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elder stock failing, the representation devolved upon the defendant of

Robert Bland, of Looming, in the North Riding, a younger son of Bland, of Blands Gill. This Robert wedded a daughter of Gale of Deighton, in the same county, and had, with two daughters, Margaret and Isabella, an only son, his successor,

Richard Bund,of Leeming,whom. Grace,daughter of Thomas Pole, esq. and had several children. He directs by his will that his body be interred in the parish church of Bumestin, with his ancestors. He was s. at his decease by his eldest son,

Robert Bland, of Leeming, who m. Anne, daughter of William Pepper, gent., and was father of

Sir Thomas Bland, knt. who settled at Kippax Park, in the time of Elizabeth, and was in the commission of the peace for the county of York in the 32nd of that reign. He m. Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of Thomas Eastoft, of Redness, and had issue, Thomas (Sir), his heir. Margaret, m. to Gilbert Nevile, esq. of Grove, Co.

Notts. Elizabeth-Muriel, m. to Arthur Burgh, esq. lord mayor of York. He d. on the 26th (was buried in St. George's church, London, 28th) December, 1*112, and s. by his son,

Sir Thomas Bland, knt. of Kippax Park, a justice of the peace 13th James I. He m. the Hon. Katberine Savile, eldest daughter of John, Lord Savilc, and sister of Thomas, Earl of Sussex, by whom (who wedded, secondly, Walter Welsh, esq.), he had two sons and two daughters, viz.

Thomas (Sir), his successor.

Adam, a major of horse in the royal army, and a devoted adherent to the royal cause in the wars of the Commonwealth. Major Bland was one of the Yorkshire gentlemen who seized the Castle of Pontefract for the king, and so boldly defended it; and he is stated,on good authority, to have been amongst those who made the remarkable sortie from the garrison to Doncaster, when the parliamentary general, Rainsborough, was killed. He m. Katherine, relict of Sir John Girlington, knt.

Katherine, m. to Thomas Harrison, esq. of Dancers' Hill, Herts.

Frances, m. to John Belton, of Rocliffe.

He was s. by his elder son,

i. Sir Thomas Bland, of Kippax Park, who was created a Baronet on the 30th August, 1642, by King Charlks I. for his active zeal and devotion in the royal cause. He m. Rosamond, daughter of Francis Nerilc, esq. of Chevet, in the county of York, and by her (who wedded, secondly, Walter Walsh, esq. of Houghton), had issue,

Francis, his heir.

Adam, who wi. a daughter of Sir Thomas Bar

nardiston, and relict of Ashcroft, by whom he

had Adam, m. to the daughter of Edward Chet

ham, of Manchester, and Jane.
Rosamond, m. to Martin Headly, an alderman of

Katherine, m. to John Frank, esq. of Pontefrnct.
Elizabeth, w. to the Rev. Mr. Mitchell.

The baronet died in October, 1657, and was s. by his
elder son,
■ i. Sir Francis Bland, bart. of Kippax Park. This

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The elder son,

in. Sir Thomas Bland, of Kippax Park,rf. 14th December, 1667, aged five years, and was s. by hi brother,

iv. Sir John Bland, of Kippax Park, b. 2nd November, 1663. This gentleman sate in parliament for Appleby, afterwards for Pontefract, and was member, at the time of his death, for the county of Lancaster. He m. 31st March, 1685, Anne, daughter and heire* <rf Sir Edward Mosley, of Hulm, in Lancashire, and had to survive infancy, one son and four daughters, vis.

i. John, his heir.

t. Anne, m. to Thomas Davison, esq. of BUcki*
ton, in the county palatine of Durham,* and
had one surviving son,
Thomas Davison, esq. of Blackiston, bap-
tised 13th June, 1712, who m. Marti*,
daughter of William Hoar, esq. of Law-
house, in the county of Middlesex, by
whom (who d. in 1795), he left at bit it-
cease, 5th April, 1756,
Thomas Davison, of whom presently,
as inheritor of the estates of Bust,
and assumeT of that name.
John Davison, barrister at law, c\ unm.
i}nd was buried at Norton, in the
county of Durham, ISth Nov. 1780.
Martha-Anne Davison, d. s. p.
Anne-Catherine Davison, d. *. p.
Mrs. Davison d. 17th May, 1715, at the
age of twenty-seven, and her widower
re-married Theophila, daughter of Cbas.
Turner, esq. of Kirkleatham, in the
county of York, by whom he left, »t his
decease, Oth Sept. 1748,

