The Observations of Sir Richard Hawkins, Knt in His Voyage Into the South Sea in the Year 1593: Reprinted from the Edition of 1622

Hakluyt Society, 1847 - 240 páginas

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Página 30 - And first with my noyse of trumpets, after with my waytes,2 and then with my other musicke, and lastly, with the artillery of my shippes, I made the best signification I could of a kinde farewell. This they answered with the waytes of the towne, and the ordinance on the shore, and with shouting of voyces ; which with the fayre evening and silence of the night, were heard a great distance off.
Página 73 - And telling me the sovereign'st thing on earth Was parmaceti for an inward bruise...
Página 84 - ... (which are the same officers which in our shippes we terme the master and his mates), never depart, day nor night, from the sight of the compasse ; and have another before them, whereby they see what they doe, and are ever witnesses of the good or bad steeridge of all men that take the helme.
Página 21 - Maiestie of her free grace commanded in recompence of their service, to be given to every one his six moneths wages. All which may worthily be written in our Chronicles in letters of Gold, in memory for all Posterities, some to beware, and others by their example in the like occasions, to imitate the true valour of our Nation in these Ages2.
Página 58 - Nor any drop to drink. The very deep did rot; O Christ! That ever this should be! Yea, slimy things did crawl with legs Upon the slimy sea!
Página 65 - ... a palmada with it and the ferula ; and whosoever at the time of evening or morning prayer was found to have the palmer, should have three blows given him by the captain or...
Página 72 - ... to breath) : and when in such manner they torment him, that the fight is sometimes heard above three leagues distance, and I dare affirme, that I have heard the blowes of the thresher two leagues off, as the report of a peece of ordinance ; the whales roaring being heard much further.
Página 26 - ... doe but hopp, except he will be a laughing stocke to all the lookers on : so remembering that many had their eyes set upon me, with diverse affections, as also the hope of good successe (my intention being honest and good), I shut the doore to all impediments, and mine eare to all contrary...
Página 70 - The manner of hunting and hawking representeth that which we reasonable creatures use, saving onely in the disposing of the game. For by our industry and abilitie the hound and hawke is brought to that obedience, that whatsoever they seize is for their master; but here it is otherwise : for the game is for him that seizeth it. The dolphins and bonitoes are the...
Página xii - Bell, to heare publike Prayers to be read, (such as are authorized by the Church) and that in a godly and devout manner, as good Christians ought. 2. That no man shall Sweare by the name of God, nor^cse any prophane Oath, or blaspheme his holy Name, vpon paine of severe punishment.

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