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And sudden from the yawning ground

The astonished dead awake, Her faith-plumed wings she will afford · To waft thee to the skies, There from thy Saviour and thy Lord

To bear the immortal prize.



Oh! might I choose how I should die,

And pass above;
It were with those companions by,

Whom most I love:
And if a tear fell on my face

From some fond eye,

I would it fell inspired by grace,

By faith each sigh:
So that the pang weak creatures feel

When friends depart,
A moment o'er the face might steal,

Not reach the heart.
Near me a soft low voice should raise

Some holy air;
Some farewell vesper song of praise,

Or verse of prayer.
It were a pleasant thing to think,

In yon bright seat,
The sounds I heard on Earth's last brink,

Were hymn notes sweet.
The links of nature gently falling,

The soul all calm ;

Here nothing could be found appalling.-

Death like a balm !
In Death like this to pass away,

How sweet a thing!
And even in its grasp to say,

*Death has no sting!'





From Granta's classic shades, and antique tow'rs,
A wand'ring minstrel, pensively I stray'd,
Where silver Nine his urn exhaustless pours,
In mournful murmurs thro' th' enamelld glade,

To seek that solemn, consecrated spot !
Where once great Hervey! free from worldly strife,
Enjoy'd the parish pastor's humble lot,
And led his rural charge to streams of life.

Where oft when red-wing'd dawn flush'd o'er the

east, Ere slumb'ring hinds had left the moss-roofd shed, His heav'nly mind enjoy'd the mental feast, While blushing Flora's dulcet page he read.

In ev'ry star-like gem, or op'ning bell,
In ev'ry leaf, in ev'ry blade that grew,
The heav'nly comtemplatest mark'd full well
The hand of God! in one extensive view.

The flow'ry tribes to his deep-searching eye,
Blushing, their varied beauties did disclose;

The rolling systems of the blue-coped sky,
In brighter constellations for him rose.

Celestial worlds, his penetrating gaze
Could view in all their glorious light unveil'd,
And thy vast field's illimitable space
From his exalted mind ne'er ought conceal'd.

For him the blazing, comet's devious course
Was seen through trackless fields of space to run,
To aid his muse with energy and force,
And gild his page with glory's brightest sun !

For him terrific Death new forms assumed,
The grave her dreary caverns did disclose,
And future state to Virtue's children bloom'd,
Or thunder'd_maledictions on her foes.

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