William Davison, in holy orders,
rector of Scruton, in the county of
York, who m. 3rd June, 1750, Cathe
rine, eldest daughter of George Vane,
esq. of Long Newton, in the connty
of Durham, by whom be had, with
other issue,
The Rev. Thomas Davison, vicar
of Hartburne, in Northumber
land, who m. Elizabeth, daugh-
ter of William Webster, esq- rf
Stockton-upon-Tees, and had te
veral children.
II. Elizabeth, d. at Bath, 3rd July, 1709, unm. and

aged sixteen, ill. Frances, d. 31st August, 1712. iv. Muriel, m. to Hildebrand Jacob, esq. Sir John was #. at his decease, by his son,

v. Sir John Bland, bart. of Kippax Park, M.P.for Lancashire in 1714. He m. Lady Frances Finch, daughter of Heneage, first Earl of Ayleaford, and bad two sons and two daughters, viz.

John , "1 fa ftnd gth barouetg.


Elizabeth, ;bothrf.unm. Theclderind June,KM*
Anne, \ and the younger 20th January, 17*.

The baronet was *. at his decease, in 1743, by hij elder


* Great grandson of Sir Thomas Davison, knt. of Blackiston, high sheriff of the county palatine of Durhaa. in 1661, by Alice, his wife, daughter of Sir William Lainbton, knt. of Lamb ton.

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This was a branch of the ancient house of Blount *f S&tington, for which refer to Burke's History of Ike Commoners, vol. iii. p. 163.

w Alter Blocnt, esq. second son of John Blount, e»q. of Burton upon Trent, and Blount's Hall, in Staffordshire, and great-grandson of Peter Blount, the fourth son of Sir Walter Blount, knt. the standardbearer, who was slain at Shrewsbury, temp. Henry IV.* Si, Mary, elder daughter and co-heir of John Suttoa,esq.of Osberston, in Leicestershire, and had issue, William.

Elizabeth, who m. first, Anthony Beresford,esq. of Bentley,in Derbyshire; secondly, Sir Thomas Pors, of Tittenhanger, in the county of Hertford; and thirdly. Sir Hugh Pawlet, of Hinton St. George, in Somersetshire, but died without issue 7th October, 1593. Her second husband, Sir Thomas Pope, who was one of the visitors of the religious houses, and the first treasurer of the court of augmentations, and master of the king's jewel-house, temp. Henry VIII. a privy-councillor to Queen Mary, and founder of Trinity College, Oxford, dying issueless 29th January, 1558-9, left her his estate at Tittenhanger for life, and settled it subsequently upon her brother, William Blount's eldest son, Thomas Pope Blount. Mary, m. Sir — Sydenham, knt. filter Blount's son and heir,

William Blount, esq. who was of Osberston,county •f Leicester, in right of his mother, m. Frances, 4»agbter and heir of Edward Love, esq. of Kynore, in Oxfordshire^ by Alice Pope, sister of Sir Thomas Pope above mentioned, and was father of

Sir Thomas Popr Blount, knt. of Tittenhanger, in the county of Hertford, which estate he inherited under the will of his great-uncle, Sir Thomas Pope, at the decease of his aunt Elizabeth, in 1593. This gentleman, one of the four deputy lieutenants of Hertfordshire, was sheriff of that county in 1596, and received the honour of knighthood from King Jamrs I. at Theobald's, 7th May, 1003, in his Majesty's journey from Scotland. He m. Frances, daughter of Sir Thomas Pigot, knt. of Doddershall, Bucks, and widow of Sir Thomas Nevil, knt. of Holt, in Leicestershire, by whom (who d. 23rd June, 1010,) he had two surviving sons, viz.

Thomas-Pope, his successor.
Henry, heir to his brother.

