140p. $1. (Ag. 16) '06. Frances Aaron, Eugene Murray.

M. Abbott, 85 N. State st., Concord, N. H. (ed.) See Cram, G: F. Cram's quick refer

6-30912. ence atlas and gazetteer of the world.

Abbott, Frank Frost, 1860Abarbaneil, jacob Ralph, 1852

Handbook for the study of Roman history, My father's will: a comedy. 150. French, S:

10 accompany Abbott's Short history of Abbatt, William, 1851

Reme. S. 48p. pa. #25c. '07. Scott. Index to the Magazine of American history, Abbott, George Frederick.

from 1877 to 1893. Q. 400p. *$9. (Ap. 15 ) Israel in Europe. 0. xix, 533p. index. *83.25. '07. Abbatt.

07. Macmillan.

7-37333. Abbaye of the holy Ghost; printed at Westmin- Abbott, Mrs. H. D.

ster by Wynkyn de Worde about 1496. (Pho- Elective spelling blanks. bk. 1. Vertical. bk. 'togravure facsimiles of rare and 15th cen- 2, Medial, ea. per doz. *60c. Newson. tury books printed in England.) *$5. '07.

Abbott, Jacob, 1803-1879. Putnam.

Rollo at play. (Children's handy lib.) 50c. Abbetmeyer, c.

'07. Crowell. Poems for pastime. 750. '07. Concordia.

Rollo at work. (Children's handy lib.) 50c. Abbey classics, flex. Fabriano. *30c; Fabriano

Crowell. bds. bxd. *60c; tiex. lea. bxd. *$1.25. Elder.

Abbott, Katharine Mixer, 1865Abbey of the Holy Ghost.

Old paths and legends of the New England Abbaye of the Holy Ghost; printed at West

korder; Connecticut. Deerfield, Berkshire. minster by Wynkyn de Worde about the

O. 21., jii-vir, 408p. il. map. front. pls. year 1496. (Photogravure facsimiles of rare **$3.50. (D.) '07. Putnam.

7-10881. and 15th century books printed in England.)

Abbott, Lyman, 1835Q. 3p., 40p. *35. '07. Putnam.


Christ's secret of happiness. D. 4p., 3-79p. Abbie Ann. Martin, G: M. ¡$1.50. Century.

**750: white and gold. bxd. **$1; limp lea. Abbot, Etheldred.

**$1.50. '07. Crowell.

7-10562. (comp.) List of photograph dealers with index (ed.) The parables; il. by Arthur Becher; decby countries and descriptive notes on col

orations by Arthur Jacobson, D. xxx, 193p. lections of photographs in some Massachu

g.t. $2.50. (O. 4) '07. Appleton. 7-31966. setts libraries and museums; pub. for the Abbott, Samuel Warren, 1837-1304. Massachusetts library club. D. 6-23p.' pa. Decrease of consumption in New England. 150. '07. Miss Louisa M. Hooper, Public li

(Am. statistical assn. Publications v. 9, no. brary, Brookline, Mass.


J. Am. statistical assn. Abbot, Henry Larcom, 1831

Abbott," wallace C., 1857-. See laugh, W: F., Problems of the

it. utt., Panama canar including climatology of the Isthmus, physics and Abdômen. hydraulics of the river Chagies, cut at the Kellyi, H. Ai, and Noble, C: P. Gynecology continental divide, and discussion of plans and abdominal surgery


hi. mor. for the waterway, with history from 1890 *$9.50. '07. Saunders. to date. [2d ed.] O. xii, 269p. front. 7 pl. Mavlard. A. E Abdominal pain. 2d ed. *$2.50. tables. diag. fold. map. **82. (Mr. 12) '07. '06. lakiston Macmillan.


See also: Intestines; Kidneys; Pancreas; Peritoneum; Abbot. See Scott, W.

Stomacn. rinn Abbott. A. J.

Abdominal and pelvic brain. Robinson. B. (rep.) See New Mexico (Ter.) Supreme ct. $3.50. Frank S. Betz, Hammond, Ind.; For Abbott, Allan.

sale, by Chicago med. Vephew or uncle: comedy in & aca250. 07.

