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Meteorological Observations, by the Government Astronomers of South Australia and Western Australia, and publications of Geological Survey of Western Australia.

Parliamentary Papers by the Governments of South Australia and New


Report of the Royal Observatory, Cape of Good Hope, by the Government Astronomer of South Africa.

Publications of the Government of New South Wales, by the Government of
New South Wales.

Records of the Sydney Observatory, by the Government Astronomer.
Books, etc., were presented by the Lords of the Treasury of Great Britain
and Ireland, D. Aaron, Esq., H. M. Ami, Esq., Australian Medical
Congress, F. R. Abbott, Esq., K. Binns, Esq., Messrs. Blackie
& Sons, Mrs. Le Gay Brereton, J. Le Gay Brereton, Esq.,
Professor Carslaw, R. Caton, Esq., M. G. Chapman, Esq, P. R.
Cole, Esq., J. Coutts, Esq., A. and G. Buelens, brothers, J. M.
Creed, Esq., J. Deane, Esq., W. Swart, Esq., W. J. Furnival,
Esq., Prof. Goppelscroeder, N. J. Gough, Esq., J. G. Hay, Esq.,
Professor W. A. Haswell, H. K. Lewis, Esq., Professor Liversidge,
Messrs. Longmans, Green & Co., Messrs. Macmillan & Co., Lady
Meux, H. S. Mort, Esq., Professor T. Parrot, F. A. A. Russel,
Sampashi Fukuzawa, Mrs. Russel, J. M. Scholberle, Esq., J.
Sulman, Esq., E. K. Scott, Esq., Mrs. G. A. Warre, Adair
Welcker, Esq., Professor Welsh, Professor Wilson, Rev. W. H.

Books, etc., were presented to the Library in terms of the "Copyright Act,
1879," by Miss M. Boyne, The Bulletin Publishing Company, The
Law Book Publishing Company of Australasia, N.S.W. Bookstall
Co., C. T. Burfitt, Messrs. Angus & Robertson, Baker & Rouse,
W. Brooks & Co., Davis & Co., Gordon & Gotch, Hepburn &
Spruson, Johnston & Co., Kealey & Philip, Methodist Church of
Australia, Moore College, N.S.W. Athletic League, W. H. Paling
& Co., W. C. Penfold & Co., H. E. Reynolds, John Sands, Singer
Sewing Machine Co., J. Slater, W. E. Smith, W. H. Sproull & Co.,
Turner & Henderson, F. Walsh, Wilson & Co., Advisor, Australian
Journal of Education, Australian Photographic Journal, Citizen,
Courier Australien, Christian World, Dalgety's Review, Dawn,
Fair Play, Good Health, Hall's Mercantile Gazette, Independent,
Jabberwock, Journal of the Institute of Bankers, Knaggs' Almanac,
Manly Daily, Nepean Times, New South Wales Educational Gazette,
New South Wales Teacher, New South Wales Railway Budget,
The Review, Sands' Sydney and Suburban Directory, Sheepbreeders'
Year Book, Sydney Daily Telegraph, Sydney Diocesan Directory,
Sydney Mail, Sydney Morning Herald, Stock and Station Journal,
Trade Protection Institute Reports, World's News, Year Book of






1. The Senate of the University of Sydney, in pursuance of the provisions of section 16 (1) of the "University and University Colleges Act, 1900," has the honour to transmit the account of its proceedings during the year 1907 for the information of his Excellency the Governor and the Executive Council.

2. The number of students admitted to Matriculation in March, 1907, with a view to proceeding with the curriculum in one of the various Faculties, was 162.

Under the amended regulations for Matriculation, which came into force in March, 1907, the number of candidates who qualified in Division A in June, 1907, was 118, and 64 students obtained a complete Matriculation qualification in one or other of the several Faculties in the Senior Examination in November. 142 passed the ordinary Matriculation Examination in


3. The following table shows the number of students who attended lectures in the several Faculties :

Faculty of Arts (day), 216; (evening), 142. Total
Faculty of Law

Faculty of Science-Department of Engineering

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Science

School of Dentistry..

Pharmacy Students..


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Attending lectures on Military History and Science

Research Students ..

Economics and Commerce

Attending Post-graduate courses-Faculty of Arts










Faculty of Medicine


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Included are 102 women who attended in the Faculty of Arts, 21 in Medicine, 11 in Science, 2 in Pharmacy; total, 136. The above total also includes 72 non-matriculated students, and students attending special courses, irrespective of Pharmacy students, and those attending lectures in Military History, &c.

Annual University Examinations.

4. The number of students who attended and passed the Annual Examinations in December, 1906, and March, 1907, after attending the prescribed courses of lectures, is shown in the following table:

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In addition to the students passing through the regular curriculum, 35 evening students and students of special subjects, including 6 women, passed the examinations in individual subjects, after attendance upon the prescribed courses.

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In the Faculty of Science and the Department of Engineering 6 students of special subjects passed in the final examinations. of their subjects.