Sir Thomas d. 10th January, 1038-0, in the eightysixth year of his age, and was buried on the 13th of the same month in the family vault adjoining to the north side of the chancel of the church of Ridge. He was possessed of estates in the counties of Hertford, Middlesex, Bedford, Leicester, Stafford, and Derby, and was s by his elder Bou,

Thouas-popr Blount, esq. of Tittenhanger, b. 7th February, 1598-9, who m. Mrs. Margaret Pate, but dying without issue 7th August, 1654, was s. by his brother,

Sir Henry Blount, knt. of Blount's Hall, who thus became " of Tittenhanger." This gentleman, b. 15th December, 1002, was educated in the free school of St. Albans, where his progress was so rapid that before he attained his fourteenth year he was enabled to enter Trinity College, Oxford, as a fellow-commoner. After be had taken a degree in Arts, he retired to Gray's Inn, and studied the municipal law. He subsequently travelled in France, Italy, and part of Spain, and embarked in 1634 at Venice for Constantinople, in order to make a voyage to the Levant. On his return he became one of the gentlemen-pensioners to King Charles I. and received the honor of knighthood at Whitehall, 21st March, 1639-40. He afterwards attended the King at York, and Edgchill, in which battle he is said to have had the care of the royal children. Sir Henry remained some time with the King at Oxford, but retiring and coming to London, he was summoned before Parliament for his adhesion to his Majesty, but pleading that he had only fulfilled the duties of his office, was acquitted. When the royal cause declined, accommodating himself to the state of affairs, he was appointed of the committee, 20th January, 1051, to regulate the abuses of the law, and at that time he evinced a determination against the payment of tythes, maintaining that no minister of the gottpel should receive more than £100 per annum. In 1654, he was appointed, with the lord chief justice Rolles and others, of the commission of oyer and terminer, for the trial of Don Pantaleon Sa, the Portuguese ambassador's brother; and* on the 5th and 6th of July in that year sat as a commissioner on the said trial in Westminster Hall. About this time he pulled down the old house of Tittenhanger, which, before the dissolution of the monasteries, had been the seat of the abbots of St. Albans, and erected a new mansion. In 1660, he was sheriff of the county of Hertford, and died, in his eightieth year, at Tittenhanger, 9th Oct. 1682. He was buried on the 11th in the family vault

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at Ridge, " esteemed," says an old writer, " by those who knew him, a gentleman of very clear judgment, great experience, much contemplation, and of a notable foresight in government. He was also a person of admirable conversation; in his younger years a great banterer, which, in his elder, he disused." He wrote and published, in quarto, " A Voyage into the Levant," which passed through several editions, and was, according to Anthony Wood, " so well esteemed abroad, that he was informed it was translated into French and Dutch." He is said to be author of a pamphlet, called " The Exchange Walk," printed about lt>U; and he wrote to Walter Kumsey, esq. in praise of tobacco and coffee, which is printed before Rurosey's Organon Salutis, and of the virtue of those plants. Sir Henry Blount m. in 1017, Hester, elder daughter and co-heir of Christopher Wase, esq. of Upper Holloway, in Middlesex, and widow of Sir William Mainwaring, knt. of Chester, (who was slain on the king's side in the civil wars, in defence of that city), and by that lady, who d. in 1678, had surviving issue,

i. Thomas-pope, his successor.
II. Charles, 6. 27th April, 1654, of Blount's Hall;
a literary man of some reputation at the period
in which be lived. His principal works were
collected and published in two volumes, with
an account of his life, by Charles Gildon,
under the title of " The Miscellaneous Works
of Charles Blount, esq." He d. in Catherine
Street, London, in August, 1693, having had
by his wife, Eleanor, fourth daughter of Sir
Timothy Tyrrell, knt. of Shotover, in Oxford-
Henry, lieutenant-colonel of the foot guards,
killed at the head of the advanced guard
in the battle of Schellenberg, anno 1704,
Charles, of Blount's Hall, b. I2th September,

1681, d. s. p. in April, 1729.
Thomas-Pope, 6. 25th March, 1683, Inst at

sea in 1702, unm. Hester, b. 27th December, 1673; m. 21st October, 1092, in the church of Banbury, to Sir Harry Tyrrell, bart. and eventually inherited Blount's Hall, as heir to her brother. (See Tyrrell, of Thornton.) Eleanor, d. young.

Charlotte, b. 13 May, 1684, m. Smith, esq. and d. in 1707. in. I lyases, 6. 7th April, 1664; had lands in Hertfordshire upon the death of his mother, and afterwards, on the decease of his father, an estate in Surrey. He m. 6th June, 1687, Hester, eldest daughter of Sir John Hewet, bart. and left at his decease in 1704, two daughters, his co-heirs, viz.

Hester, baptized 8th March, 1687, m. to Stephen Bateman, gent, of London. Philippa, m. to Sir Henry Bateman, knt. of London, d. at Bath 22nd May, 1718, and was buried in the church of St. Pancras, London. ]. Frances, b. 25th October, 1648, m. in 1606, to Sir Thomas Tyrrell, bart. of Thornton, and d. 7th June, 1690.

