The Edinburgh Annual Register, for 1808-26, Volumen 5,Parte 1

J. Ballantyne and Company, 1814

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Página 251 - With this evidence of hostile inflexibility in trampling on rights which no independent nation can relinquish, Congress will feel the duty of putting the United States into an armor and an attitude demanded by the crisis, and corresponding with the national spirit and expectations.
Página lxiii - I have the honour to acquaint you, for the information of my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, that at 5 o'clock PM on the 6th of August last, in latitude 24° 44
Página xliii - Delancy, who was killed by a cannon shot in the middle of the action. This officer is a serious loss to his Majesty's service, and to me at this moment.
Página 193 - June 22, rose in the house of commons ; and after a most eloquent and energetic speech, moved " that this house will early in the next session of parliament, take into its most serious consideration the state of the laws affecting his majesty's Roman catholic subjects in Great Britain and Ireland ; with a view to such a final and conciliatory adjustment, as may be conducive to the peace and strength of the united kingdom ; to the stability of the protestant establishment, and to the general satisfaction...
Página xl - Alten's brigade of cavalry being upon the Tormes at Aldea Lengua. ' During these movements, there have been occasional cannonades, but without loss on our side. ' I have this morning moved the left of the army to the Tormes, where the whole are now concentrated : and I observe that the enemy have also moved towards the same river near Huerta.
Página 279 - We behold, in fine, on the side of Great Britain, a state of war against the United States; and, on the side of the United States, a state of peace towards Great Britain.
Página xlii - Stapleton Cotton, as long as we could find any of them together, directing our march upon Huerta and the fords of the Tormes, by which the enemy had passed on their advance ; but the darkness of the night was highly advantageous to the enemy, many of whom escaped under its cover who must otherwise have been in our hands. ' I am sorry to report that, owing to this same cause, Lieut.
Página xxiv - Rettberg, of the King's German artillery ; and Major Tulloh, of the Portuguese. Adverting to the extent of the details of the ordnance department during this siege, to the difficulty of weather, &c.
Página li - Michilimachinack, which giving spirit and confidence to the Indian tribes in its neighbourhood, part of whom assisted in its capture, determined them to advance upon the rear and flanks of the American army, as soon as they heard that it had entered the province.
Página lxiii - ... fore-yard, all the guns on the quarter-deck and forecastle disabled but two, and filled with wreck, two also on the main-deck disabled, and several shot between wind and water, a very great proportion of the crew killed and wounded, and the enemy comparatively in good order, who had now shot...

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