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Sixty-nine students seeking a qualification in Pharmacy presented themselves for the University Examinations at the conclusion of the courses of lectures which they had attended. Fifty-five passed in individual subjects, 14 completing the whole course.

5. The following examination :

Degrees Conferred.

degrees were conferred after

Master of Arts (M.A.):-Thomas Harvey Johnston, B. A., Thomas
Nelson Lee, B.A., Vivian Agincourt Spence Little, B.A.,
John Paterson, B.A., Helen Alice Raves, B.A.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) :—Gladys Eunice Badman, Irene Mil-
dred Booth, Nina Benson Brierley, James Brown, Florence
Eva Campbell, Sydney William Cantrell, Harry Chandler,
Hector Joseph Richard Clayton, Lavinia Clouston, Arthur
George Cole, Herbert Cowie, Daisy Ellen Culpin, Margaret
Edgeworth David, Ernest Stanley Davies, Wallace Deane,
Mabel Laura Tange Dunlop, Thomas Ewing, Ethelwyn Fidler,
Bernard Russell French, Eva Jane Fry, George Acheson
Gordon, Ellis Norman Gowing, Minnie Greville, Florence
Sidney Hall, John Simpson Hamilton, Mabel Harker, Vera
Howard, Elizabeth Jackson, Grace Eveline Jones, Henry
Hermann Laird, John French Lydall, William Alphonsus
McDonald, Leslie John McKean, George Mackaness, Frederick
Maurice McKeown, Margaret McIntyre St. Clair Maclardy,
Laura Margaret Martin, Archibald Joseph Mills, Clifford
Minter, Henry Edington Moore, William Muir Nimmo,
Emma Alison Noad, Frederick North, Allan Burnet Palmer,
Grace Paxton, William Thomas Louis Archdall Pearce,
Frederick Charles Philip, Alexander Windeyer Ralston,
Alfred John Reynolds, Jonathan Charles Rickard, Katherine

Robinson, Mabel Hawthorne Robinson, William Patrick
Russell, Aphra Frances Scroder, Bernard Michael John
Schleicher, Ada Margery Smithers, Robert Sproule, Millicent
Ivy Stanton-Cook, William Pentleton Stewart, Thomas
Ambrose Tarrant, Ashley Howard Teece, Emily Mary Tiet-
kins, Henriette Wallach, Bertha Raymond Ward, Hubert
Lance Watkins, Lindsay George Herbert Watson, Carlyle
Gordon Willis, Hilda May Young.

Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.):-Reginald Schofield Bonney, Arthur
Donnelly Wentworth Fisher, Hugh Henry, Frederick Richard
Jordan, Hugh Eldred Manning, Edward Thynne Real,
Percy Richard Watts.

Doctor of Medicine (M.D.):-Percy Leslie Hipsley, M.B., Ch.M. Bachelor of Medicine (M.B.):-William Johnstone Binns, Clement Henry Burton Bradley, Arthur Charles Cahill, John Stuart Campbell, Herbert Owen Chapman, Francis Brown Craig, John Edward Ferdinand Deakin, Oscar Albert Anton Diethelm, James George Edwards, James Joseph Gilchrist, Arthur Paul Gillespie, Kendall Hammand, Arthur Joseph Mackenzie, Charles Weston Maher, Angus MacInnes, Herbert Michael Moran, Martha Isabel Ormiston, Reginald Arthur Parker, George Augustus Paul, Hugh Raymond Guy Poate, Harold Ernest Pridham, Charles Saunders Renwick, Herbert Henry Schlink, Joseph Lexden Shellshear, Andrew Buchanan Steele, Frank Oliver Stokes, Wilfred Vickers, Hugh Bell Walker-Smith, Wilfred James White, Oswald Edgar Bruce Withers.

Master of Surgery (Ch. M.):--Clement Henry Burton Bradley, Herbert Owen Chapman, John Edward Ferdinand Deakin, James George Edwards, Karl Randolph Wilhelm Goergs, Arthur Joseph Mackenzie, Angus MacInnes, Charles Weston Maher, Reginald Arthur Parker, Hugh Raymond Guy Poate, Walter Thorold Quaife, Charles Saunders Renwick, Herbert Henry Schlink, Joseph Lexden Shellshear, Wilfred Vickers, Robert Blakeway Wade.

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.):-Harriet Ethel Mary Armstrong, Theodore Thomson Flynn, Mary Grace Free, Walter Leslie Hammond, Thomas Harvey Johnston, Ewen MacKinnon, Henry John Meldrum, Alfred Paul, James William Garnett Powell, John Proctor Tivey, Charles Josiah White.

Master of Engineering (M.E.) :-Robert James Boyd, B.E.

Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) :-John Atkinson, Sidney James Bellemey, Frank Herbert Clayton, William Dalkeith Donkin, Horace West Flashman, Herbert Theodore Rawson Harris, Harold Matthews Larkins, John Lupton Norman, William Arnold Prescott, John Proctor Tivey, John Stuart Dight Walker.

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