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When childhood's buoyant tide flow'd bright,

I gazed upon my native stream ; Mild Ev’ning with her ling’ring light,

Threw o'er its waves her last red beam.

And then I said, “ Flow tranquil on,

Clear emblem of my youthful mind; Though others weep-1-I alone,

Nor pain nor woe can ever find.”

I look'd again-when manhood's trace

Had ting’d my brow with sorrow's hue ; How diit rent was it's once calm face,

How alter'd now it met my view !

A storm swept o'er its limpid course,

Its eddying waves were backward driv'n ; The rolling thunder, loud and hoarse,

Roar'd dismal through the blacken'd heaven

I stood upon its moss-clad brink,

O'erhung with shrubs and wild-flow'rs twin'd; And, ah ! that stream, I sigh'd to think, Was still the mirror of my mind!



O thou! whose balance does the mountains weigh;
Whose will the wild tumultuous seas obey ;.
Whose breath can turn those wat'ry worlds to flame,
That flame to tempest, and that tempest tame;.

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Earth's meanest son, all trembling, prostrate falls , And on the boundless of thy goodness calls.

O! give the winds all past offence to sweepy To scatter wide, or bury in the deep. Thy pow'r, my weakness, may I ever seen And wholly dedicate my soul to thee. Reign o'er my wil!; my passions ebb and flow At thy command, nor hun:an motive know! If anger boil, let anger be my praise, And sin the graceful indignation raise. My love be warm to succour the distress'd, And lift the burden from the soul oppress'd. O may my understanding ever read This glorious volume which thy wisdom made! May sea and land, and earth and heav'n be join'd, To bring the eternal Author to


mind! When oceans roar, or awful thnnders roll !

May thoughts of thy dread vengeance shake my soul
When earth's in bloom, or planets proudly shine,
Adore, my heart, the Majesty divine !

Grant I may ever at the morning ray,
Open with pray’r the consecrated day;
Tune thy great praise, and bid my soul arise,
And with the mounting sun ascend the skies;
As that advances, let my zeal improve,
And glow with ardour of consummate love;
Nor cease at eve, but with the setting sun
My endless worship shall be still begun.
And oh ! permit the gloom of solemn night,
To sacred thought may forcibly invite.
When this world's shut and awful planets rise,
Call on our minds and raise them to the skies;
Compose our souls with a less dazzling sight,
And show all nature in a milder light;

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How ev'ry boist'rous thought in calm subsides!
How the smooth spirit into goodness glides !
Oh how divine! to tread the milky way,
To the bright palace of the Lord of Day ;
His court admire, or for his favour sue,
Or leagues of friendship with his saints renew :
Pleas'd to look down and see the world asleep;
While I long vigils to its Founder keep!

Can'st thou not shake the centre? Oh control,
Subdue by force, the rebel in my soul.
Thou, who canst still the raging of the flood,
Restrain the various tumults of my blood ;
Teach me, with equal firmness, to sustain
Alluring pleasure, and assaulting pain,
O may I pant for thee in each desire!
And with strong faith foment the holy fire !
Stretch out my soul in hope, and grasp the prize,

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