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THE following regulations have been passed by the Senate:


It shall be open to any non-matriculated student, who has attended the full courses of lectures upon any subject, to compete for Honours or Pass in the regular examinations upon his subject, and to have his name published and recorded in the regular class lists, with a distinguishing mark; but he shall be incapable of holding any scholarship or receiving any prize of those already established for students proceeding to a Degree.

Each such student shall be entitled to receive a certificate of attendance upon the lectures or laboratory practice in the subjects which he has selected, and proficiency therein, as ascertained by the regular and ordinary examinations within the University.

The above regulations do not apply to the lectures and examinations in the Faculty of Medicine.

The following regulation has been adopted by the Faculty of Science :-"There shall be only one standard for Honours in Scientific subjects, viz., that adopted in the Faculty of Science." N.B.-The numbers refer to the Time Tables of Lectures on pages 94-112.


Subjects selected for Lectures and Examinations:-


1. First Year, Pass.-Livy, XXX.; Virgil, Æneid, XI., XII. Add. for Distinction.—Cicero de Oratore, I.; Virgil, Æneid VII., VIII, IX., X. Roman History to the Tribunate of Ti. Gracchus.

2. Second Year, Pass.-Cicero, Selected Letters (Tyrrell); Horace, Satires (selections); Juvenal (selections). Add. for Distinction.-Terence, Phormio and Andria; Catullus (selections); Sallust, Jugurtha. Pass and Distinction.-Roman History from the Tribunate of Ti. Gracchus to the battle of Actium.

3. Third Year, Pass.-As Second Year, Pass, with Terence, Phormio and Andria. Roman History from the battle of Actium to the death of Marcus Aurelius. Add. for Honours.-Lucretius (selections); Tacitus, Annals II., III., IV. Roman Literature.


First Year, Pass.-Cicero, pro Sestio, Virgil, Eneid V, VI. Add. for Distinction.-Cicero, Brutus; Virgil, Eneid I., II., III., IV. Roman History to the Tribunate of Ti. Gracchus.

Second Year, Pass.-Pling, Selected Letters; Merrill (MacMillan); Cicero, Selected Letters, Watson, Part I.; Horace, Odes, I., II. Add. for Distinction.-Plautus, Captivi and Trinummus; Cicero, Selected Letters, Watson, Part II.; Cicero, Philippics I., II., III., V. Pass and Distinction.-Roman History from the Tribunate of Ti. Gracchus to the battle of Actium.

Third Year, Pass.-As Second Year, Pass, with Plautus, Captivi and Trinumnus. Roman History from the battle of Actium to the death of Marcus Aurelius. Add. for Honours.Martial, Select Epigrams (Stephenson); Tacitus, Histories I., II., III. Roman Literature.


4. Greek I.-Herodotus, Book VIII.; Sophocles, Edipus at Colonus. Greek History to the death of Demosthenes; with Dickinson's Greek View of Life (chaps. II., III).

Additional for Distinction.-Thucydides, Book II; Sophocles, Edipus Rex. Greek Composition.

5. Greek II.-Eschylus, Agamemnon; Isocrates, Panegyricus; Aristotle, Ethics, Books I., II.

Additional for Third Year, Pass.-Aristophanes, Frogs.

For Distinction, Senior.-Greek II., with the following additions:-Homer, Odyssey, Books XIX. to XXII. Greek Composition. Aristophanes, Frogs; with Lectures on Greek Literature.

Additional for Third Year, Honours.-Aristotle, Ethics (the whole). General Paper.


Greek I.-Euripides, Hercules Furens; Lysias, Orations (ed. Shuckburgh, Macmillan); Greek History to the Death of Demosthenes; with Dickinson's Greek View of Life (chaps. II., IV). Unseen Translation.

Additional for Distinction.-Thucydides, Book III.; Aristophanes, Acharnians. Greek Composition.

Greek.-Herodotus, Book VII.; Lykurgos, against Leokrates; Sophocles, Philoctetes. Unseen Translation.

Additional for Distinction.-Greek Composition; Homer, Iliad, Books XVI., XVIII., XXI. to XXIV.; Aristophanes, Knights.

For Third Year, Pass.-Greek II, with Homer, Iliad, Books XVI., XVIII., XXI. and XXII.

Additional for Third Year, Honours.-Iliad (Books XIII.XXIV.); General Paper. Advanced Unseen Translation.



Lewis and Short's Latin Dictionary (Clarendon Press)

Roby's Latin Grammar (Macmillan).

Gildersleeve and Lodge's Latin Grammar.

Liddell and Scott's Greek Lexicon.

Goodwin's or Hadley and Allen's Greek Grammar.

Comparative Grammar of Greek and Latin, by Victor Henry, translated by R. T. Elliott; or, Giles' Manual of Comparative Philology for Classical Students (Macmillan).

Rutherford's First Greek Grammar.

Thompson, Syntax of Attic Greek.


Mommsen's History of Rome, translated by Dickson (Bentley).
Mommsen, The Provinces under the Roman Empire.

Greenidge's Roman Public Life.

Greenidge's History of Rome (Methuen).

T. M. Taylor, Constitutional and Political History of Rome.

Pelham's Outlines of Roman History.

Bury's Student's Roman Empire (Murray).

Strachan-Davidson, Cicero. Warde Fowler, Julius Cæsar.

Grote's History of Greece.

Students are strongly recommended to order as early as possible all books that will

be needed in the course of the year.

Greenidge, A. H. J., Handbook of Greek Constitutional History


Bury's History of Greece (Macmillan).

G. L. Dickinson, The Greek View of Life (Methuen).

A Holm's History of Greece, trans. in 4 vols. (Macmillan).