Abdoravna hernia. De Garmo, W: B. subs. *$3. Baker, W. H.




Abdominal pain. 2a ed. Maylard, A. E. *$2.50. Abraham, Rev. William Henry.

Position of the eucharist in Sunday worship.
Abe Martin of Brown county, Indiana. Hub-

D. 304p. *$2. '07. Gorham.
bard, F. M. **$1. Bobbs.
Abe_Martin's almanack. Hubbard, F. M. 750.

Abrahams, Israel.

Festival studies; being thoughts on the Jew-

ish year. 0. 185p. *$1. '06. Greenstone.
Abegg, Richard Wilhelm Heinrich, 1869-

Abraham's sacrifice. See Beza, T.
Electrolytic dissociation theory; authorized
tr. from the German by Carl L. von Ende. Abridged treasury of prayers: an epitome from

D. ix. 180p. *$1.25. 07. Wiley. 7-6808.

larger *Gebets-schatz'' published by
Abel, Rudolf.

Concordia publishing house, St. Louis, Mo.
Laboratory handbook of bacteriology; tr. by

T. 2p., 3-173p. 30c; g. 50c; mor. 75c. '06. Am.
Luth. pub.

M. H. Gordon. 10th ed. *$2. '07. Oxford.
Abel Gray. Parker, R. A. 75c. Lothrop.

Abridgment by Katharine Hillard of the Secret

doctrine. See Blavatsky, H. P.
Abelard, Pierre, 1079-1142, and Heloise, 1101-

Abelard and Heloise; the love letters; a poet-

Willard, J. H. Boy who would be king. hf.

vel. 25c. '07. Altemus.
ical rendering, by Ella C. Bennett; the fron-
tispiece done ir. photogravure from an oil

Absorption (Physiology).
painting by Will Jenkins. 0. 3p., iii, 36p.

Pond, R. H. Solution tension and toxicity in
front. g. t. bxd. ** $1.50. (O.) '07. Elder.

lipolysis. 25c. '07. New York botanical gar-

den, N. Y.
Love sonnets of Abelard and Heloise, by Ella Absorption of hydrogen by metal films. Heald,

Wheeler Wilcox; designed and illustrated W. $1. Univ. of Neb.
by Maximilian Fischer. 0. 29 1. col. il. 2

Absorption spectra.
col. pl. (front.) $5; limp lea. $7.50; mor. $10. Moore, B. E. Spectrophotometric study of
(D. 10) '07. Conkey.


solutions of copper and cobalt, pa. $1. '06.
Abelard and Heloise. Torrence, F: R. **$1.25.

Univ. of Neb.

Uhler, H. S., and Wood, R. W. Atlas of ab-
Abele, Hyacinth.
Violin: its history and construction; illus-

sorption spectra. pa. $1.50. '07. Carnegie inst.
trated and described from many sources;

Abt, Isaac Arthur.
tr. in full from the German by J: Broad-

(ed.) See Hecker, R., and Trumpp, J. Atlas
house. S. 207p. *75c. (*28.) '07. imp. Scrib-

and epitome of diseases of children.

-and Ridlon, John.
Aberson, Paul.

Pediatrics and orthopedic surgery. (Practical
Seven liberal arts, a study in mediæval cul-

medicine ser., v. 7. Series 1907.) 250p. $1.25.
ture. (Columbia iniv. Teachers' college.

'07. Year bk. pub.
Contributions to education, no. 11.) O. viii, Abuse of the marriage relations. Rosch,-. 250.
150p. *$1.50. '06. Teachers' college, Colum-

bia univ., N. Y.

7-13492. Academy architecture. v. 8-31 [except v. 13).
“Critical bibliography": {p. 137-150.

ea. $1.75. Published twice a year in Jan.
Aber, Mary Alling, and Thacker, Sara.

and July. M. A. Vinson, 205-206 Caxton
Souls, O. 242p. $1.50. '04. Thacker.

bldg., Cleveland, O.
Aberdeen. University.

