The Southern Medical and Surgical Journal, Volumen 1

J. McCafferty, 1845

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Página 180 - There are in every great, rich city a number of persons who are never in health, because they are fond of medicines, and always taking them, whereby they derange the natural functions, and hurt their constitution.
Página 209 - There is always exceeding tenderness ; connected with which, however, we may observe this remarkable circumstance, that gently touching or pinching the integuments, in such a way as that the pressure cannot affect the deep-seated parts, will often be productive of much more pain than the handling of the limb in a more rude and careless manner.
Página 348 - I conclude, that on a complete separation of the placenta, the haemorrhage is immediately and completely suppressed, provided the uterus is in a condition to so far contract, as to force down the head with the placenta upon the uterine openings.
Página 216 - So far from acting generally as an anodyne, its effect was so disagreeable, that the majority of those who took it once, only did so a second time on compulsion...
Página 452 - is a disease that affects the whole system ; it affects the head, the trunk of the body, and the extremities; it affects the circulation, the absorption, and the nervous system; it affects the skin, the muscular fibres, and the membranes; it affects the body, and affects likewise the mind. It is, therefore, a disease of the whole system in every kind of sense. It does not, however, affect the various parts of the system uniformly and equally; but, on the contrary, sometimes one part is much affected...
Página 352 - On the 3d, his remains were followed to the grave by a large concourse of friends and relatives, among whom were his twelve surviving children, and many of his more remote posterity.
Página 708 - I can tell you most seriously and most solemnly, that it produces these two important changes upon the uterus, in such a degree, as in my previous reflections on the subject, I had no conception of. The alternate contraction excited by this agent, is analogous to, and as powerful as, that which is observed in normal labor, and the tonic contraction is greater.
Página 277 - I may say the universal idea on the subject is, that we should lance the gums only when the teeth are ready to pierce through them, and only at the most prominent parts of the gums, and as the occasion to which I have referred may require; and no idea of this important measure can be more inadequate to its real value. The process of teething...
Página 343 - ... with a solution of nitrate of silver, ten grains to the ounce of distilled water.
Página 274 - A PRACTICAL TREATISE ON THE DISEASES PECULIAR TO WOMEN. Illustrated by Cases derived from Hospital and Private Practice. Third American, from the Third and revised London edition.

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