The eldest son and heir,

I. Sir Thomab-popr Blount, 6. 12th September, 1649, succeeded to the seat of Tittenhanger, at the decease of his mother in 1678, his father having about four.years before settled it upon her for life. He was created a Baron Kt by King Charles II. 27th January, 1679, his father being then alive. Sir Thomas m.

in St. Olave's church, Hart Street. London. 2*n-J July, IC69, Jane, only daughter of Sir Henry CwaT, knt. (See Burke's Commoners, vol. ii. p- 20), and fcy her (who d. 14th July, 1726,) had surviving issue, Thomas-pope, his heir.

Charles, b. 21st August, 1683, captain in the army,

killed in a dispute at the King's Arms Tavern,

in the Strand, London, in July, 1714, and d.


Ca:sar, b. 5th March, 1687-8, an officer in the royal

navy, m. Jane, daughter of — Hodges, esq.
Robert, 6. 18th March, I6S8-9, had been page of
honor to Queen Anne; was lieutenant of the
Scotch regiment of guards; d. unm. in July,
Elizabeth, b. 15th December, 1C73, d. unm 25th

October, 1734.
Judith, b. 28th December, 1674.
Susannah, 6. 24th July, 1677, m. in the church e(
Sheuley, in Hertfordshire, 17th May, 1696, to
Michael Arnall, esq. of Ampthill, and survived
his widow.
Jane, b. 27th July, 1678, d. unm. 14th April, 1735.
Frances, b. 20th November, 1680, d. unm. 2ith

April, 1729.
Anne, b. 18th July, 1682, m. 16th February, 1*14,
to the Rev. James Mashborne, and d. 2nd June,
Mary, b. 17th April, 1685, d. unm. 25th January,

1737-8. Christian, 6. 19th August, 1090, m. 3rd May, 1733, to the Rev. Rowland Bowen. Sir Thomas Blount served for St. Albans in the two last parliaments of King Charles II. and after tbc revolution was knight of the shire for the county of Hertford for three parliaments, the first of which was the convention parliament. He was chosen by the House of Commons three successive years a commissioner of public accounts; and dying 30th June, 109:, was buried 8th July, in the vault at Ridge. He was j. by his eldest son,

II. Sir Thomas-popk Blount, of Tittenhanger, b. 19th April, 1670, m. 8th November, 1695, Catherine, eldest daughter of James Butler, esq. of Ambexley Castle, in Sussex, and had issue, Harry-pope, his successor. James-Pope, b. 1st November, 1705, d. unm. John-Pope, b. 15th October, 1707; was of Clare Hall, Cambridge; had taken deacon's orders; •*unm. 8th April, 1734. Kutharina, b. 9th April, 1704, in. 2Ut February, 1730-1, to William Freeman, esq. of Aspedm Hall, in Hertfordshire, eldest son and heir c( Ralph Freeman, esq. of Hammels, in the same county, and had an only daughter and heiress, Katharina Freeman,who m. 19th May, 1755, the Hon. Charles Yorke, second son of Philip, first Earl of Hardwicke,and dud ia 1759, leaving an only surviving cbild, Philip Yorke, third Earl Op Haxd


He d. 17tb October, 1731, and was s. by his eldest son. HI. Sir Harry-popk Blount, of Tittenbvanger, £■ 13th September, 1702, m. 19th September, 17 28, Anne, younger daughter and co-heir of Charles Cornwalli*, esq. of Medlow, in Huntingdonshire, but if. *. s». Sib October, 1757, when the Baronetcy became fcxTiscr, and the estates passed to the noble family of Hisu»


Arms— Barry uebuly of six or and sa.

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The family of Holies, of long standing in the county of Lincoln, was resident there so early as the reign of Hexrt 111. Its principal seat seems to hare been Bolle Hall, in Swineshead, until the close of the reign of Edward IV. when, by an intermarriage with the heiress of the family of Hough, the elder branch became settled at Hough, near Alford, in Lincolnshire; while a younger established itself at Gosberkirke, now Gofbertan, in the same county, and from this branch descended the Baronets of Scampton.

