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them and every thing else that stands in competition with yout duty to God. What have we to do to know any one aftet the Aeth! Let him, who doth the will of our Father in heaven, be our brother, our fifter, our mother. For this reason ! subscribe myself, dear Sir, Your's most affectionately in CHRIST,

G. We


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To Mr. H. Dear Mr. H

Oxon, April, 24, 1739. LESSED be God for working upon your heart by my

ininistry. I hope the wish'd-for time will come, when I shall see you full of faith and the Holy Ghost. Copies may be taken of my letter ; but I would not have it printed, because I intend, when retir'd from the world, to make some dir: courses on the subject of free grace. Pray acquaint your mo-, ther, that I interceded for her solemnly last night. I besought God, that she might have her Saviour revealed in her heart that is the only way to get above the fears of death. Chrift in us is the hope of glory. I rejoice to hear Mr. Cole builds you up in your most holy faith. I exhort you to go on, and who knows but dear Mr. H. may, under GOD, keep up religion in Gloucester. Mr. Kinchin's conduct in fearing the church, and giving up the parsonage, has fadly grieved the spirit of many good souls here, but I bless God they are now a little comforted. Ob dear Mr. H--, my heart is drawn towards London most strangely. Perhaps you may hear of your friend's imprisonment. I expect no other preferment. God grant I may behave so, that when I suffer, it may not be for my own imprudencies, but for righteousness fake, and then I am sure the spirit of Christ and of glory will rest upon my foul. Oh dear Mr. H- I beseech you, break off from the world. Shake off every fetter that keeps your soul from God, and then bow will it rejoice the heart of, dear Sir,

Your's eternally,

G. W.




To tbe Same. Dear Mr. H

London, April 27, 1739. Rejoice to hear of the affection of my countrymen. It is a

good sign, that the word bas taken deep root in their hearts.' But above all, do I rejoice that dear Mr. His truly sensible of the free grace of God in CHRIST. Now, my dear friend, you will begin to be a christian indeed. Blefied be God, I hear my honoured M-is becoming a fool for Christ's fake. I do not despair of Mr. W. nay, I cannot despair of any one, when I consider, what I once was myself. Let but God speak the word, and the work shall be done. I always hope well of opposers. To-day, my master by his providence and spirit compelled me to preach in the church-yard at Islington. To-morrow I am to repeat that mad trick, and on Sunday to go out into Moon-Fields. The word of the LORD runs and is glorified. Peoples hearts seem quite broken. God strengthens me exceeding!y. - I preach till I sweat through and through. All is well at Savannah. Brave news from Gibraltar. Innumerable blessings does God pour down upon me.

Oh that I had a thankful heart. I love you both sincerely; I thank you both heartily. I salute all our dear friends most affectionately, and am, dear Sir,

Ever, ever yours,

G. II.

To the Same.
Dear Mr. H

London, May 10, 1739.
HE hour for my imprisonment is not yet come.

I, am not fit as yet to be so highly honoured. God only knows the treachery of my heart; but amidst all my late success, I have fcarce felt one self-conyplacent thought. I speak this to the honour of God's free grace. In about three weeks, God willing, we embark for Pensilva

The trustees have granted to me land and every thing upon my own terms; the officers and general are exceeding

to my friend Haberjham upon my account, so that all things succeed beyond my expectations. I am sorry to hear VOL. I,


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of Mr. IV's conduct-Poor man! The love of money is rooted in his heart. Where is the honesty he so much boasts of and relies on? Does not this more and more convince you that nothing but a true faith in Jesus Christ will enable you to act aright? However, he is not to be envyed. I pity him. Money, thus got, will never prosper. I rejoice that you

and your fpouse are content. I wish you both may have JESUS CHRIST formed in your hearts, and am

Ever, ever yours, &c.