Atlas Antiquus, Kiepert (Berlin).


Teuffel's History of Roman Literature, translated by Warre (Bell).
History of Roman Literature, Cruttwell.

Roman Poets of the Republic, Sellar.

Roman Poets of the Augustan Age, Sellar.

Virgil, Sellar.

Mackail's Latin Literature.

History of Ancient Greek Literature, Mahaffy.


Editions of Latin Authors.

Cicero, 2nd Philippic, J. E. B. Mayor (Macmillan), or Peskett (Cambridge); pro Milone, Reid (Cambridge), or Colson (Macmillan); pro Sestio, Holden (Macmillan); pro Murena; Heitland (Cambridge); in Catilinam, Wilkins (Macmillan), pro Lege Manilia, Wilkins (Macmillan); Select Letters (Text, only), Watson (Oxford; pro Archia, Reid (Cambridge; Philippics I., II., V., King (Oxford); de Finibus (Baiter and Kayser). Tusculanae Disputationes (Baiter and Kayser). Selected Letters, Tyrrell (Macmilan). Horace, Odes, Wickham (Oxford), or l'age (Macmillan); Satires, Palmer (Macmillan); Epistles, Wilkins (Macmillan). Juvenal, Pearson & Strong (Oxford), or Duff (Cambridge).

Livy (text, in 8 parts, sold separately) Madvig; Book II., Stephenson (Macmillan); Books XXI., XXII. (text and notes), Capes (Macmillan); Book XXI. (Bell); Book XXVI., Nicholls (Angus & Robertson, Sydney); Book V., Whibley (Pitt Press); Book IX., Stephenson (Pitt Press), or Woodhouse (Clive).

Lucretius, Book I.-III., Lee (Macmillan).

Lucretius, Book V., Duff (Cambridge).

Pliny, Selected Letters, Merrill (Macmillan).

Sallust, Jugurtha, Summers; Catiline, Summers (Pitt Press); Catilina,

Cook (Macmillan).

Martial, Select Epigrams, Stephenson (Macmillan).

Tacitus, Annals, Books I. to IV., Furneaux's abridged edition; Histories,
Books I., II., and Books III., IV., V., Godley (Macmillan),
Book I., Davis (Cambridge), Book III. (Summers) Cam-

Virgil, Sidgwick (each book sold separately, Cambridge), or Georgics.
Page (Macmillan) and Æneid, Page (Macmillan).


Cicero, de Finibus (Critical edition, Latin Notes), Madvig; Letters (select), Watson (Oxford); Letters, Tyrrell (Longmans); Philippics, King (Oxford); de Oratore, Wilkins (Oxford); Brutus (text and German Notes), Jahn or Piderit; or Kellogg (Ginn & Co.); Orator, Sandys (Cambridge).

Catullus, Ellis (Oxford), or Simpson (Macmillan).

Horace, Odes, Satires and Epistles, Wickham (Oxford); or Satires, Palmer (Macmillan); Epistles, Wilkins (Macmillan).

Juvenal, Mayor (Macmillan).

Lucan, Haskins (Bell).

Lucretius, Munro (Bell).

Plautus, Captivi, Lindsay (Methuen) or Hallidie (Macmillan); Trinummus, Gray (Cambridge).

Quintilian, Book X., Peterson (Clarendon Press).

Tacitus, Annals, I.-VI., Furneaux, larger edition (Oxford); Histories, Spooner (Macmillan); Germania and Agricola, Furneaux (Oxford); Dialogus de Oratoribus, Gudeman (Ginn & Co.), or Peterson (Oxford).

Terence, Wagner (Bell); Phormio, Bond & Walpole (Macmillan).
Virgil, Conington (Bell).

Editions of Greek Authors.

Eschylus, Agamemnon, ed. A._W. Verrall (Macmillan), 12/-., or
Sidgwick (Clarendon Press), 3/6.

Aristophanes, Clouds, Birds, Acharnians, Frogs, Knights, Peace, Merry
(Oxford); Frogs, ed. Tucker (Macmillan).

Aristotle, Ethics, Books I. to IV., ed. Moore; the whole, ed. Grant, 2 vols.
Demosthenes, Orations against Philip, Abbott & Matheson (Oxford);

(Vol. I. contains Phil. I. and Olynth. I. to III. Vol. II.
contains De Pace, Phil. II., De Chers., and Phil. III.),
or Sandys, the same (Macmillan); De Corona, Goodwin;
Meidias, the same.

Herodotus, translation by Rawlinson, with abridged notes, ed. Grant, 2 vols. (Murray); Book VII., ed. Butler (Macmillan); Book VIII., text and notes, ed. Shuckburgh (Pitt Press). Homer, Iliad, Leaf (Macmillan), 2 vols., 2nd ed., or Leaf & Bayfield (Macmillan); Odyssey, Merry (Oxford); larger edition, Books 1.-XII., Merry and Riddell; Books XIII.-XXIV., ed. Monro. Introduction to Homer, Jebb (Maclehose, Glasgow); Homer and the Epic, A. Lang (Longmans); Companion to the Iliad, Leaf (Macmillan); H. Browne, Handbook of Homeric Study; Homeric Grammar, Monro (Oxford); Iliad, trans. Lang, Leaf & Myers (Macmillan). Isocrates, Panegyricus, ed. J. E. Sundys (Longmans Catena classics series).

Euripides, Hercules Furens, ed. Gray & Hutchinson (Pitt Press.)

Lykurgos, Against Leocrates, no English edition; ed. in German by C.
Rehdantz (Teubner).

Sophocles, in single plays, Jebb (Rivington).

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