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which are required for Degrees, with the exception, if thought fit by any such student, of the Lectures on Ethics, Metaphysics, and Modern History.

The Women's College is strictly undenominational, the Act of Incorporation providing "That no religious catechism or formulary which is distinctive of any particular denomination shall be taught, and no attempt shall be made to attach students to any particular denomination, and that any student shall be excused from attendance upon religious instruction or religious observances on express declaration that she has conscientious objections thereto."

The College fees are as follow:

Resident Students.-£21 for each University Lecture Term, with £2 2s. a week for residence during vacation.

The fee of £21 for the Lecture Term covers all College dues, including fire and light.

The Council provides all necessary furniture, but each student may arrange and add to the furniture in her room as she pleases.

Non-Resident Students.-Term fee, £4 4s., or £12 12s. per

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Darker (née Hill), Evelyn Morgan (née Holt), Edith.

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White (née Horton), Marion C.


Lillingston, J. M. G.

Little, E. M.

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Philp, D. M.

Wark, Gertrude

Ramsay, M.
Smith, C. R.

Watkins, D.

Watson, E. A.

Exton, H. M.
Lilley, K. M.

Parkinson, K. A.


The Walker Exhibition. An Exhibition of the value of £25, presented by Mrs. J. T. Walker, given to the student who on entering the College shows evidence of the highest attainments, provided that no student shall be eligible for the Exhibition unless she shall make it appear to the satisfaction of the Principal that she cannot, without such assistance, pay the expenses of residence in the College. 1892-Harker, Constance E. 1893 Montefiore, H. H.

1894-Saunders, Eva Florence
1895-De Lissa, Ethel N.


The Grace Frazer Scholarship, of the value of £30 (being the interest of £1000 invested in New South Wales Government Funded Stock), presented by Mrs. C. B. Fairfax, in memory of her late sister. Awarded upon conditions settled from time to time by the Council, but hitherto tenable for three years.

1892-Whitfeld, Eleanor Madeline
1895-Lance, Elisabeth A.
1898-Armstrong, Ina Beatrice H.
1899-Armstrong, H. D. H.
1900-Murray-Prior, D. K.

1901-Not awarded.

1902-Skillman, Jessie
1905-Maclean, A.
1906-Maclean, A.
1907-Maclean, A.

1908-Watson, E. A.


Two Scholarships, of £25 each, tenable for one year, presented by the Councillors, were awarded in Lent Term, 1893, on the results of the University Examinations.

1893-Harker, C. E.
Broad, A. W.

One Scholarship, of £25, tenable for one year,

the same terms as the Walker Exhibition.

1895-Saunders, Eva F.

1896-Dunnicliff, Mary

1897-Read, E. J.

1898-Bourne, Eleanor

1899- Stephenson, A. L.

1900-Brownlie, E. A.

awarded on

1901-Saunders, F. L.

1903-Curren, Ethel

1904-Clark, M. D.

1905-Jones, Grace

1907-Smith, Clara

A Scholarship, of the value of £50, tenable for one year, presented by Miss Walker, of Yaralla, given on similar terms to

the Walker Exhibition.

1895-Dunnicliff, Mary
1896-Read, Elizabeth J.
1897-Bourne, Eleanor E.
1898-Divided between Holt, E. J.
K., and Stephenson, A. L.
1899-Divided between Brownlie,
E. A., and Loudon, B. W.
1900-Saunders, F. L.
1901-Mugliston, M.

1902-Divided between Curren, Ethel

and Mugliston, M.

1903-Divided between Bourne, Ida,

and Watson, Eleanor

1904-Jones, Grace E.
1905-Divided between Perry, Irene,
and Smith, Clara R.
1906-Divided between Norris, Mabel
and Smith, Clara R.
1907-Divided between Armstrong,
M. H., and Beith, J.
1908-Divided between Armstrong,
M. H., and Parkinson, K. A.

A Prize of Books to the value of £5, presented by the

Kambala Girls' Union, on

1898-Divided between Holt, E. J.
K., and Stephenson, A. L.

1899-Loudon, B. W.

similar terms to the Walker

1900-Murray-Prior, D. K.
1901-Mugliston, M.
1902-Skillman, Jessie

A Prize of Books, presented by the Alliance Française.

White, M. I.


A Scholarship, of the value of £25, presented by Mrs. Holt, Parramatta, given on similar terms to the Walker Exhibition. Clark, Marjorie D.


The sum of £600 was given by Mrs. Janet Coutts in November, 1907, the interest to be from time to time applied for the assistance of meritorious students who shall have completed at least one year's residence in the College, and shall be unable, without assistance, to finish their course in residence.


A Prize of Books to the value of £2 128., presented by the former students of "Ascham" to be awarded annually to the Second Year Student who does best in the German Honours Examinations.

1908-Ramsay, Muriel B.


A Scholarship, of the value of £30, for one year, presented by an anonymous donor, to be awarded in 1907 on similar terms to the Walker Exhibition,

Ballantine, M.


Established and maintained in accordance with the provisions of the "Prince Alfred Hospital Act," 36 Vic., and the "Prince Alfred Memorial Hospital Site Dedication Act," 36 Vic., No. 28.

The Hospital was framed as a general Hospital and Medical School for the instruction of students attending the Sydney University, and for the training of nurses for the sick.

The design was adapted to the site dedicated to the Hospital by the Government, aided by the co-operation of the Sydney University.

The Hospital is managed by a Board of fifteen Directors. The Chancellor of the University and the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine are Directors ex officio; three Directors are appointed by the Government, and the remaining ten are elected by the Governors and subscribers.

The Medical Officers are all appointed by a conjoint Board, consisting of the Senate of the University and the Directors of the Hospital. This conjoint Board likewise makes the By-laws regulating the mode in which the students shall have access to, and the course of studies to be pursued in, the Hospital.

The University Lecturers in Medicine and Clinical Medicine are Honorary Physicians, the Lecturers in Surgery and Clinical Surgery are Honorary Surgeons, the Lecturer in Ophthalmic Medicine and Surgery is Honorary Ophthalmic Surgeon, and the Lecturer on Diseases of Women is Honorary Surgeon for Diseases of Women at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

All Physicians and Assistant Physicians must be Graduates in Medicine of the University of Sydney, or of some University recognised by the University of Sydney.

All Surgeons and Assistant Surgeons must possess a Degree in Surgery, or a Surgeon's diploma from some University or College of Surgeons recognised by the University of Sydney.

Clinical Lectures are delivered in accordance with the University curriculum. All Honorary and Resident Medical Officers are required to give such Clinical instruction to the Medical students as may be directed by the Conjoint Board.

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