Acadian proscript. Kerr, W. S. pa $1. Wal.
Anderson, P. J:, ed. Studies in the history ter S. Kerr & co., P. O. box 377, Oakland,
and development of the University of Aber-

deen. '06. University of Aberdeen, Scotland. Acadian reminiscences. Voorhies, F. $1. Pal.
Aberdeen. University. Marischal college. Li.


Acadians in the United States.
Subject catalogue of the Science library and Voorhies, F. Acadian reminiscences. $1. '07.
the Law library in Marischal college. 2 pts.

Palmer Co.
in lv. 0. '06. University of Aberdeen Aber- Accidents and emergencies.
deen, Scotland.

7-27630. Doten, C. W. Recent railway accidents in the
Abernethy, Julian Willis, 1853-

United States. 75c. '05. Am. statistical assn.
(ed.) See De Quincey, T: Joan of Arc and Johnson, FW Prevention of accidents. pa.
The English mail coach; Coleridge, S: T.

*25c. '07. McGraw pub.
Rime of the ancient mariner.

Richards, R. C. Railroad accidents, their

cause and prevention. $1. '06.
Abhedananda, swâmi.

Ralph C.

Richards, 215 Jackson boulevard, Chicago.
Vedanta philosophy; five lectures on reincar-

Sargent, P. Surgical emergencies.

nation; new and enl. ed. D. 2p., 99p. front.

(por.) *60c; pa. *40c. '07. Vedanta, 7-26325.
Contents: Reincarnation; Heredity and reincarnation ;

U. S. Interstate commerce commission. Acci-
Which is scientific, resurrection or reincarnation ?; The-

dent bulletins, showing collisions and de.
ory of transmigration.

railments of trains and casualties to per-
Abington, Frances, 1737-1815.

sons, Quarterly, U. S. Interstate commerce
Fyvie, T: Comedy queens of the Georgian commission.
cra. *$4. (*12s. Cd.) '06. Dutton.

Woods, K, P. Accidents in factories and eise-
Abnaki indians.

where. 750. Am. statistical assn.
Hastings, S. W. J. Narrative of the captiv-

See also First aid in illness and injury; Life-saving;
ity of Mrs. Johnson. all rag pa. *$3; Van

Negligence; Personal injuries; Poisons; Surgery.
Gelder pa. *$5. 07. Huntting.

Accomodating circumstance. See Stockton, F.
Abnormal and mentally defective children. Ashe.

R: Qveen's mvsevm.
#by, H: Dutton.

Accompaniments for New American

Abnormal Christians. Roads, C:

mader, no. 4. Zuchtmann, F: *90c. Mac-
Meth. bk.

Aboard the Hylow on Sable Islani bard Kac. According to. grandma. Haines, A. C. $1.50.
ler, J. O. f$1.50. Dutton.

Abolition of the trial balance. Thorn&'.W: W. Accountahte
$2. Book-keeper pub.

Lancasier: F: H., comp. and ed. American
About, Edmond François Valentin, 1828-1885.

accountant's diary, 1908. subs. $2. 'OS. Busi-
Le roi des montagnes; ed. with introd., notes ness man's pub.
and vocabulary by Otto Patzer. .*50c.


Accountant's library. imp. Business world.

Eckersley. Urban district councils' accounts. $2. (45)

Mitchell, G A, Single cost accounts. $2. (17)
About an old New England chureh; Lee, G. S.
*$1. Mount Tom press.


Accounting for department stores. pa. $1.
About money. Craik, D. M. $1.' Härper. (cort.

Business man's pub.

Accounting for the publishing and printing
Above the range. Jenness, T. R. *500; Am Bapt. business. på. $1. Business man's pub.

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Accounting -Continued.

Acta et dicta: a collection of historical data Accounting systems for the wholesale_grocery regarding the origin and growth of the

and hardware business. pa. $1. Business Catholic church in the Northwest. 159p. 75c. man's pub.

'07. St. Paul's Catholic liistorical society, Averaging accounts. pa. 50c. Business man's St. Paul, Minn. pub.

