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Behold yon ship by dreadful tempests hurl’d,
From wave to wave along the watery world;
Now, deep beneath the swelling surge it lies,
And now, the billows lift it to the skies ;
The sailors ply their utmost skill and strength,
And struggle with destruction, till at length
Worn out with fruitless toil, the helpless crew
Sink in despair, with only death in view.
Yet lo! superior to this darksome night,
Fair Hope appears in robes of heavenly light ;
Now, o'er their heads the parting clouds display
A speck of azure and a glimpse of day;
Swift, as that light darts thro' the gloomy air,
Fair Hope descends, and banisies despair.
To men like these, how welcome such a sight!
Their eyes how glad to meet long absent light!
How does the cheering passion kindle round !

Thus let the christian with admiring eyes
Behold on Calvary the Day Star rise.
God gave his well-beloved, his only Son,
That by his death he might for sin atone':
From seats of happiness, the heavens above,
The Son descends upon the wings of love,
To shed the dawn of everlasting day,
And light the weary pilgrim on his way.
Jesus the Saviour, has alonement made !
Jesus the Surely, all the debt has paid !
This is the ground where hope of glory stau
And boundless prospect of delight commands;
This is the only way, and this the road,
From sin and death to holiness and God :
All other paths to hopeless ruin tend,
And must at length in hopless ruin end.

Search nature's volume through, and thou shalt see
In every flower, and plant, and bush, and tree,
The footsteps of a God are left behind;
But God himself in these thou canst not find;
Or lift thine eyes, and through the trackless air,
Enquire his name of every rolling star ;-
Ask them who gave their lucid substance birth,
And taught their wond'rous influence on the earth,
They'll jell thee all, as in their spheres they shine,
Their lustre's borrow'd from a bouudless mine;
God, they proclaim to all the worlds around,
From Albion's shore, to Earth's remotest bound;
But what his name, his nature, or his will,
Their silent beams in darkness leave thee still.
His name's a secret thou shalt never know,
From aught above the stars, or aught below;

Till through thy heart he makes each letter shine In Crimson characters of blood divine ! God is the Ocean of delight unknown That fills the happy myriads round his throne ; Grace from this Ocean like a river rose, And back to God with ceaseless motion flows; Mercy's fair Vessel on this river sails Safe to the port of heaven nor ever fails. No storms can sink the souls that venture here, This hope was never conquer'd by despair ; This is the stable anchor of the soul, That fix'd abides while tempests round it roll: Long is the cable but its hold is sure, The saints shall triumph, but they must endure.



Through shades and solitudes profound

The fainting traveller winds his way;
Bewildering meteors glare around,

And tempt his wandering feet astray.

Welcome, thrice welcome to his eye,

The sudden moon's inspiring light,
When forth she'sallies through the sky,

The guardian angel of the night!

Thus mortals, blind and weak, below,

Pursue the phantom Bliss, in vain;
The world's a wilderness of woe,

And life a pilgrimage of pain!

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