John Bolije, sheriff 16 Edward IV. m. Katherine. daughter and co-heir of Richard Hough, esq. of Hough, in Lincolnshire, and had, inter alios,

Richard, of Hough, who m. Isabel, sister and heir of Richard Nansant, of Cornwall, and had issue. The descendant and representative of this line, John Bolli, esq. of Thorpe Hall, left at his decease one son and two daughters, namely, John, d. s. p. in 173*2, aged seventy-nine. Elizabeth, m. to the Rev. Thomas Bosvile, B.D. Rector of Ufford, and had three daughters, namely,

Margaret Bosvile, 1710,m. 17M, to James Birch, esq. of Coventry, and had issue,

1. Thomas Birch, of Thorpe Hall,

whose son, Thomas- James Birch, A first life guards, assumed the surname of BosTils, on inheriting Ravenfield Park, in Yorkshire. He d. s. p. 'And April, 1829.

2. James Birch, rector of Wishford,

Wilts, d. in 1823, aged eightyfour.

3. Elizabeth Birch, m. to Robert

Lee, esq. of Louth and Littlecoates, in Lincolnshire, and was grandmother of the present Thomas Bostile Ravenfield Park, Yorkshire. Elizabeth Bosvilb, i. first, to Alexander Emerson, esq. of West Retfor, Notts; and secondly, to the Rev.Stephen Ashton, vicar of Louth. Bridget Bosvilb, m. to Thomas Bosvile, esq. of Braithwell and of Uldescribed Abbey, and had two sons, who both d. s. p. Sarah, m. to Henry Eyre, Esq. of Brainley Hall, and had an only daughter and heir,

Margaret Eyre, m. in 1720, to William Spencer, MD of Attercliffe Hall, Yorkshire, and was greatgrandmother of the present Rev.

Wilmas Parrnham Spencer, of Bramley Grange. (See Burke's Commoners, vol. ii. p. 380.) A The younger son,

Godfrey Boyle, esq. was father of Thomas Bolle, esq. of Gosberkirke, who m. Jane, daughter of George Winter, esq. of Workington, in Leicestershire, and was s. by his son,

Sir George Bolle, int. alderman of London, who served as sheriff of that city in 1008, and filled the civic chair in 1617. He i». Jane, daughter and co-heir of Sir John Hart, knt. lord mayor of London in 1500, by whom he acquired the estate of Scampton, in Lincolnshire, and had issue,

John, his heir.
George, d. s. p.
Judith, who I

Anne, m. to Humphrey Smith, of London, sheriff in 1020. Sir George died 1st September, 1021, at the advanced age of eighty-three, and was buried on the 25th of that month in the family vault in St. Swithin's, London, where a monument was erected to his memory by his widow. The son and successor of this respected citizen,

i. Sir John Bolle, knt. inherited Scampton at the decease of his mother, served as high sheriff of Lincolnshire in 1027, and was created a Baronet in the following year. He m. Katherine, daughter of Thomas Conyers, esq. of Brodham, in the county of Nottingham, and dying 8th March, 1048, aged sixty-seven, was s. by his son,

Ii. Sir Robert Bolle, of Scampton, M.P. for Lincoln in 1001, who m. in October, 1037, Mary, daughter of Sir Edward Hussey, knt. of Hunnington, and had two sons and five daughters, viz. John, his heir. Robert.

Isabella, m. to Sir Edward Ayscough, knt
Elizabeth, m. to Sir Peter Wych, knt. and was

mother of Sir Cyril Wych, bart.
Katherine, m. to Thomas --Ed esq. and had a
John Washer, esq. of Lincoln's Inn.

Anne, m. to George Antrobus, esq. and had an
only daughter and heir,
Mary Antrobus, who m. John Hayes, Esq. of
Ashby-de-la-Zouche, and had an only sur-
viving daughter,
Mary Hayes, m. to John Turton, M. D.
of Birmingham.

Sir Robert Bolles, a munificent patron of the arts and literature, died in August, 1003, aged forty-four, and was s. by his son,

in. Sir John Bolle, of Scampton, who m. first, in November, 1003, Elizabeth, daughter of John Pynsent, esq. one of the prothonotaries of the Court of Common Pleas, by whom he had an only daughter, who died young; aud secondly, in May, 1007, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Sir Vincent Corbett, bart. of Morton Cor bett, in Shropshire, by whom he had to survive him,

John, his heir.