Acting. Corporation accounting. pa. $1. Business man's Buchanan, R. C. How to become an actor, pub.

25c. French, S: Eckersley,- Urban district councils' ac

Davenport, A. Stage affairs in America tocounts. $2. imp. Business world.

day. 15 pts. pa. ea. 10c. '07. Allen DavenMitchell, G: A. Single cost accounts. $2. '07.

port, P. O. box 1341, Boston. imp. Business world.

Fitz-Gerald, S. J. A. How to make-up. 50c. Nixon, A., and Stagg, J. H. Accounting and

Frencii, s: banking. *$3. '07. Longmans.

Irving, H: B. Occasional papers: aramatic Roberts, I: P. Farmer's business handbook. and historical. **$1.50. '07. Small. **$1.25. '03. Macmillan. (corr. price.)

Symons, A. Plays, acting and music. *$2. '00. Sprague, C: E. Tables of compound inter

Dutton. est, discount, annuities, sinking funds and Seo also Actors and actresses; Amateur theatricals; other computations for use in The


Drama; Expression; Pantomime; Theater. countancy of investment. $1. '07. For the Acton, Sir John Emerich Edward Dalberg-AcN. Y. univ. School of commerce, accounts

ton, 1st baron, 1834-1902. and finance, by the author. (For sale by

Cambridge modern history; planned by the Business world.)

late Lord Acton; ed. by A. W. Ward, and Thorne, W: W. Abolition of the trial balance others. 12v. v. 10. *$4. '07. Macmillan.

together with twelve studies in book-keep- #General essays and lectures; ed. by J: Neville ing and accounting. $2. '06. Book-keeper Figgis. 2v.

por. '07. Macmillan. pub.

Contents: v.1, Lectures on general historical subjects: See also Auditing; Bookkeeping; Cost-keeping.

v. 2, Essays and lectures on liberty.

Actors and actresses.
Accounting for department stores. 56p. pa. $1.
Business man's pub.

Borsa, M. English stage of to-day. *$2.50.

Lane. Accounting for the publishing and printing busi- Briscoe, J. Actors' birthday book. **$2. '07. ness. 32p. pa. $1. Business man's pub.

Moffat. Accounting systems for the wholesale grocery Browne, W., and Austin, F: A., eds. Who's

and hardware business. 31p. pa. $1. Busi- who on the stage. •$3.50. '07. W. Browne & ness man's pub.

F'. A. Austin, 1140 Knickerbocker theatre

bldg., N. Y. Acetylene. U. S. Light-house board. Report on use of

Fyvie, J: Comedy queens of the Georgian

era. *$4. (*12s. 60.) '06. Dutton. acetylene gas by Canadian government as illuminant for aids to navigation, by Albert

Grolier club, N. Y. Catalogue of engraved

portraits of actors of olden time. '07. GrolRoss. 26p. 9 il. pa, 50. '07. Supt. of doc.

ier club. 7-35213.

Seamy side; a story of the true conditions of Achaia (Principality) 1205-1430.

things theatrical. $1.50. Rodd, J. R. Princes

'07. Percy Ives of Achaia and


pub. co., Boston, Mass. Chronicles of Morea. 2v. *$7. (*25s.) '07.

Strang, L: C. Famous actors of the day in Longmans.

America. 750. 07. Page. Achatinella.

Strang. L: C. Famous actresses of the day in Thwing. E. W., comp. Reprint of the origin

America. 75c. '07. Page. al descriptions of the genus achatinella with

See also Acting; Theater; also Garrick, D: additional notes. $1.50. '07. Bernice Pauahi

Actors' birthday book. Briscoe, J. **$2. Moffat. Bishop museum, Honolulu, H. T.

Adam of Usk. Acheson, Ernest Francis, 1855

Chronicon Adae de Usk. A. D. 1377-1421; ed. Congressional party in Hawaii, May, 1907:

with a translation and notes by Sir souvenir letters written by Ernest F. Ache


Maunde Thompson, 2d ed. 0. *$4.30. Oxford. son to the Washington, Pa., Observer. S.