G. W


TO My dear Brethren in Christ, Blendon, June 12, 1739. Am jealous over you with a godly jealousy, and therefore


tan has desired to have some of you in particular, that he may fift you as wheat, and will strive if possible to divide and separate you all. -- I hear there is a woman among you,


pretends to the spirit of prophecy, and what is more unaccountable, I hear that Brother (whom I love in the bowels of JESUS CHRIST) seems to approve of her. Need therefore, great need have you, my brethren, at this time to take the apostle's advice, and to try the spirits whether they be of God. For the devil is beginning to mimic God's work, and because terrors will not do, he is now transforming himself into an angel of light in order more effectually to gain his point. Brother

also, I cannot but think, at present is under a spirit of delufion. He, as well as brother ----, I believe imagines there will be a power given to work miracles, and that now CHRIST is coming to reign a thousand years upon the earth.-But alas! what need is there of miracles, such as healing fick bodies, and restoring right to blind eyes, when we see greater miracles every day done by the power of God's word? Do not the spiritually blind now see ? Are not the spiritually dead now raised, and the leprous fouls now cleans'd, and have not the poor the gospel preached unto them? And if we have the thing already, which such miracles were only intended to introduce, why should we tempt God in rcquiring further


figns? He that hath ears to hear, let him hear. And as for our Lord's coming at this time to reign upon the earth, I answer, it is not for us to know the times and seasons, which the Father hath put in his own power.-That a great work is begun is evident, that it will be carried on I doubt not ; but how it will end, I know not, neither do I desire to know. It is fufficient for me to do the work of the day in its day, and to rest satisfied in this, that all will end in God's glory. Lately, brother -- told me he was shortly, he believed, to be called to fome public work.--I pray God he may not run before he is called. To teach, I know, is a pleasing thing; but to begin to teach too soon or without a commission, will be destruction to ourselves, and of ill consequence to others. Uzzah might mean well, when he touched the ark, but his good intention did not preserve him from the juft judgments of God.

Be not many masters, says the apostle. Oh that that verse was deeply engraven on the tables of our hearts ! My dear brethren, be not offended at this plainness of speech. I would all the LORD's servants were prophets, but then I would not have people think themselves prophets of the LORD, when they are only enthusiasts- If Mr. — is acted by a good {pirit, why is he not patient of reproof? Why does he fly in a passion, when contradicted ? why does he pretend to be infallible, and that God always speaks in him ? May God give us all a right judgment in all things. Pure unfeigned love causes me to use this freedom. Many of you God has worked upon by my ministry, and therefore I would not have you ignorant of satan's devices. O beware of him at this time. Do not conceive prejudices against each other. Do not dispute, but love ; purge out the old leaven from amongst you. Have no fellowship with any that converse with Mr. — If they have a mind to depart from you, let them depart. Do you build up each other in your most holy faith. My dear brethren, I am your common servant in our dear LORD JESUS,

G. W.

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To the Rev. Mr.
Dear Sir,

Leachlade, July 18, 1739,
THE scene this morning much affected me ; you both put

me in mind, how that happy pair, Adam and Eve,
looked when arraign'd by the Almighty after having eaten the
forbidden fruit. Behold the same remedy reached out to you
as to them. - The feed of the woman shall bruise the serpent's
head.-Look up to him whom you have pierced.--He will
heal your backsidings and love you freely-Had he not loved
you both, both of you ere now would have been given over to
à reprobate mind. I know the time, when you both were
enlightned, when you tasted the good word of God, and felt
the powers of the world to come.- Honour, falsely so called,
has caused you to draw back, but I believe not unto perdition.
Jesus is still Itriving with your heart. Come to him by faith,
renounce the world, and he will yet delight to honour you.
“ Now is the accepted time, now is the day of salvation.”
Mention not old things, let all things become new. I love
both of you from my heart. Come forth, and be ye feparate,
faith the Lord almighty. Break with the world at once,
and you fhall become fools for Christ's fake. What if

wife fent some such letter as the following to her parents.

Honoured Father and Mother,
THE contents of this letter will surprize you, but I can

no longer halt between God and the world; the happy
convictions, that God once put into my heart, now arise in
my mind, I will no longer be an almost christian. I am re-
folved to become a fool for CHRIST's lake. Blessed be GOD
Mr. M is like-minded.-Hitherto have I hindered him in
his fpiritual progress, God forbid I should do it any longer.
Hence forward will we go hand in hand together, and naked
follow, a naked CHRIST.-

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