Sir John d. in 1085, and was t, by his son,

Iv. Sir John Bolle, of Scampton, who represented the city of Lincoln in five successive parliaments, from 1090 for m and is recorded to have lived in great splendour. He died unmarried in December, J., and was buried with his ancestors at St. Swithiu'H, London. At his decease the Baronetcy Exfireu, and

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William Bond, of Buckland, in the county of Somerset, the first of this family who is mentioned in the pedigree proved at the visitation of London, in 1033, is there described as " descended of a younger house of Bond, of Cornwall."t He m. a daughter of — Hill, and had three sons,

i. William, of Crosby Palace, in the City of London, who was " a merchant adventurer, and most famous in his age for his great adventures both by sea and land." He was an alderman, and in 1568 sheriff of London. By Margaret, his wife, daughter of William Alily, of Guildford, in Surrey, he had issue,

1. Daniel (Sir), who inherited Crosby Pa"


2. William, of London, m. Margaret, daugh

ter of Thomas Gore, esq. of London, and had issue.

3. Martin, of London, who was a captain at

Tilbury camp, in 1588, and chief captain of the train bands of the city of London. In 21 James I. he was M.P. for that city, and d. in May, 1645, aged eighty-five.

4. Nicholas.

5. Anne, m. first, to Robert King, and se

condly, to William Whitmore, esq. of London.

Ii. Edward, who m. and had issue, in. George (Sir), of whom presently, i. Katherine, in. to Palmer, of Trull, in Somersetshire. Ii. Avis, m. to Otte Wescombe.

in. Ann, m. to William Giflbrd. iv. Agnes, m. to — Cade. The third son.

Sir Grorgr Bond, b. at Bnckland, filled the civic chair of the city of London, in 1587. He d. in 1591, leaving, by Winifred his wife, daughter of Sir Thomas Leigh, knt. of London, issue,

i. William (Sir),his heir. Ii. George, of Bridgewater, m. Gertrude, daughter and heir of William Saunders, and left u only daughter and heir,

Mary, m. to Richard Musgrave, esq. of Nettlecomb. III. Thomas (Sir), of Ogborn St. George, Wilts, received the honour of knighthood, and was secretary to the lord chancellor Egerton; m, Frances, second daughter of Edmund Bale, of Soddington, in Devon, and was lather of George, of Ogborne, whose name appears in the listof those gentlemen, of the county of Wilts, who were qualified to become knights of the royal oak. He m. Elizabeth,daughter of Charles Hoakins, of Barrow Green, in Surrey, and had one son, George, who d. 22nd September, 1712, aged forty. Alice, m. first, to Walter Vaughan, esq. of Pembray, and secondly, to William BaD, esq. i. Alice, m. to Sir William Quarles, knt. of Lancaster, ti. Ann, m. to Richard Martinin. Dronese, m. to Sir Henry Wenston, knt- of

Standish, in Gloucestershire, iv. Jane, m. to — Dare, of Devonshire. v. Mary, in. to Hugh Hill, of Yard, near Taunton,

Somersetshire. vi. Rose, in. to William Hale, esq. of King's Waiden, Herts, ancestor of the present

William H Ai,i , esq. of King's Walden.

The eldest son,

Sir William Bond, knt. who was of Highgate, and received the honour of knighthood, 23rd July, 1603, in. Catherine, daughter and sole heir of John Povry, gent, of Barnard's Inn, Holborn, and had two sons, John, who died without issue, and

Thomas Bond, M. D. of H ox ton, in the county of Middlesex, who wedded Catherine, daughter and beir uf John Osbaldeston, esq. of Harbens, in the county of Warwick, a younger branch of the Osbaldestons, of Chadlington, ajad had issue,

i. Thomas.

Ii. John, who left issue by his wife, Elizabeth, second daughter of John Field, of London, John and Mary.

in. Edward.

iv. William, m. Mary, daughter of Sir Edward Gage, hart, of Hengrave, in Suffolk., and left issue, at his decease in 1696, two daughters, '/. s. p. i. Mary, in. to Sir Thomas Grymes, hart, of Peckham.

Ii. Catherine, m. to Sir William Compton, bart of Hartpury, in Gloucestershire.

in. Elizabeth, m. to — Wynne, esq. of Wales.

Doctor Bond's eldest son, i. Thomas Bond, esq. being introduced to court by

* The descendants of the daughters of Sir Robert Bollc, the second baronet. t See family of Bond of Dorsetshire, Burke's Commoner*, vol. i. p. 240.

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