(corr. price.) 30p. il. por. pls. map. pa. gratis. '07. Ernest F. Acheson, Washington, Pa.

Adan, John.

(tr.) See Gross, H. Criminal investigation, Souvenir: trip of congressional party to Pana

Adami, John George, 1862ma, March. 12-18, 1907; letters written to

Inflammation: an introduction to the study the Washington, Pa. Observer. 0. 33. 1., 8 pl.

of pathology. 0. xvi, 240p. il 8.t. *$1.60. priv. ptd. '07. Ernest F. Acheson, Washing

'07. Macmillan. ton, Pa.


A revised and enlarged reprint of an article in AllAckroyd of the faculty. Ray, A. C. t$1.50. Little. butt's "System of medicine. Acme record of watch repairs. $1. Hazlitt.

Adams, Alva, 1850

Louisiana purchase and its first explorer, Acoustics. See Architectural acoustics.

Zebulon Montgomery Pike: address before Acquackanonck, N. J.

the students and faculty of Colorado college, Brown, E. S. Examination of old maps


Colorado Springs, Colo., July 12th, 1894. northern New Jersey, with reference to the

[2d ed.) O. 24p. gratis. '06. Alya Adams, identification of the Nutley Area, Washing

Pueblo, Colo.

7-23804. ton's route across it, and to the boundary Adams, Andy, 1859dispute between Newark and Acquacka-,

Reed Anthony, cowman: an autobiography. nonk. pa. gratis. '07. Eliząweth S. Brown, D: 4p., 384p. front. 1$1.50. '07. Houghton. Nutley, N. J.

7-16751. Acridiidæ.

AgansCharles C.

Mis town Morse, A. P. Further researches on North

upper houses. 0. il. **$5. '07.

Grafton press. American acridiidæ. pt. 2. p. 596. 67, Car

Adams, Charles Francis, Jr., 1835negie inst.

Lee's centennial: an address by C: Francis Across Persia. Williams, E. c.*: *$3.50. Long- Adams, denvered at Lexington, Virginia, mans.

Saturday, Jan. 19, 1907, on the invitation Across the Spanish main. Lancaster; W: J. C.

of the president and faculty of Washington $1.50. Blackie & son.

and Lee - University. 0. 76p. pa. 25c. '07. Houghtoa.

7-6644. Across widest Africa. Landor, A. 'H: S. 2v.

Three Phi.beta kappa addresses: A college *$10.50. Scribner..

fetich, 1883; "Shall Cromwell have a staAct of state in English law. Moore, W. H. •$3. tue?"1902; Some modern college tendenDutton,

cies, 1996. 0. vi, 200p. **$1. '07. Houghton, Acta et decreta synodi plenar'aven épiscoporum

7-17400. Hiberniae habitae apud Maynutiam

Contents. A college fetich, 1883; "Shall Cromwell

an, 1900. 2v. 0. 254p. *$3.50. '07. Benziger,

have a 'statuc?," 1902; Some modern college tendencies,


Adams, Charles Laban, 1856

Adams, Samuel Hopkins, 1871-. See White, S. Descriptive geometry. pt. 1. 2d ed., enl. 0.

E:, jt. auth. diags. *$2. (0.2) '07. A. D. Maclachlan, 502 Adams, Thomas Sewall. Boylston st., Boston.


Selected list of books on political economy. Notes on descriptive geometry. pt. 1; pre

5c. A, L. A. pared for use in the Massachusetts insti

Adams, Walter Sydney, 1876-. See Hale, G: E., tlite of technology. 0. diags. *$1.50. 07.

jt. auth. Charles L. Adams, 286 boylston st., Boston.


Adams, William. Adams, Elizabeth Kemper.

Turner, W: S. William Adams, an old EngAesthetic experience: its meaning in a func

jish potter. $6. '07. Keramic studio pub. tional psychology. 0. 114p. pa. *75c. (c. '06)

Adams, William Sidney. (Ja. 5) '07. Univ. of Chicago press. 7-2424.

old saws with new teeth: a toothsome literThesis (PH.D.)- University of Chicago.

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