Reports of Cases Upon Appeals and Writs of Error in the House of Lords: ... 53 Geo. III. 1813 [-58 Geo. III. 1818], Volumen 5

W. Clarke and Sons, 1818

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Página 386 - It is ordered, by the Lords Spiritual and Temporal in Parliament assembled, That the...
Página 250 - L.200 sterling, to be paid by the party failing, to the party observing...
Página 199 - But the warrant recites that the letter had been adjudged to be a libellous and scandalous paper, reflecting on the just rights and privileges of the House of Commons; and the meaning there must be, arraigning the just right?
Página 190 - Provided always, that this Act, or any thing therein contained, shall not extend to the diminishing of any punishment to be hereafter by censure in Parliament inflicted upon any person which hereafter shall make, or procure to be made, any such arrest as is aforesaid.
Página 342 - There is but one criterion which our courts always attend to as a leading criterion in discussing the question whether the best rent has been got or not, that is, whether the man who makes the lease has got as much for others as he has for himself; for if he has got more for himself than for others, that is a decisive evidence against him.
Página 202 - I hereby give and devise all my freehold estates in the city of London and county of Surrey, or elsewhere, to my nephew John Roake, for his life, on condition that out of the rents thereof, he do from time to time keep such estates in proper and tenantable repair...
Página 350 - ... when completed, and published in the manner directed by the said Act, are declared to be real and effectual against purchasers, creditors, and others whatsoever : And whereas many taillies of lands and estates in Scotland, made as well before as after passing the said Act, do contain clauses limiting the heirs of entail from granting tacks or leases, of a longer endurance than their own lives, for a small number of years only...
Página 165 - AB and kept and detained him in prison there, without any reasonable or probable cause whatsoever, for a long space of time...
Página 134 - CD being in the custody of the marshal of the Marshalsea of our lord the now king, before the king himself...
Página 200 - Court, standing upon its Rules and Orders, and interesting the public, prejudiced in favour of the author by her own partial representation, to procure a different species of judgment from that, which would be administered in the ordinary course ; and by flattering the Judge to taint the source of justice.

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